Acquired Brain Injury and how Theraposture assistive beds can make your life easier

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) can affect people in a variety of ways and in varying levels of severity.

Disabilities can also vary in terms of time and complexity with appropriate rehabilitation being key to improving independence and quality of life.

Using suitable assistive equipment at home will enhance day-to-day living as mobility is commonly restricted with a brain injury.

A Theraposture profiling, variable height, or profiling and variable height bed will aid independence, mobility and comfort. With improved sleeping and longer periods of undisturbed rest, the challenges of living with symptoms such as Neuropathic pain may be easier.

Theraposture adjustable beds are tailor-made to assist with individual needs. They include reliable and sturdy mechanisms that can independently raise and lower the foot and head ends of a mattress. Being able to incline the head end can help people sit up without straining especially if they experience Spasticity. Spasticity is a term to describe muscle spasms that cause stiffness and weakness resulting in limited movement.

Pain and discomfort commonly affects one side of the body more than the other dependent on the area of the brain this has been injured.  A Theraposture bed can include variable height functionality so a sit-to-stand transfer is safer for people with weakness in their arms or legs.

With more severe brain injuries, total paralysis can occur where individuals have no movement of arms or legs, either on one side or both. These individuals need greater assistance with movement in and out of bed either by use of a Rotoflex if they are semi-ambulant, or a hoist if non-ambulant. The original and trusted Rotoflex turning bed system from Theraposture provides a powered rotational solution that moves a user from a lying to a seated position. This allows people with some postural ability to move out of bed in a controlled and safe manner so that excess straining can be avoided. The Rotoflex’s ergonomic controls are easy to use so people with Ataxia, a common co-ordination problem following a brain injury, can operate it confidently.

Theracare Orthopaedic Mattress

Orthopaedic mattress promotes better posture for people with sensory impairment.

A supportive Theraposture bed that includes an orthopaedic mattress will encourage better posture.

This is important for people with brain injuries as sensory impairment may result in a reduced ability to sense where limbs are positioned.

Good posture is essential to avoid skeletal issues such as Kyphosis and Scoliosis ie. curvature of the spine. With the ability to achieve a fully supported position, a person’s body can rest in comfort for extended periods of time – essential to reduce the effect of excessive fatigue also common with brain injury.