Theraposture delivers latest Rotoflex bed workshop to leading case management company

As a trusted specialist in adjustable beds, chairs and cots, Theraposture works closely with case management companies to provide the best solutions and outcomes for their clients. This involves education content for healthcare professionals such as a recent Rotoflex Bed workshop to healthcare professionals at Maggie Sargent & Associates.

Theraposture educational workshops provide the latest guidance regarding safe transfers in and out of bed. Provided by Theraposture’s Occupational Therapist and Trusted Assessors, these practical ‘hands-on’ sessions allow nurses, carers and OTs to understand how equipment, such as the award-winning Rotoflex turning bed, enhance quality of life for individuals with restricted mobility. Attendance counts towards compulsory CPD hours with receipt of an educational certificate and learning objectives summary. The latest Theraposture workshop at Maggie Sargent & Associates, expert witness and case management company, was presented by Shaun Masters OT and was well attended by staff responsible for the prescription of appropriate solutions for clients.

Maggie Sargent Associates

Shaun Masters, Theraposture Occupational Therapist (far left), delivers the latest successful Rotoflex bed workshop for healthcare professionals at Maggie Sargent & Associates.

Maggie Sargent & Associates delivers Expert Witness reports for claimant and defendant solicitors. It provides expert evidence on the additional costs of caring for clients with brain injury and disabilities for both personal injury and medical negligence claims. In 2017 Maggie Sargent & Associates were acknowledged for excellence in practice, receiving the prestigious award of ‘Medico-Legal Provider of the Year’. This high level of service is supported by ongoing staff training and education, therefore Shaun was invited to a demonstration day alongside other manufacturers.

Shaun presented techniques to achieve safe sit-to-stand transfers using the Rotoflex 235 Plus bed. This patented, award-winning rotational bed provides powered assistance, so users can move from a recumbent to a fully upright seated position with their feet on the floor. Once in a balanced seated position, the bed can be raised vertically to aid safer standing which reduces the need for carer intervention. The Rotoflex is the only turning bed in the world that includes a Powered Rising Heel Support for totally supported leg elevation which is essential for those with pressure and circulation issues. As a proven solution for clients with life-changing injuries or progressive neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis, the Rotoflex lowers or eliminates the cost of ongoing care and hence can pay for itself in a matter of a few months.

Shaun Masters OT comments:

“I would like to thank Maggie Sargent & Associates for the opportunity to demonstrate our award-winning Rotoflex to their healthcare professionals. It was a rewarding day for me, and feedback was very positive from all attendees – they clearly understood how our beds will provide multiple care and economic benefits to their clients. Our proven track record of working effectively with case management and expert witness companies was also highlighted with a view to always delivering the best outcome for their clients.”

To book an educational workshop telephone Theraposture on: 01373 823030 or use our contact form.

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