Theraposture launch unlimited free-of-charge moves for Care Cots and beds bought in 2022

Theraposture, a leading specialist in adjustable beds for children and adults, has announced all newly purchased Cot Beds and Rotoflex Beds will qualify for unlimited, free of charge moves within the warranty period.

Theraposture is committed to helping Local Authorities, Equipment Services and the NHS make the best use of their budgets to ensure that they can help as many service users and patients as they possibly can.

couple with baby and mascot cot

A family next to their Mascot Cot

It’s award-winning adjustable Cots Beds and Rotoflex Beds are regarded as first choice by many Occupational Therapists for safety, comfort, effectiveness and in providing independence to those who use them. As market leaders, Theraposture provide the best and most innovative proven solutions that provide great value for money, with fully inclusive 3-year warranties as standard and products that are built to last. These patented products are often copied but never bettered and when looking at the overall value for money, the outcome must be included in that consideration.

This value has just been increased further by the introduction of unlimited free of charge bed moves for Cot Beds and Rotoflex Beds for the duration of their warranty. Should these specialist beds need to be moved to and from equipment users’ homes and stores, there will be no cost – just call Theraposture and they will do it for free!

Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist and Equipment Specialist, understands the needs of fellow healthcare professionals so fully supports this new initiative as he explains, “We appreciate budget holders are always focused on minimising costs when it comes to equipment provision. Collecting and delivering care cots is a process that costs time and resources which equipment providers need to cover, especially if stores personnel do not have the specialist knowledge to manage themselves. It is therefore justified that manufacturers charge for this however here at Theraposture we acknowledge how challenging budgets are right now and hence have introduced free product moves.”

Liam Braddell, Sales Director adds: “Also sometimes buying cheaper alternative products to save cost, do not have comparable warranties and won’t last as long. These cheaper products often do not have the scope to future proof or to deliver such a successful outcome as more expensive better suited products. After the purchase, there are also other costs that cannot be anticipated. Collecting and delivering specialist products is a process that is often outsourced to the manufacturer / provider if stores personnel do not have the specialist knowledge needed to manage themselves – which they often do not. Manufacturers charge if asked to do this on behalf of an equipment service. However, Theraposture have now introduced unlimited free of charge product moves. This is something that Therapists should consider when applying for funding as it is a real difference that will save a great deal of money.”

Equipment providers, budget holders and equipment services now have direct access to specialist Theraposture technicians should a Rotoflex or Cot Bed sold in 2022, ever need to be moved from one location to another or within the same location. This FOC service from Theraposture is unlimited whilst the product is with its warranty period. Warranties can be extended and if so, the offer of free moves also continues for the duration of cover.

Theraposture to launch stock Mascot care cot packages for 2022 at Kidz North

Theraposture will be showcasing its new in-stock, rapid delivery care cot packages at the Kidz-to-Adultz-up-North exhibition (The Exhibition Centre Liverpool, 17th November 2021, stand G3, Kings Dock, Liverpool Waterfront).

sales team with cot at exhibition

The Theraposture team will be returning to Kidz to Adultz up North in November 2021.

Since 1981, Theraposture has been a trusted market leading specialist in electrically adjustable care cots for disabled children and adults. Its Trusted Assessors support families and Occupational Therapists with a clinically led assessment service which focuses on achieving positive outcomes for all. Theraposture cots are specified for individual needs, so comfort, safety, personal choices, and peace of mind are all considered for everyone. The future-proofed Mascot cot is an important part of Theraposture’s proven range. The Mascot is a modular system that can be configured from stock, and even adapted to meet changing needs. To meet the rising demand for urgent requirements, Theraposture have created two STOCK cot specifications, each including a mattress, full-height soft padding and clear soft windows.

As we are all aware, there is currently a worldwide shortage of raw materials and problems with supply chains in all sectors, including Assistive Technology. This means that adjustable beds and care cots often take longer to provide from most suppliers.

Theraposture already have healthy stocks of Mascot Cot Beds and wipeable mattress. To create the two stock bed packages, they have also made padding in neutral colours with clear soft windows. This means that beds can be ordered and delivered typically within two weeks so the most urgent situations, such as safety risks and hospital discharges can be comfortably managed.

Theraposture provide all products with their 14-day Suitability Guarantee. All Theraposture beds, including the Mascot, comply with safety regulations DIN BS EN 60601-2-52 and DIN BS EN 50637:2017.

