My elderly relatives can’t get in and out of bed on their own –what do I do?

If you have an elderly parent, parents or relatives with mobility difficulties, it can be a constant worry. They might live away from you, which means you could struggle to get to them if they need help with daily tasks. The risk of falls can also increase over time especially when tackling activities that require balance, coordination and strength.

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Diane with their beloved cat Jessie

Getting in and out of bed independently is one such task, which if elderly relatives are unsteady on their feet, can result in a fall. Without someone on hand to help, each time they get in and out of bed could result in injury…so what is the answer?

Theraposture has two proven solutions

You have some options to consider, ranging from carer support to assistive equipment. You could also consider residential care or your parents living with you. Nursing Homes may not be affordable, typically costing £1500 / week, and having parents move into your home may not be an option.

Commonly our Trusted Assessors see people having to sleep in a chair and consequently being affected by fatigue and deteriorating health. These scenarios have further ramifications as tiredness can increase the risk of a fall even further. If an injury does occur, then in addition to possible trauma and prolonged rehabilitation, your elderly parents or relatives may lose confidence and become anxious about other aspects of their life.

The best solution is for them to be able to get in and out of bed independently on their own terms. Theraposture has two proven solutions: The Leg Lifter and The Rotoflex Rotating Bed.

Don’t lose independence or reach a crisis point

Older people, particularly those living with a progressive or chronic condition, or those with limited mobility, are much more likely to have a fall. According to the UK Government: “around a third of people aged 65 and over, and around half of people aged 80 and over, fall at least once a year.

Falling can result in serious injuries such as hip fractures. This everyday risk can be prevented with the correct measures in place, making getting in and out of bed safer and more sustainable. Theraposture believes that prevention is better than cure. Managing risks and ensuring independence is vital for all concerned before a crisis point is reached.

Free assessments

Assessments can help to identify risks, needs and desired outcomes. They help clear the path towards a lasting solution.
Theraposture offer free assessments where one of our Trusted Assessors will visit your parents’ home or can arrange for a video assessment to understand their individual situation.

This is often done with the help of an Occupational Therapist, family member or caregiver. We have worked closely with Healthcare Professionals for over 40 years and our own in-house OT adds to our expertise and client-centred recommendations. Together we can recommend the most appropriate product for the best outcome possible.

Two proven safe solutions for getting into bed

Theracare Leg Lifter

The Theracare Leg Lifter is a simple yet highly effective powered device that gets legs into bed and is compatible with most bed types, including electrically adjustable.

With a user sitting on the side of their bed, it will lift their legs up and will place them onto the mattress. This is the only leg-lifting device that puts the legs onto the mattress. It is essential to recognise that the Theracare Leg Lifter will not get legs out of bed – if getting out of bed is also an issue for elderly relatives, then the Rotoflex should also be considered.

Rotoflex Rotating Bed

Our range of Rotating Beds is the largest in the UK. The Rotoflex is the original proven, and patented rotating bed which is a complete solution to getting in and out of bed independently.

Woman on adjustable rotating bed

This amazing product is a specialist power-assisted solution which moves and rotates a user from an upright seated position with their feet on the floor to a lying position in the middle of the bed. It also moves the user from being in bed to the seated position which will help them stand in a safe and controlled way – this is a complete solution to bed transfers.

The electrically powered Rotoflex is an adjustable bed which can be made in a variety of configurations and styles, either as a bed for one person or it can be integrated into a Double Combination Bed for couples to share.

If your parents want to continue sleeping together despite varying mobility challenges and needs, then a Double Combination Bed is the ideal choice. Consisting of two separate sleeping platforms and mattresses, one side can be a Rotoflex whilst the other side can have profiling only. Add to this our tailor-made range of sizes and user weight capabilities, plus specialist pressure-relieving mattresses, so your parents can enjoy a better night’s sleep and reassurance throughout the day.

Independence now and in the future

Peace of mind is priceless for everyone. If your elderly relatives can get in and out of bed safely and independently, the whole family can rest assured in the knowledge that the risk of falls has been significantly reduced.

When you consider the alternatives, such as expensive carers coming to visit at inconvenient times, or family members being on hand all of the time, choosing a Theraposture Leg Lifter or Rotoflex Bed becomes a considered prudent choice.

The Rotoflex pays for itself very quickly

In the case of the Rotoflex, it can not only provide protection against future injury but also pay for itself typically in 14 weeks so financially it makes a great deal of sense too. The Rotoflex can typically save around £27,000* per year in care costs, based on two carers, twice a day to assist bed transfers.

Bearing in mind the current cost of living crisis, this evidence further justifies why the Rotoflex is such a considered investment.

Act now to avoid risk

We hope this latest advice blog has been helpful however remember, if your elderly parents or relatives are already finding access to their bed difficult, don’t delay, talk to one of our Trusted Assessors ASAP before a difficult situation takes a turn for the worst. Our friendly and compassionate team are standing by to help on: 0800 834654 or contact us.