Enjoy more independence at home when living with a disability

A brief guide to the suitability of Theraposture adjustable beds

Theraposture bespoke adjustable beds offer greater independence, dignity and care for people living with a variety of medical conditions. These can include neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s along with many other disorders such as Stroke, Osteoarthritis and injuries to the brain or spine.

The electrically operated beds available from Theraposture ensure getting in and out of bed is easier and safer for people with restricted mobility. They provide sleeping surfaces that can be adjusted into a variety of positions by powered mechanisms. Positions can include independent incline/recline of the head and foot ends of the mattress along with variable height of the whole sleeping platform if preferred.

This allows individuals and couples to achieve the perfect personalised sleeping position at night so greater comfort and rest is achievable. Adjustable electric beds from Theraposture allow owners to live at home for longer without expensive carers or the need to relocate into a care home.