On stand G3 Theraposture will also provide live demonstrations of its Mascot cot and a range of useful literature, case studies and details regarding its partnership with Newlife, the disabled children’s charity. Theraposture Trusted Assessors will be on hand to discuss individual cot bed needs on a one-to-one basis, whilst offering free chocolates and tape measures for Occupational Therapists and families.

Shaun Masters OT to deliver client-centred cot prescription advice on Kidz West exhibition stand

Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist and Trusted Assessor, will be available on the Theraposture stand at Kidz to Adultz Wales and West, to offer expert advice regarding care cots for disabled children and young adults.

4th July 2019, 9.00am – 4.30pm. Thornbury Leisure Centre, Bristol, BS35 3JB. Stand A3. Map

Shaun Masters with Mascot Cot

Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist and Trusted Assessor, will be available on stand A3 at Kidz to Adultz Wales and West.

Organised by the charity Disabled Living, regional Kidz exhibitions provide a rewarding opportunity to see the latest assistive products, services and associated charities. Theraposture is a long-standing supporter of these events and will once again be showcasing its popular and trusted range of adjustable cots and beds.

This ethical specialist believes appropriate product provision is only possible through assessment-led services hence works closely with Occupational Therapists to ensure positive outcomes for all. This approach is strengthened by Theraposture’s in-house OT, Shaun Masters, who will be available at Kidz to Adultz Wales & West on stand A3 to discuss individual client cases on a one-to-one basis.

All healthcare professionals, carers and families are invited to meet Shaun so a better understanding of care cots can be achieved. Shaun will highlight the key product features and benefits to consider in relation to various common conditions and challenging behaviour, with particular emphasis on compliance regarding risk of entrapment and safe working heights.

Discussions will be informal and allow visitors to seek solutions to current situations and access topical case studies that illustrate why Theraposture cots are the considered choice. Through his extensive frontline experience, Shaun will offer advice regarding a multitude of care scenarios and how best to maximise safety and comfort for young users. Equally, solving the needs of carers can also be discussed in terms of safe working heights and moving and handling best practice.

Shaun Masters, OT, comments:

“I would encourage all OTs and parents looking for safe adjustable sleeping solutions to meet me at Kidz West. With the support of quality Theraposture cots, such as the popular Mascot Mk2, I will be practically demonstrating the many product features to assess when prescribing a suitable bed.

Design will be explored in relation to specific paediatric conditions so occupational performance and sleep hygiene can be optimised. Topics such as functionality, padding and safety legislative will all be discussed along with the major consideration – future proofing. By specifying truly modular designs, the changing needs of a user can be continually met without the need to purchase new cots in the future. This cost effective approach is of significant importance both for public sector and personal budgets.”

Alongside Mascot cots and a Theracare adjustable bed, there will be free educational information available on the Theraposture stand. This will include informative case studies, funding and ownership guidance and details regarding Theraposture’s provision of cots through Newlife’s Emergency Equipment Loan Services.

All healthcare professionals will receive a free quality tape measure to assist with everyday client assessments and the usual irresistible chocolates will be available to all.

OT Shaun Masters successfully delivers first ever CPD care cot seminar at Kidz exhibition

Aimed at assisting healthcare professionals with care cot prescriptions, Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist and Theraposture Trusted Assessor, has delivered a well-attended CPD seminar at Kidz to Adultz South.

Shaun Masters with Mascot Cot

Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist delivered a well-attended care cot seminar for professionals at Kidz South.

CPD-accredited educational seminars

The Kidz South exhibition once again provided the opportunity for therapists, carers and families to see and experience the latest products and services for disabled children and young adults.

In addition to specialist exhibition stands, the show included CPD-accredited educational seminars focusing on a range of topics vital to everyday professional practice. Shaun’s session was the first to be focused on care cots and he is planning further associated topics in the future.

Becoming confident in prescribing cot beds for better sleep hygiene, client care and moving and handling

Shaun’s session entitled: ‘Becoming confident in prescribing cot beds for better sleep hygiene, client care and moving and handling’, explored the many aspects to consider when specifying beds for maximum occupation.

On paediatric sleeping solutions

Shaun highlighted the difficulties faced with prescribing paediatric sleeping solutions and discussed the wider implications on health and day-to-day function whilst examining our nature to care for others. Topics also featured future proofing for a child’s needs as they develop and how this has an impact on parent and carer capabilities.

