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We work closely with Parkinson’s UK

Benefit from a 10% discount from the RRP on all our products (purchase and rentals) if you live with Parkinson’s. Your purchase generates a donation back to the Parkinson’s UK charity from Theraposture.

For Rotoflex beds, you will also benefit from our guaranteed buy back worth up to £3000, and the discounted purchase price.

We are the only adjustable bed and chair manufacturer to be appointed by Parkinson’s UK as an official Affinity Partner.

Since 2016 we have provided adjustable beds and chairs on behalf of Parkinson’s UK – we were chosen for our trusted values, ethics and customer-focused approach.

If you quote ‘Parkinson’s UK’ when purchasing our products to help with your Parkinson’s, you will qualify for an exclusive 10% discount from the full price of a purchase or an rental. Plus each sale generates a donation from us back to the charity.

Freephone us today quoting ‘Parkinson’s UK’ for a 10% discount – 0800 012 6640 or message us here.

Parkinson's UK partner savings

Our electrically operated products have been expertly designed to assist if you have a neurological condition such as Parkinson’s.

The Rotoflex rotating bed in particular is popular as it delivers independence to get in and out of bed on your own terms. All attractive Theraposture beds and chairs can help you avoid care costs, lower Covid-19 risks and improve well-being.