Theraposture delivers rewarding educational content to Occupational Therapists at Rise 4 Disability

Theraposture provided successful Rotoflex and Mascot seminars and new educational literature at Rise 4 Disability (7 th Sept, Kent Showground).

Rise 4 Disability is a free exhibition that provides the latest products, services and information to assist with independent living. As one of the leading specialists exhibiting at the show, Theraposture demonstrated its fully future-proofed Mascot cot and proven Rotoflex rotational bed on stand B1 and during a series of educational presentations. Paediatric and Adult Healthcare Professionals and Occupational Therapists were able to see first-hand why Theraposture and its products are the considered choice.

Lecture with man sitting on cot bed

Liam Braddell, Theraposure Sales Director, demonstrates why the Mascot Mk2 is the only fully future proofed care cot at Rise 4 Disability.

Product demonstrations and new literature

In addition to live product demonstrations, Theraposture provided copies of its latest educational literature – a guide to assistive turning bed systems. This guide contains vital information for professionals, families and disabled users so they can make more of an informed decision regarding rotating bed selection. It highlights the many factors to consider so that independence is maximised and the pitfalls of selecting an inferior or inappropriate product can be avoided. Theraposture’s proven rotating bed, the one and only Rotoflex, was on display at Rise 4 Disability and generated high levels of interest from visitors. Its leading ergonomics, quality and the unmatched range of sizes, user capacities, entrance heights and aesthetic design options were clear to see. Its vertical seat lift functionality was highlighted and demonstrated as the considered safe sit-to- stand solution for users struggling with balance and weight bearing as the Rotoflex does not tip users forward like a riser chair and other rotating beds.

Educational seminars on the Mascot cot

Paediatric OTs and families were keen to understand more about the Mascot Mk2 cot at Rise 4 Disability.The educational seminars delivered by Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director, provided the opportunity to understand why this height adjustable cot is the most cost-effective, long-term choice. Information regarding this popular market leading product was provided along with the new cot funding guide from Theraposture – another essential piece of educational information that assists professionals and families.

Liam summaries:

“Rise 4 Disability gave us the opportunity to showcase why we are the considered choice. During the Speed Sourcing Seminars I was able to explain how we consider every aspect of product and service provision so clients receive the most appropriate sleeping solution every time. We are a caring and ethical business with a reputation for high quality products that maximise safety and independence. Our latest educational literature perfectly complemented our product showcase and underlines our commitment to supporting professionals and families through objective and informed advice.”