On safety & legislation

Over 75 Occupational Therapists attended the seminar to listen to Shaun’s experience as a fellow healthcare professional in terms of choosing future-proofed solutions.

He explained that the cheapest cot is not always the best choice for long term value and durability and a fully modular design gives flexibility for future or varying needs. This subsequently reduces equipment wastage and maximises budget expenditure both in the public and private sector.

BSEN60601-2-52 – Safe working heights

Other key areas that Shaun illustrated at Kidz South included legislation regarding safe working heights and entrapment risks – both factors that can be misunderstood or overlooked. He explained the importance of selecting cots that fully conform to British Standard BSEN60601-2-52 regarding safe working heights ie. they provide appropriate variable height technology to ensure back injury is minimised for carers. Many cots do provide hi-lo functionality but may not provide the required range.

Cot Safety and Padding

Equally, considering the quality, material, application and fitting of safety padding needs to be carefully assessed when selecting a cot. This is to ensure that users are not exposed to gaps or entrapment risks especially if they are highly active or have challenging behaviour.

Following his presentation

Shaun was able to leverage his 15 years of experience to assist fellow peers who required specific information for individual client cases. OTs were able to visit the Theraposture stand so they could understand fully, why truly modular care cots such as the Mascot Mk2, provide the most cost effective solution for statutory services and private provision.

Feedback from delegates was positive regarding Shaun’s educational content and several expressed an interest in the possibility of further paediatric and adult product training by Theraposture.

If you are interested in future training seminars please contact us.

Theraposture OT to showcase future proofed approach to care cot provision at Kidz to Adultz Middle

Theraposture will be demonstrating its approach to future proofed sleeping solutions with the help of Shaun Masters, Trusted Assessor and Occupational Therapist, at Kidz to Adultz Middle.

Thursday 21st March 2019, 9.30am – 4.30pm, Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry CV6 6GE. Stand C4. Free entry and parking.


Man standing at cot bed exhibition stand

Theraposture stand at past Kidz to Adultz Middle events

In-house OT expertise

Theraposture has been a caring and ethical, family-run business since 1981. It provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of power-assisted care cots and beds for children with varying needs.

Through an assessment led approach and the in-house expertise of an OT, Theraposture delivers positive outcomes for families, therapists and carers. Its quality, durable and cost effective equipment ensures safety, dignity and comfort are maximised for clients whilst variable height minimises the risk of back and muscle strain for carers.

Theraposture is trusted by the charity Newlife to provide their Emergency Equipment Loan Service which can provide specialist care cots within 72 hours to children at risk of serious injury or with unstable life threatening/limiting conditions.

What’s on display at Kidz to Adultz Middle?

At Kidz to Adultz Middle, the popular assistive product and services exhibition provided by Disabled Living, Theraposture will be demonstrating its proven Mascot Mk2 cot and Theracare adjustable bed.

Mascot Mk2 cot

Salesmen stood around a cot with teddy bear

Theraposture Trusted Assessors with the Mascot Care Cot

The Mascot is the only, fully modular cot that can be adapted as a child’s needs change – hence negating the need to purchase a new product in the future.

This represents significant cost savings and ensures a space-appropriate design is provided throughout the lifetime of the child. The Mascot incorporates multiple future-proofed features in particular, it is the only fully modular care bed that will allow conversion from 4-door (1 side) opening to 8-door (opening both sides). This is essential if care needs progress and access is required to both sides of the cot.

The Mascot is available with variable height, mattress profiling and anti-/Trendelenburg functionality. If safety padding is required, Theraposture is renowned for handcrafting precision solutions so entrapment risks are eliminated – enhanced by the recent introduction of larger soft windows for greater visibility inside and out.

Shaun Masters, OT, will be on hand throughout Kidz Middle to discuss how therapists and families can make the considered choice of care cot. He will explain, from his experience, how the correct, future-proofed cot provides multiple benefits for the whole family. Shaun will be joined by fellow Theraposture Trusted Assessors and a representative from Newlife, the charity for disabled children – all ready to discuss individual requirements on a one-to-one basis.

Theracare bed range

Theracare low bed from Theraposture

Theracare low bed from Theraposture

Stand C4 will also include an example adjustable bed from the Theraposture Theracare range. Ideal for older children and young adults with less challenging or complex needs, this bed provides profiling and variable height along with an impressive range of specialist mattresses and accessories.

