Theraposture launch unlimited free-of-charge moves for Care Cots and beds bought in 2022

Theraposture, a leading specialist in adjustable beds for children and adults, has announced all newly purchased Cot Beds and Rotoflex Beds will qualify for unlimited, free of charge moves within the warranty period.

Theraposture is committed to helping Local Authorities, Equipment Services and the NHS make the best use of their budgets to ensure that they can help as many service users and patients as they possibly can.

couple with baby and mascot cot

A family next to their Mascot Cot

It’s award-winning adjustable Cots Beds and Rotoflex Beds are regarded as first choice by many Occupational Therapists for safety, comfort, effectiveness and in providing independence to those who use them. As market leaders, Theraposture provide the best and most innovative proven solutions that provide great value for money, with fully inclusive 3-year warranties as standard and products that are built to last. These patented products are often copied but never bettered and when looking at the overall value for money, the outcome must be included in that consideration.

This value has just been increased further by the introduction of unlimited free of charge bed moves for Cot Beds and Rotoflex Beds for the duration of their warranty. Should these specialist beds need to be moved to and from equipment users’ homes and stores, there will be no cost – just call Theraposture and they will do it for free!

Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist and Equipment Specialist, understands the needs of fellow healthcare professionals so fully supports this new initiative as he explains, “We appreciate budget holders are always focused on minimising costs when it comes to equipment provision. Collecting and delivering care cots is a process that costs time and resources which equipment providers need to cover, especially if stores personnel do not have the specialist knowledge to manage themselves. It is therefore justified that manufacturers charge for this however here at Theraposture we acknowledge how challenging budgets are right now and hence have introduced free product moves.”

Liam Braddell, Sales Director adds: “Also sometimes buying cheaper alternative products to save cost, do not have comparable warranties and won’t last as long. These cheaper products often do not have the scope to future proof or to deliver such a successful outcome as more expensive better suited products. After the purchase, there are also other costs that cannot be anticipated. Collecting and delivering specialist products is a process that is often outsourced to the manufacturer / provider if stores personnel do not have the specialist knowledge needed to manage themselves – which they often do not. Manufacturers charge if asked to do this on behalf of an equipment service. However, Theraposture have now introduced unlimited free of charge product moves. This is something that Therapists should consider when applying for funding as it is a real difference that will save a great deal of money.”

Equipment providers, budget holders and equipment services now have direct access to specialist Theraposture technicians should a Rotoflex or Cot Bed sold in 2022, ever need to be moved from one location to another or within the same location. This FOC service from Theraposture is unlimited whilst the product is with its warranty period. Warranties can be extended and if so, the offer of free moves also continues for the duration of cover.