Theraposture’s award-winning Rotoflex bed delivers vital support to Florida’s Ms. Winnie during pandemic.

Ms. Winnie Ellis, along with her carers, are benefiting from easier bed transfers, reduced stress and improved safety thanks to an exported Theraposture Rotoflex bed.

Name: Ms. Winnie Ellis
Client challenges:
Parkinson’s, MS and Scoliosis
Solution: Rotoflex 235 bed
Export country: Florida, USA

Winnie Ellis in a Rotoflex 235

Ms. Winnie Ellis in her Rotoflex 235

Proud to be 81, Ms. Winnie has MS, Parkinson’s and Scoliosis and requires care 24/7. She has lived in Florida since 1978 and is a retired beautician.

Along with her two sons, Ms. Winnie had sought a solution for getting in and out of bed without challenges for a few years. Her independence and mobility had become significantly more limited in the last few years, resulting in the need for extra help from caregivers. Ms. Winnie’s dignity was becoming compromised with all the manual handling and her carers were struggling with back and muscle strains.

It was imperative that she was kept mobile for many health and well-being reasons. However, they couldn’t find a product within the United States that provided the support needed.

Following research online Ms. Winnie’s son discovered the Rotoflex rotational bed supplied by Theraposture in the UK. As Theraposture exports adjustable beds, chairs and care cots all over the world, contact was made with this specialist so a clinical assessment of Ms. Winnie’s needs could be completed. Claire Collins, the Theraposture Export Specialist and Shaun Masters, the Theraposture Occupational Therapist, deemed that a Rotoflex 235 rotational bed was the ideal solution to assist Ms Winnie and her caregivers.

On the approval of Ms. Winnie, an international order was placed for a Rotoflex bed to be shipped to the US.