The Rotoflex turning bed from Theraposture continues to deliver independence so users can avoid rising care costs

With the average cost of a room in a care home reportedly rising to over £30,000 a year, the rotational Theraposture Rotoflex bed continues to offer independence at home without the need for carers or relocation into residential care.

The Rotoflex from Theraposture is the original and proven rotating adjustable bed system that helps individuals, often with progressive conditions such as Neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and MS.

This sophisticated and proven adjustable bed has been developed over a period of 20 years and allows people living with restricted mobility to access a bed independently and safely without the assistance of a carer.  Getting legs into bed is a problem for many people however the electrically operated Rotoflex will enable the user to get in and out of bed mostly without assistance or other equipment such as a hoist.  This can negate or reduce the need for carer assistance and helps elderly and disabled people to continue living in the community without the need to relocate into a care home.

According to a report by Prestige Nursing and Care, the cost of a care home room has risen by 5.2% in the last year, more than 10 times the average increase in pensioner’s income. With an average annual income of £14,456, less than six months’ care could be paid for by a pensioner – equating to a shortfall of £317 a week. This is 9% higher than a year ago and results in a funding gap of £16,470 a year. Jonathan Bruce, the Managing Director of Prestige Nursing, said: “It is particularly alarming that care home costs have risen almost 10 times as much as pensioner incomes in real terms, with the result that older people will find the challenge of paying for care even more out of their reach.”

By purchasing a Rotoflex rotational bed from Theraposture, individuals can remain in their own home for longer without the need to move into expensive residential care. Once this specialist bed has been paid for, around £30,000 in care cost savings can be achieved per annum – either by avoiding care home costs or the high fees associated with domiciliary and day carers. This can significantly relieve the financial strain on families and commonly avoids the use of inheritance funds to pay for care. David Holtum, Theraposture Managing Director concludes: “The Rotoflex can reduce carer assistance with bed transfers from two carers to one, and in some cases can eliminate carer assistance altogether delivering true independence.

Where two private home carers are replaced, or residential care is eliminated, the Rotoflex bed could pay for itself typically in just 14 weeks.”

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