How an assistive bed can make living with a stroke easier

Stroke can cause a range of problems including difficulties with movement and balance so access in and out of bed can be unsafe or sometimes impossible. 

Many people are left with muscle weakness or paralysis after a Stroke, commonly on one side, which may result in discomfort.

Other symptoms may include excessive tiredness, impaired vision and an inability to think clearly regarding problem solving. This condition regularly requires a long period of rehabilitation and with the assistance of a Theraposture adjustable bed, Stroke survivors can achieve greater independence and recover in the comfort of their own home.

All Strokes are different with some people experiencing minor issues after the event whereas others may have serious long-term problems. Theraposture can provide the appropriate power assisted bed that eliminates expensive carer costs or relocation into residential care. Most movement problems with this condition are caused by weakness in the muscles and can affect limbs or the whole side of the body. In some cases people have no movement at all in parts of their body so greater assistance is required when accessing a bed or readjusting their position when lying down. A single or dual adjustable bed will enable people living with Stroke to move independently in bed without the need for relative or carer intervention.

Theraposture electrically operated mechanisms raise and lower bed foot and head ends independently so user have an infinite choice of sleeping positions. They can move themselves without help and if adjustability is incorporated into one side of a Theraposture dual bed, adjustment is possible without affecting their partner on the other mattress. Spasticity is common which involves the tightening and stiffening of muscles – making movement of legs and arms difficult. Therefore a Theraposture bed, that offers powered movement and a range of accessories to help manual adjustment, will deliver a more positive experience at home.

The importance of undisturbed sleep is critical to health and wellbeing. Everyone spends around a third of his or her lives in bed so owning one that provides comfort and support is important. Without an appropriate adjustable bed, sleep can be irregular and disturbed – resulting in individuals being tired and having less energy during the day. A profiling or variable height adjustable bed provides personalised positioning so comfort is maximised and hence extended periods of sleep can be achieved.

Stroke can cause co-ordination problems along with the sensation of feeling dizzy and unsteady. Balance difficulties can be exacerbated when standing up and could lead to a potential fall. This is where an electrically operated bed such as the Rotoflex can enhance the safety of a person living with Stroke.