An ideal solution for smaller children and those who find sitting up difficult

Suitability: Severe illness and disabilities, such as spasticity of limbs, IPC, muscle hypotonia, tetraparesis, persistent vegetative state

Timmy cots with ostrich

Timmy is especially flexible when access to feeding and breathing equipment is required.

There are four drop-down lattice sides for 360-degree access. The profiling sleeping platform is available in a variety of different dimensions so children of all ages can sleep and relaxed in space-appropriate comfort.

From £3060


  • Simple handling – 4 easy-to-use rails that can be lowered
  • Various sleeping platforms
  • Motorised mechanism to adjust the nursing and therapy height to an ergonomic level
  • Flexible and practical
  • Easy to clean
  • Rail lock
  • Sweat and saliva-resistant wood treatment according to safety regulation DIN 71-3 (same regulation for children’s toys)
  • The soft-touch solid wood has a reassuring and relaxing feel
  • Wide range of practical and effective accessories
  • Solid, hand-crafted design ensures exceptional stability, safety and durability

Patient-specific bespoke models can be made.


  • Patient weight capacity of up to 150 kg. An adult can also join the child in bed.
  • Adjustable from 31.5 inches to 47.24 inches at the upper edge of the mattress.
  • Bed size 78.74 x 35.43 inches.
  • Castors:
    • Timmy beds are provided with 5.31 inch high castors by default. If they need to be lowered using a lifter, then 6.5 inch high castors may be required.
    • Platform heights are reduced by 4.5 inches if the castors are not fitted.