Spinal injury and how Theraposture products can make your life easier

Damage to the spinal cord results in a reduction or loss of movement and sensation below the level of the injury.

Theraposture motorised beds can make life easier and provide greater independence following a spinal injury.

This can be caused by trauma from an accident or as a result of infection or disease. Each type can either be ‘complete’ or ‘incomplete’ ie. the latter affecting both sides of the body. Being able to get in and out bed with limited or no leg or arm movement is a problem that can be resolved with an electrically adjustable bed from Theraposture.

If a person experiences an injury to their back they are referred to as Paraplegic ie. having reduced movement and sensation in their legs and sometimes stomach muscles.

People with higher injuries in their neck are known as having Tetraplegia – this affects movement and sensation in all four limbs, as well as some stomach and chest muscles.

Whichever condition a person may have, a Theraposture profiling or height adjustable bed will aid with sleeping, positional adjustment and access in and out of bed. The whisper-quiet powered mechanisms within either single or ‘dual’ double combination beds will raise and lower the head and foot end of a mattress. This provides assistance for users so they can move into a variety of positions so that pressure is managed and circulation is improved.

The Low Access Rotoflex® bed offers height variations that help healthcare professionals and relatives care for their patients.

Height adjustment means that carers can complete user transfers from hoists or wheelchairs at a safe working height.

This is critical for relatives and healthcare professionals so they can care for people with spinal injuries without the risk of back or muscle strain from excessive bending and lifting. The original and leading rotational bed from Theraposture, the Rotoflex, offers the greatest independence for people with limited mobility.

Low rotating rotoflex bed with white mattress

The Low Access Rotoflex®

This turning bed system can be either incorporated into a Theraposture single electric bed or as part of a double adjustable bed (known as a ‘dual combination’). It provides powered rotational and profiling movement for a user so they can achieve an upright seated position from lying down and vice versa. This smooth and safe movement is controlled via a simple hand controller so that reassurance and stability is provided at all times during the transition.

The Rotoflex, as with all Theraposture beds, effortlessly blends into a domestic setting through a choice of contemporary and quality finishes and fabrics. These non-medical looking beds are available with upholstered or real oak surrounds so independence with a spinal injury is possible at home without intrusive adaptations being present.