Revolutionary Rotoflex and new Age UK adjustable bed at Rise 4 Disability

Rise 4 Disability, Peterborough Arena, East of England Showground, Peterborough, PE2 6HE. Stand B9.
12th July 2018 9:30am – 4pm

New Products at Rise 4 Disability Event

We will be showcasing the world’s-first rising foot support for Rotoflex rotational beds and our new Age UK Beaumont adjustable bed at Rise 4 Disability.

Each handcrafted solution is carefully considered through assessment-based provision and by working closely with Occupational Therapists so that personal needs are met every time.

Our proven and ethical approach will be demonstrated at Rise 4 Disability alongside two of our latest bed innovations.


In addition to providing our own specialist product range, we are the chosen supplier of Age UK adjustable beds

NEW: Optional rising foot support for Theraposture Rotoflex beds

The original and trusted Rotoflex is the ONLY rotating bed that can be supplied with an electrically rising foot section to provide fully supported leg elevation.

Rotoflex foot supportPreviously all rotating beds had to include a static mattress section between the rotational sleeping surface and the footboard – to ensure the arc of the turning mattress and legs did not clash with the footboard.


Not anymore with the introduction of this pioneering option from Theraposture which provides invaluable relief from leg-related circulation, pressure and fluid retention issues.

This new feature can only be specified for Rotoflex beds from Theraposture – either within new products or retrofitted to existing models. With over 20 years of refinement and advanced German engineering, the Rotoflex profiles, rotates and raises disabled users so they can achieve safe sit-to-stand transfers.

NEW: Age UK Beaumont adjustable bed

Part of an additional, more luxurious range, the Beaumont bed from Age UK is a new contemporary design that encompasses extensive in-built technology.

Beaumont adjustable bedlighted bed hand controller usb port for adjustable bed




Features include:

–  Powered massage
– Wireless controller
– USB sockets and intelligent memory positioning

As with all quality Age UK adjustable beds from Theraposture, the Beaumont provides mattress profiling so owners can achieve their ideal sleeping position for maximum comfort. Available as either a 3’, 4’ or 4’6’’ wide bed for one person or 5’ or 6’’ wide bed for two people, the Beaumont can be handcrafted in a variety of fabrics to suit all styles and tastes.

Newlife Emergency Bed Loan Services at Kidz West

Thursday 5th July 2018, 9.00am – 4.30pm
Thornbury Leisure Centre, Bristol, South Gloucestershire, BS35 3JG. Stand A20.
Free entry and parking.

Theraposture works with Newlife to provide specialist cots and beds to children in desperate need through the charity’s ‘Emergency Equipment Loan’ Service.

This service is unique in the UK and provides appropriate equipment to disabled children who are at serious risk of injury or in urgent need due to shortened life expectancy.

Theraposture team with OT

How the Newlife Emergency Equipment Loan Service works

On receipt of an emergency application to supply a specialist cot or bed, Newlife commissions Theraposture to deliver the specialist equipment required, usually within 72 hours of receiving the order. Theraposture also installs and maintains the beds once in situ.

Free of charge for families

Newlife’s Emergency Equipment Loan Service is completely free of charge for families and loan periods typically last six months. This enables Newlife’s care services team to work closely with the family and their health or social care professionals with a view to securing long-term provision of a bed. Once the loan period has ended, Theraposture can organise to have the bed or cot collected from the family’s home if it is not required permanently.

Liam Braddell from Theraposture explains:

“We are proud to work with Newlife to provide quality sleeping solutions to disabled children in desperate need. Newlife’s Emergency Equipment Loan Services provide a vital solution in often sensitive and urgent situations. We can assist Healthcare Professionals if they consider a permanent product purchase following the loan period. Purchasing adjustable care cots from us is popular with OT’s as commonly this provides like-for-like replacement of loan equipment and hence reduces risk. The loan product has already been proven and very much liked by the family, the child and the carers – hence appropriate cot provision is assured. Add to this our highly competitive pricing and proven product reliability, real long term value can be gained by all who choose our products, we are the considered choice.”

Newlife emergency service PDF

Free information guide

There will be a free information guide available on the Theraposture stand which outlines Newlife’s Emergency Equipment Loan Service.

Future-proofed Mascot Mk2 also on display

Also on stand A20, Theraposture will be demonstrating popular power-assisted cots and beds from its range including the future-proofed Mascot Mk2.

