Occupational Therapists to discover new Theraposture rapid delivery cot packages and more at Kidz South

Trusted Assessors from Theraposture, the specialist in Adjustable Care Cots and Beds for disabled children and adults, will be showcasing their new rapid delivery cot packages and free bed moves at Kidz to Adultz South.

Kidz to Adultz South, Tuesday 17th May 2022, 9.30am – 4.30pm, Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre, Farnborough. GU14 6FD.
Free entry and parking. Stand F1.

Nick Lythe - Theraposture Trusted Assessor

Nick Lythe, Theraposture Trusted Assessor, will be at Kidz to Adultz South, ready to answer all your adjustable cot and bed queries.

The forthcoming Kidz exhibition will provide the latest showcase of what’s new in assistive equipment and services. Theraposture is one of the most established exhibitors and always delivers a show highlight for visiting families and healthcare professionals. Once again, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss care cot and adjustable bed needs, on a one-to-one basis, with experienced product specialists and the Theraposture in-house Occupational Therapist, Shaun Masters. Selected products will be on display for live testing including the unique, fully modular Mascot Mk2 cot which represents the most flexible, future-proofed and cost-effective solution on the market.

Alongside product demonstrations and an endless supply of quality chocolates, the Theraposture team will be offering information on the many market-leading services they offer. These will include:

In stock padded cot packages for rapid delivery

In contrast to many manufacturers who are struggling to supply products in a timely fashion, Theraposture can now provide a choice of two Mascot Cot Bed Packages, delivered, and installed within two weeks of ordering. There is a choice of two Mascot Beds, each supplied with a mattress and full height padding with soft clear windows. As always, these Theraposture products come with 3-year fully inclusive warranties and a 14-day Suitability Guarantee period. In terms of compliance, all Mascots meet the requirements of DIN EN 60601-2-52 and DIN BS EN 50637:2017.

Unlimited care cot and bed moves

Theraposture is committed to making sure Local Authorities, Equipment Services and the NHS make the best use of their precious budgets to help as many service users and patients as possible. New for 2022, Theraposture has introduced unlimited, free of charge bed moves for Cot Beds and Rotoflex Beds for the duration of their warranty period. Should these specialist beds need to be moved to and from equipment users’ homes and stores, there will be no cost. This service represents a unique proposition in the marketplace and reflects Theraposture’s ethos for always providing unbeatable long-term value.

OT Shaun Masters successfully delivers first ever CPD care cot seminar at Kidz exhibition

Aimed at assisting healthcare professionals with care cot prescriptions, Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist and Theraposture Trusted Assessor, has delivered a well-attended CPD seminar at Kidz to Adultz South.

Shaun Masters with Mascot Cot

Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist delivered a well-attended care cot seminar for professionals at Kidz South.

CPD-accredited educational seminars

The Kidz South exhibition once again provided the opportunity for therapists, carers and families to see and experience the latest products and services for disabled children and young adults.

In addition to specialist exhibition stands, the show included CPD-accredited educational seminars focusing on a range of topics vital to everyday professional practice. Shaun’s session was the first to be focused on care cots and he is planning further associated topics in the future.

Becoming confident in prescribing cot beds for better sleep hygiene, client care and moving and handling

Shaun’s session entitled: ‘Becoming confident in prescribing cot beds for better sleep hygiene, client care and moving and handling’, explored the many aspects to consider when specifying beds for maximum occupation.

On paediatric sleeping solutions

Shaun highlighted the difficulties faced with prescribing paediatric sleeping solutions and discussed the wider implications on health and day-to-day function whilst examining our nature to care for others. Topics also featured future proofing for a child’s needs as they develop and how this has an impact on parent and carer capabilities.

On safety & legislation

Over 75 Occupational Therapists attended the seminar to listen to Shaun’s experience as a fellow healthcare professional in terms of choosing future-proofed solutions.

He explained that the cheapest cot is not always the best choice for long term value and durability and a fully modular design gives flexibility for future or varying needs. This subsequently reduces equipment wastage and maximises budget expenditure both in the public and private sector.

BSEN60601-2-52 – Safe working heights

Other key areas that Shaun illustrated at Kidz South included legislation regarding safe working heights and entrapment risks – both factors that can be misunderstood or overlooked. He explained the importance of selecting cots that fully conform to British Standard BSEN60601-2-52 regarding safe working heights ie. they provide appropriate variable height technology to ensure back injury is minimised for carers. Many cots do provide hi-lo functionality but may not provide the required range.

