Real people’s stories

Rotoflex 235 Mk2 Low Bed – COPD, visual impairment, arthritis and limited mobility

Rotoflex 235 Mk2 Low Bed ensures that Sylvia and Mike can continue living together with increased independence.

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Case Study 25 PDF - Sylvia Brown

Double Combination Rotoflex bed – Multiple Sclerosis

Theraposture Rotoflex bed proves to be the future-proofed transfer solution for Sarah with MS.

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Case Study PDF - Sarah Burton revisited

Double combination adjustable bed – Multiple Sclerosis – Study 23

Theraposture adjustable bed delivers ‘true life-changing independence’ for Reverend Tom Clammer with MS

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Case study 23- Tom Clammer

Theraposture’s Rotoflex bed delivers ‘carer free independence’ for another highly satisfied client

Before owning a Rotoflex bed from Theraposture, Diane Preston (79) and her husband Peter (75) from Grove near Wantage, were struggling with daily independence.

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Enabling easier bed transfers with Dementia and Parkinson’s: Rotating Rotoflex bed ensures Pam can support husband John and protect herself from back injury.

John Lane, 84 from Milton Ernest, Bedfordshire, is supported at home by his wife and full-time carer, Pam aged 73. Before owning a Rotoflex, Pam was struggling to get John in and out of bed on her own.

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Theraposture provides Double Combination Bed to Eric Rivers and BBC DIY SOS

Eric Rivers was terminally ill with Motor Neurone Disease and could not continue to live at home, until he received a life-changing assistive double combination bed from Theraposture as part of a complete adaption and makeover by the BBC DIY SOS team.

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Rotoflex bed from Theraposture ensures MS Society volunteer and business owner with MS can continue life on her terms

Caroline Millar is the owner of a successful Health and Safety consultancy. She is a committed volunteer for the MS Society and despite being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis aged 21, has remained driven and committed to charity work and business development.

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Case Study 20-Rotoflex 235-Caroline Millar

Retired theatrical costume tailor experiences increased independence with MS thanks to his Rotoflex rotating bed

Since receiving his Rotoflex Turning Bed System from Theraposture, Alan Selzer, 77 from Finchley in North London, is now able to get in and out of bed independently, and does not now require assistance from carers.

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case study 19 - MS

Theraposture’s award-winning Rotoflex bed delivers vital support to Florida’s Ms. Winnie during pandemic

Ms. Winnie Ellis, along with her carers, are benefiting from easier bed transfers, reduced stress and improved safety thanks to an exported Theraposture Rotoflex bed.

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Winnie Ellis Export Case Study 18

Jerusalem’s Fortuna regains independence and rehabilitation possibilities with Rotoflex rotating bed

Fortuna Krispine, aged 70 from Jerusalem, is enjoying all the benefits of getting in and out of bed independently, following two strokes and fracture complications, thanks to a Rotoflex from Theraposture.

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case study 17 - exports

Ex-soldier Jon with brain injury discovers remarkable rehabilitation value of award-winning Rotoflex rotating bed from Theraposture.

Retired soldier Jon Beck, 32 from Redhill, Surrey, has been able to leave QEF care and return home through the physiotherapeutic benefits of a leading Theraposture turning bed.

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Jon Beck case study

Theraposture relocates specialist Rotoflex bed so Nick with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) can remain more independent.

Nick Hodgkinson, 56 from Leeds, has been able to move house and still retain the invaluable powered assistance of his Rotoflex 235 Plus turning bed.

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Solihull’s Burtoft family enjoys quality sleep for the first time thanks to disabled Annie’s Theraposture Mascot care cot.

Following multiple recommendations, Alison and Mike Burtoft have chosen a Mascot Mk2 cot to ensure their five-year-old daughter with an ultra-rare condition is safe and comfortable at night.

Annie Burtoft is a positive and active child who requires care 24/7. She is only one of approximately fifteen individuals in the UK with ‘Cask Gene Mutation’.

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Olaf cot from Theraposture delivers peace of mind to parents of highly active Ella with Angelman Syndrome.

The Court family from Nuneaton can now rest assured their daughter is safe and secure at night with a robust high-sided specialist care cot from Theraposture.

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DIY SOS Case Study – Amanda Worne

Theraposture donates adjustable bed to inspirational Amanda as part of DIY SOS life-changing accessible home conversion.

Amanda Worne, aged 46 from Yapton near Arundel, West Sussex, is a remarkable lady who continues to rebuild her life after experiencing a life changing injury.

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Linda Fudge’s Rotoflex

Rotoflex bed helps determined retired RAF Nurse with Parkinson’s to remain at home.

Linda Fudge, 69 from Barton on Sea, Hampshire, is a charming lady who lives independently despite having Parkinson’s. She is fully determined to remain at home and avoid relocation into residential care.
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Wing Commander Thomas Neil

Heroic Battle of Britain pilot Tom chooses Theraposture Rotoflex bed to future-proof his independence and ability to stay at home.

96-year-old Tom Neil is a famous Royal Air Force fighter pilot and ‘Ace’ of the Second World War who is benefitting from better sleep and more comfort thanks to a powered profiling and rotational bed.

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Mike Wardle’s Rotoflex

Offering independence, comfort and assured safety for Mike, an injured ex-Police Officer.

Despite living with chronic spinal nerve damage, paralysis and other associated conditions, Mike Wardle, 55 from East Sussex, has been able to reduce his care needs through ownership of a Rotoflex bed. Read more


Natasha Lawrence shares her exciting story about her new dual combination bed. How she can share a bed with her husband, with completely independent adjustable settings. Getting in and out of her Rotoflex bed is a breeze. Read more

Mascot Care Cot

Theraposture Mascot Care Cot delivers essential safety, comfort and care to 5-year-old disabled Barney and family from Cornwall. Read more

The Emma Paediatric Cot

Theraposture fast-tracks critical cot assessment and installation for 4-year-old Gabriell and family.

The Rotoflex Bed

Revolutionary Rotoflex rotating bed delivers independence at home to the high-flying business director with severe MS.

Single Rotoflex Bed

Rotoflex bed allows sculptor and charity worker Ernie Burton with MS to remain at home without care costs.

Theracare Low Bed

Theracare Low profiling and height adjustable bed delivers comfort, safety and peace of mind to Hopwood family.