Theraposture successfully launches revolutionary Rotoflex 200 Mark 2 rotational bed at OT Show

Theraposture has strengthened its position as the market leader in rotational assistive beds by unveiling its new Rotoflex 200 Mark 2 at The OT Show

The OT Show Stand D32, NEC, 22-23 November

Theraposture provides the largest available range in tailor-made rotational beds – this choice has just been extended further with the new Rotoflex 200 Mark 2.

trade show exhibition stand

The Theraposture stand at the 2017 OT Show was busy with professionals keen to see the new Rotoflex 200 Mark 2 rotational bed. Pictured from left to right: Hans-Joachim Kleeberg, Rotoflex Inventor; Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director; Richard McCracken and Steve Keetley, Theraposture Trusted Assessors.

A patented break-through in assistive technology

demonstrating the adjustable bedRepresenting a break-through in assistive technology, the enhanced Rotoflex 200 Mark 2 incorporates modular seat depth allowing four different choices plus the new option of an electrically height adjustable foot section – both a world’s first in turning bed systems. These advantages are only available on Theraposture’s Rotoflex which continues to be the most advanced and established solution on the market.

The new patented, optional height adjustable foot section on the Rotoflex 200 Mark 2 allows users to elevate their legs with full support resulting in many health-related benefits.


Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director explains:

“Frankly our new Rotoflex 200 Mark 2 bed is in a class of its own. The support and functionality it provides far exceeds anything that copies try to achieve. Previously all rotating beds have had to include a static mattress section between the rotational sleeping surface and the footboard. This ensured the arc of the turning mattress and legs did not clash with the footboard, however, the separate mattress section at the foot end of the bed could not be raised to match the height of a user’s feet when profiled whilst in bed. Not anymore! Through our latest German engineering, the foot section can be independently electrically raised so users can elevate their feet like a standard adjustable bed with the full support of the entire mattress surface. We have solved a common problem for people with odemea, pressure care and circulation issues in their legs who need to elevate their feet in bed. This exciting new feature can be retro-fitted to all existing Rotoflex beds so that every owner can now access life-changing comfort.”

25 years of patented development

feet on adjustable bedThrough 25 years of patented development, the electrically operated Rotoflex has been refined so that it provides the safest and most ergonomic method to get in and out of bed. It will power-assist a user from a recumbent to a fully upright seated position at the side of the bed.

With vertical lift in this seated position users can achieve more controlled sit-to-stand transfers – it intentionally will not tip users forward unlike some copies.

By reducing the need for carers from two-to-none in many situations, the Rotoflex is proven to save over £27,000 in annual care costs.


Liam continues:

“The introduction of our latest Rotoflex at the OT Show generated significant interest from healthcare professionals, especially as they could meet the original inventor from Germany on our stand – Hans was happy to explain why the Rotoflex cannot be copied. The Theraposture Rotoflex is the original rotating bed that has patents that relate to its lifting mechanism, the mattress retention and its stability. As a company, we are highly respected within the sector and our products are synonymous with long term value and positive outcomes.

The new Rotoflex Mark 200 reiterates this commitment – to ensure end users benefit from the greatest levels of support, comfort and independence. Owners no longer need to add aids or pillows to raise their legs when sleeping in either a profiled or recumbent position – Theraposture offers the solution on new and existing Rotoflex beds. We believe the Rotoflex 200 Mark 2 is a game-changer within the assistive bed market – it is the only considered choice. Combined with more bed size options through our latest adaptable base frame, all Rotoflex beds will offer unsurpassed suitability, backed up by impeccable and ethical service.”

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