Cot Safety and Padding

Equally, considering the quality, material, application and fitting of safety padding needs to be carefully assessed when selecting a cot. This is to ensure that users are not exposed to gaps or entrapment risks especially if they are highly active or have challenging behaviour.

Following his presentation

Shaun was able to leverage his 15 years of experience to assist fellow peers who required specific information for individual client cases. OTs were able to visit the Theraposture stand so they could understand fully, why truly modular care cots such as the Mascot Mk2, provide the most cost effective solution for statutory services and private provision.

Feedback from delegates was positive regarding Shaun’s educational content and several expressed an interest in the possibility of further paediatric and adult product training by Theraposture.

If you are interested in future training seminars please contact us.

Shaun Masters OT to deliver educational care cot seminar at Kidz to Adultz South

Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist and Trusted Assessor, in association with Theraposture, will be delivering a seminar at the Kidz to Adultz South exhibition.

Exhibition details

Thursday 16th May 2019, 9.30am – 4.30pm,
Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, Farnborough, GU14 6FD.  Stand F1.
Free entry and parking.

What you’ll find

The Kidz exhibitions organised by Disabled Living provide a unique opportunity to see the latest products and services for disabled children and young adults.

Accredited Seminars

The showcase includes a series of CPD accredited seminars for professionals and families which cover a range of issues relevant to independent and assisted living.

By attending these sessions, healthcare professionals can gain valuable hours to their CPD portfolio and discover the latest educational material that assists their clients.

Shaun Master OT demonstrating adjustable foot rest

Shaun Master OT demonstrating the Rotoflex bed’s footrest.

Shaun Masters, OT, will present:

Becoming confident in prescribing cot beds for better sleep hygiene, client care and moving and handling

Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist, BSc Hons
16th May, 10:30am, Seminar Room 2


The seminar will explore the difficulties faced with prescribing paediatric sleeping solutions. It will explore the wider implications on health and day-to-day function whilst examining our nature to care for others. Topics will also highlight future proofing for a child’s needs as they progress, become older, heavier and stronger and how this has an impact on the parents/carers abilities. Parents still want to hold, lift and nurture their child, but is this sustainable when looking at safe moving and handling?

Learning outcomes

  • Have a greater understanding of the wider implication on achieving good sleep hygiene
  • Prescribe the most appropriate cot bed for your client

About the speaker

Shaun Masters is a registered OT with over 15 years of public sector experience. He specialises in community-based re-enablement and has particular expertise in moving and handling – both in
adult and paediatric sectors.

Shaun will be available throughout the exhibition on the Theraposture stand, F1, for further questions and to discuss client cot needs on a one-to-one basis.

Future-proofed Mascot cot proves popular at relocated Kidz-to-Adultz South

We welcomed a healthy number of visitors to its exhibition stand at Kidz-to-Adultz South

Debuting at Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, Kidz South provided the opportunity for young people with disabilities, families and healthcare professionals to see the latest in assistive products and services.

New location

This modern and accessible venue delivered a fresh experience and attracted new visitors who had not previously attended a Kidz event.

exhibition stand on blue floor

Product demonstrations

The Trusted Assessors from Theraposture were able to demonstrate their quality adjustable bed and care cot range to a new audience who were seeking proven and safe sleeping solutions. The Mascot Mk2 with its truly future-proofed design proved to be very popular as it provides a cot that can change as user needs change.

Mascot cot and improved safety

For example, it is the only flexible cot design that is changed from 4-door (1 side opening) to 8-door opening (both sides) – hence care and safety can be maintained with one purchase, irrespective of changing needs. This is why the Mascot MK2 is the considered choice as it represents outstanding value for money.

Theraposture team with Newlife

Theraposture were supported once more on their stand by a representative from their partnering charity – Newlife, The Charity for Disabled Children.

Theraposture work very closely with the charity to provide Newlife’s Emergency Equipment Loans service – helping children at risk of serious injury and those in urgent need due to life-threatening/limiting conditions. Theraposture supplies, delivers, installs, maintains and collects its assistive products on behalf of Newlife. This service is FREE and often results in a solution being in place within 72 hours.

Theraposture will be exhibiting next at:
Kidz-to-Adultz Wales and West, 5th July 2018, Thornbury Leisure Centre, Bristol. BS35 3JB. Stand A20.

Kidz South busier than ever for Theraposture

We are delighted to report Kidz South has once again delivered a positive experience for us.

Our exhibition team was busy throughout the whole event discussing assistive bed and care cot needs on a one-to-one basis.

Our stand was visited by high numbers of families with disabled children, healthcare professionals and carers all looking to understand more about our market-leading solutions.