Salesmen stood around a cot with teddy bear

Theraposture Trusted Assessors with the Mascot Care Cot

This fully modular paediatric cot is the only solution that provides complete adaptability to solve changing user needs – negating the purchasing of new cots in the future.

The Mascot can encompass variable height, mattress profiling and anti-Trendelenberg /Trendelenburg positioning which provides a multitude of care benefits for children and reduces the risk of back injury for carers. These beds, like the entire cot range from Theraposture meet all relevant safety standards and come with a fully inclusive 3-year warranty. The Mascot is held in stock at Theraposture’s Wiltshire factory for fast delivery.

Theraposture to showcase affordable quality at Kidz Middle

We will be demonstrating why our range offers the highest levels of quality and future-proofing for the lowest prices at Kidz-to-Adultz-Middle.

Thursday 15th March 2018, 9.30am – 4.30pm
Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, 
Coventry CV6 6GE. Stand C4.
Free entry and parking.

Theraposture has been a proven manufacturer of quality assistive furniture for over 35 years. It is highly regarded by Occupational Therapists, Charities (such as Newlife), families and end users as it provides an ethical assessment-lead service focused on achieving positive outcomes for all.

Theraposture at kidz-middle show 2017

Trusted Assessors with a range of educational literature including cot funding guides.

Like-for-like pricing with additional long-term value

This outstanding reputation can sometimes be perceived as an expensive choice – this is not the case as Theraposture will match any like-for-like price whilst delivering greater long-term value.

Solutions that are truly future-proofed, such as the popular Mascot Mk2 cot, can be adapted as needs change, therefore, negating the need to purchase cots in the future. The Mascot Mk2 is the ONLY fully modular care bed that will allow conversion from 4-door (1 side) opening to 8-door (opening both sides).

Handcrafted products with unsurpassed durability

Theraposture is the considered choice in adjustable cots and beds as they encompass quality and durability that is unsurpassed.

Each cot is handcrafted to ensure a superior finish and incorporates precision German electrical motors and mechanisms. These provide smooth, reliable and controlled variable height, mattress profiling and Anti-Trendelenburg positioning so children can enjoy greater comfort.

This dependable functionality also ensures safer working height for parents and carers as less bending and stooping is required. All Theraposture beds meet BSEN60601-2- 52, particularly regarding safe working heights and entrapment risks.

Funding guides and product education

At Kidz Middle, the Trusted Assessors from Theraposture will be highlighting the finer points regarding its cot designs and explaining how it successfully supports OTs. There will also be a range of free educational literature available including engaging case studies and cot funding guides.

Salesmen stood around a cot with teddy bear

Mascot care cot

Theracare low nursing bed








Two examples of the world’s only fully modular, full adaptable Mascot Mk2 care cot will be displayed on Stand C4 alongside a Theracare low adjustable bed fitted with safety sides.

Free funding and advice guides from Theraposture prove popular at Kidz-to-Adultz-up-North

Theraposture, the leading specialist for tailor-made adjustable care cots and beds for disabled children and young adults, has successfully showcased its popular products and educational material at Kidz-to-Adultz-up-North (16th November, EventCity, Manchester).

Kidz-to-Adultz-up-North is the last in the series of Kidz events which run regionally throughout the year.
These exhibitions provide the chance to see, test and compare the latest assistive products and services for greater independence and well-being.

Theraposture team at Kidz North 2017

As the leading exhibitor for power-assisted adjustable cots and beds, Theraposture received a steady number of enquiries throughout the exhibition from families, healthcare professionals and end users. All visitors were able to discuss their individual needs with the experienced Trusted Assessors and understand why Theraposture has been the considered choice since 1981.

Product demonstrations and education

In addition to regular demonstrations of the future-proof and fully modular Mascot cot, high sided Hannah cot and adjustable Theracare bed, the Theraposture Trusted Assessors were busy handing out a range of free educational literature. Theraposture believes in supporting clients and therapists throughout the product provision process and hence provides invaluable information to assist with ownership. This material includes cot funding guides, rotating bed guides and engaging case studies that highlight the many authentic benefits of choosing a Theraposture product. Visitors were also informed of Theraposture’s #MySafePlace social media campaign which aims to put the preferences of young cot users first through evidence-based practice, funding advice and accurate legislative information.