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Covid-safe adjustable bed and
cot services

In this short video, Liam and Tom explain how Theraposture is keeping its adjustable bed, chair and care cot customers safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Rotoflex Range

Why it is essential to choose a rotating bed with vertical lift in the seated position

New unique Rotoflex Mk2 features

Why these enhance safety & comfort compared to alternative beds.

Who can benefit from getting in and out of bed independently with a Rotoflex?

Introducing the NEW unique and award-winning Rotoflex 235 Plus Bed

Introducing the NEW Rotoflex 200 Mk 2 Bed

Liam Braddell introduces the key features and benefits of the latest Rotoflex 200 Mk 2 Bed.

Why the Theraposture Rotoflex is different to all other rotating beds

Liam and Shaun explain why unique and patented Rotoflex beds are the considered choice for safe bed transfers.

Benefits of the Rotoflex

Avoid expensive care costs & live at home independently

A real solution to getting into and out of bed.

The Rotoflex is the proven, trusted solution

Ideal for neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and MS.

The Rotoflex range – the widest choice in rotational beds

The ultimate sleeping solution also helps you stand up.

Rising heel section

How to manage bedding when getting in and out of a Rotoflex rotation bed.

Unique optional rising heel section

Electrically operated rising heel section is now an option on all Rotoflex rotating beds.

how to manage bedding with the Rotoflex rotational bed

Demonstration of the electrically operated rising heel section.

Rotoflex MS case study

Choosing a Rotoflex bed that suits your home

Continue to share a bed with your partner

Why Sarah trusts her Rotoflex bed

Getting up/going to bed independently

Transferring easily from bed to wheelchair

Rotoflex – Help with Parkinson’s

To read more about our Partnership with the Parkinson’s UK charity click here

Getting into bed safely

Getting out of bed safely

Giving independence at home

Successfully managing your bedding

Key benefits

The purchasing process

Home and Away bed

Theraposture ‘Home and Away’ bed for disabled children

Home and Away bed

DIY SOS Bed Donation

Case study

Chair Bed – for individuals who can not sleep in a bed

Chair Bed

In this video Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist, demonstrates the Chair Bed from Theraposture.

More about the Chair Bed

Care Cots & Safe-T bed

Why our adjustable cot beds are the considered choice for healthcare professionals

In this video for healthcare professionals, Liam Braddell and Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist, explain why Theraposture is the considered choice for adjustable care cots and beds for children and adults. Topics include unbeatable pricing, assessments, CPD and Newlife emergency equipment loans.

Hannah adjustable cot

For more active/larger children

View Hannah Cots

Low access Olaf adjustable cot

For active/larger disabled children

View Olaf Cots

New! Mascot Mk2

Why the Theraposture Mascot Care Cot is the ONLY fully modular, future-proof sleeping solution

More about the Mascot Mk2

Timmy Easy Lift Video

Watch how easy it is to adjust the high sides of the Timmy cot.

The Timmy range of cots is ideal for children with serious and severe illnesses and disabilities who cannot sit up on their own.

Find out more about the Timmy cots

Leg lifter

Theracare Leg Lifter

Getting your legs into bed with Shaun Masters, OT

More about the Leg Lifter

The Leg Lifter at Naidex National 2013

Liam Braddell demonstrates the benefits and operation of a Leg Lifting system.

Leg lifting mechanisms are designed to enable users to safely and easily get legs into and out of bed.

Adjustable Chairs

The 2 way tilt in space chair

The 2-way Tilt-in-space chair retains the same angle in a reclined position.

This is ideal for people with back or hip problems. It also reduces fluid retention in legs.

Find out more about our chair range

Choosing a reclining chair

Fabric colour and style are important choices in selecting your perfect reclining chair. But as Liam Braddell explains choosing the right electrical mechanism for your needs is just as important.

For healthcare professionals

Theraposture CPD education for healthcare professionals – adjustable beds, chairs and cots

In this video, Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist, explains the Continued Professional Development educational programme from Theraposture for Healthcare Professionals.

More about CPD programme

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