On stand 313 at the Rivermead Leisure Complex, Reading, we demonstrated our popular Mascot Mk 2 cot, a high-sided Hannah cot and a Theracare low bed. The Mascot generated significant interest as it provides the world’s first, fully modular care cot. This means its design can be adapted to meet the developing needs of a growing child. In terms of paediatric care cots, this flexible and ‘future-proof’ concept provides the most cost effective solution available today.

The Kidz events organised by Disabled Living always provide visitors with an invaluable opportunity to discuss their individual requirements with our Trusted Assessors. We look forward to showcasing our quality power-adjustable cots and beds at the recently expanded ‘Kidz-to-Adultz-up-North’, 19thNovember, Manchester. Kidz-to-Adultz will incorporate new features that are not only relevant to children, but to adults up to the age of 25. Our products will ideally suit this increase in show diversity as we handcraft bespoke assistive beds, cots and chairs suitable for any age or condition.

Discover why the Mascot Mk2 is the only ‘future-proof’ cot for children at Kidz South

We will be once again exhibiting a selection of our popular assistive beds and cots at Kidz South:

4th June 2015, 9.30am – 4.30pm. Rivermead Leisure Complex, Richfield Avenue, Reading, RG1 8EQ. 9.30am – 4.30pm. Stand 313. (Map)

Kidz South is the second of four regional events organised each year by Disabled Living. They provide free opportunities for parents, families and carers to test and compare the latest products and services for disabled children. Alongside other specialist suppliers, we will be demonstrating our power-adjustable Mascot Mark 2 care cot, Theracare low bed and high-sided Hannah cot with highly regarded Theraposture safety padding.

Our latest Mascot is the first and only fully modular cot in the UK that provides complete flexibility to meet the changing needs of a disabled child. It is a ‘future-proof, whole life’ solution that eliminates the need to purchase and specify new cots if care requirements develop in the future. As its configuration and design can be changed or modified over and over again, it represents the most cost effective concept ever.

The Theracare low bed also provides a highly beneficial care solution. It is a variable height and profiling bed with the advantage of low access – ideal for keeping individuals safe that are prone to falling out of bed. As the bed can be raised to a comfortable working height, carers and parents can also attend to children without the worry of back or muscle strain.

Our Kidz South showcase is completed by a 135cm tall Hannah cot. This impressive and spacious cot provides a safe and welcoming space for challenging children through a clever and attractive design. Features include innovative door locks, electrically operated variable height and/or profiling and attractive safety padding.

We would like to welcome all visitors to Kidz South onto our stand, 313, see you there! 

Theraposture and Symmetrikit Postural Care successfully combine sleeping solution showcase at Kidz South

Theraposture, the leader in care cots and adjustable beds, and postural specialist Symmetrikit, both received high levels of visitor interest in their combined product showcase at Kidz South, Reading, 12th June 2014.

On stand 313, we demonstrated the fully modular Mascot MK2 paediatric cot and pioneering new Safe-T Bed, the latter showcased with a Symmetrikit sleep system. A 135cm high padded Hannah cot was also be available on stand 313. Symmetrikit’s stand, 713, displayed a popular Theracare Low adjustable bed from Theraposture, combined once more with a Symmetrikit sleep system.

Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director (left) congratulates Dominic Bowen, Symmetrikit Sales Director, on their successful joint promotion at Kidz South, 12th June, Reading.

Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director commented:

“I am delighted to say that our new exhibition relationship with Symmetrikit has proven to be a success at Kidz South. For the first time we have combined our products on each stand to demonstrate complete sleeping solutions that deliver maximum safety and support to disabled children. We exhibited our new Safe-T bed on the Theraposture stand that incorporated a Symmetrikit sleep system – a market-leading solution for improved posture and support. Their sleep system has achieved the highest score in the respected NHS Buyer’s Guide, hence is a trusted product for all therapists and parents with disabled children.”

Theraposture debut their new Safe-T Bed for disabled children at Kidz South. Pictured from left to right: Peter Wicks and Nick Lythe Theraposture Assessors; and Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director.

Liam added:

“Both our pioneering, fully modular Mk2 Mascot paediatric cot and new Safe-T Bed received significant interest from healthcare professionals and families at Kidz South. The Mascot provides a ‘whole life solution’ as it can be adapted if user needs change avoiding the need to purchase a new cot in the future. Whereas the Safe-T Bed is the ideal niche product for children who do not require either a high- sided cot or adapted adult care bed with side rails, but a safe solution in the middle.”

