Jerusalem’s Fortuna regains independence and rehabilitation possibilities with Rotoflex rotating bed.

Name: Fortuna Krispine
Client challenges:
Restricted mobility and stroke
Solution: Rotoflex 235 bed
Export country: Israel

Fortuna Krispine on a rotoflex bed

Fortuna Krispine, aged 70 from Jerusalem, is enjoying all the benefits of getting in and out of bed independently, following two strokes and fracture complications, thanks to a Rotoflex from Theraposture.

Theraposture is a family-run business that has supplied specialist adjustable beds, chairs and care cots since 1981. Theraposture exports across the world to help people who are struggling with personal mobility and independence.

One of its leading products, the award-winning Rotoflex bed, is a proven and trusted solution that improves the lives of people who have lost their ability to access a standard bed. Fortuna, who lives in the city centre district of Nachlaot, is one such individual who desperately needed a Rotoflex – she had become totally reliant on her son and carer for manual lifting. Fortuna had experienced two femur fractures over a period of a few years which resulted in compromised mobility, exacerbated

by two subsequent strokes. Getting in and out of bed had become ‘quite a drama’ as Lior, Fortuna’s son says – this all changed when they discovered the Rotoflex from Theraposture.

Theraposture provides the largest range of rotating beds in the world. Its original and patented Rotoflex is available as a bed for one person or part of a double combination for couples to share. Refined over 20 years, the Rotoflex provides powered profiling, rotation and height adjustment so users can achieve safe movement from a recumbent to standing position at the side of the bed. Vertical lift functionality in the seated position assists individuals, such as Fortuna, to achieve a safe standing or wheelchair transfer.

Unlike inferior copies of the Rotoflex which tend to tip users forward and off the bed, the Theraposture solution provides a flat seated surface that rises – reducing the risk of falls for those with balance and strength inconsistencies.

Lior discovered the Rotoflex through a Facebook video and was instantly amazed by its capabilities – resulting in him contacting Theraposture for further information. Claire Collins, a Theraposture Equipment and Export specialist, completed a thorough assessment of Fortuna’s needs and a Rotoflex 235 was recommended for increased independence and safety.