Dominic Bowen, Symmetrikit Sales Director concluded:

“I would like to reiterate Liam’s words in that Kidz South has been a very positive experience in terms of our joint promotion. We were also busy for the duration of the day engaging face-to-face with many Healthcare Professionals and inquisitive families. Our postural sleep system is the perfect partner for Theraposture care beds, which was highlighted on our stand with the Theracare Low. The ability to demonstrate a complete solution to visitors was a major advantage at this event and we look forward to working with Theraposture again.”

Theraposture and Symmetrikit Postural Care to combine expertise in sleeping solutions for disabled children at Kidz South

Theraposture, the leader in paediatric care cots and adjustable beds, will be showcasing a range of complete sleeping solutions that include complementary products from the postural specialist Symmetrikit at Kidz South.

Stands 313 and 713 – 12th June, Rivermead Leisure Complex, Reading.

Theraposture’s new, pioneering Safe-T bed for disabled children will be showcased on stand 313 at Kidz South, 12th June, Reading.

Theraposture is a privately owned, family run business based in Wiltshire that has been the leading supplier of bespoke, hand-built adjustable beds, chairs and cots since 1981. Our paediatric care cots and power-adjusted Theracare beds both enhance comfort, safety and wellbeing for young disabled individuals and greatly assist those offering care. All Theraposture products are individually assessed and are backed up by a suitability guarantee and a fully inclusive warranty giving complete peace of mind.

Theraposture has formed a working relationship with Symmetrikit Postural Care so that healthcare professionals and families attending exhibitions, can benefit from seeing adjustable care cots and beds combined with individualised postural support systems.

On stand 313, Theraposture will be demonstrating two recently introduced solutions – the fully modular Mascot MK2 paediatric cot and pioneering new Safe-T Bed, the latter showcased with a Symmetrikit sleep system. A 135cm high padded Hannah cot will also be available on stand 313. Symmetrikit’s stand, 713, will display a popular Theracare Low adjustable bed from Theraposture, combined once more with a Symmetrikit sleep system.

Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director commented:

“We are delighted to be combining our expertise with the Symmetrikit Postural Care team at Kidz South. We have reviewed the market for some time and have identified Symmetrikit as an ideal specialist for joint initiatives. Their sleep system is excellent and has been a market-leading solution for over 17 years – it is interestingly unique in a very important way. Their sleep system is the only product offering temperature regulation as oppose to the ‘controlling’ technologies offered by other companies. This has contributed to Symmetrikit achieving the highest score in the respected NHS Buyer’s Guide – written by healthcare professionals within the NHS. Our intention is to help jointly promote our product ranges so that we create greater awareness to therapists and families. We plan to work together at exhibitions and on joint CPD projects.”

NEW Safe-T Bed

Theraposture’s Safe-T Bed has integrated, solid sides that fold down when required and is a new alternative to either traditional care cots/beds, with traditional drop down side rails or cot sides. The Safe-T Bed is ideal for children who require higher lateral protection than provided by traditional style beds with drop down side rails, but do not require a higher-sided care cot solution with doors.

NEW Mascot Mark 2 Cot

This remarkable sleeping solution is designed to allow the changing needs of a user and their carers, to be continually met and managed by adapting a modular design. The Mascot Mark 2 offers scope to adapt the electrically operated functions together with the option to alter the quantity, height and construction of doors. Delivering safety, affordability without compromising quality, plus full modular flexibility – the Mascot Mark 2 is a future proof, flexible solution.

Hannah Care Cot

The height adjustable Hannah care cot range provides ample safe space for an active child. It is available with door heights of 70, 98, 135 and 170 cm and can have openings on either one or both longer sides. Similar to the Mascot, the Hannah is suitable for Theraposture’s fixed or removable, personalised padding and soft double glazed windows allow good visibility without compromising safety. It is available with a range of electrically operated function options such as variable height to assist those helping the user at a safe working height; profiling to assist with positioning and Trendelenburg / Anti-Trendelenburg to tilt the sleeping surface.

Theracare Low Bed

The Theracare Low offers all the function of a variable height bed, but with the added advantage of low access. Therapists are increasingly requesting this solution following assessments of users who are at risk of falling out of bed. It importantly allows the sleeping surface to be raised to a safe working height ranging between 23cm and 83cm (without mattress) and therefore this meets the NEW BSEN 60601-2-52 standard. Options include powered profiling of the mattress and three-bar side rails to provide increased effective side rail height. Either mesh-linked padded safety sides or clear, soft transparent safety sides, can be chosen as can padding for the head and foot boards making this a very safe place to be.