Complete price transparency

We openly tell you the price of a product before any home visit.

We employ Trusted
Assessors, not

we show prices on our website

We show prices on our website and are always happy to give you them on the phone.

Our customers often tell us there aren’t any prices on some competitor’s websites and that getting a price online or over the phone is impossible.
Beware: This secrecy may be intentional!

Theraposture are open, clear and transparent about the price of a product. If another company won’t give prices upfront then how can you trust them?

Price secrecy is a tactic. Some companies will not display prices on their website or in their brochures and often won’t disclose them over the phone so that you are enticed into booking a home visit from one of their “salesmen” as that is the best chance to sell at the prices they want to.

1000 of combinations

Some of our adjustable beds and chairs are truly bespoke and can be customised with a choice of:

  • Any size or combination of sizes
  • A choice of designs, styles and finishes
  • A choice of functions or combination of functions
  • A comprehensive range of mattresses

wood swatches

You may be told that because there are so many options to choose from, you must have a home visit as it simply isn’t possible to give accurate pricing or guide pricing up front – that’s absolute nonsense in our opinion!


Beware: Return policies that exclude bespoke items!

Beware: Price secrecy!

Beware: Companies that do not belong to the BHTA and therefore are not abiding to their Trading Standards Institute approved Code of Conduct!

Beware: High pressure sales tactics!

Beware: Artificially inflated prices to create the opportunity for a planned discount to be given to secure an order. This is called ‘price conditioning’ and unfortunately it is rife within the “direct sales” Adjustable Bed and Chair market – we believe that this is a shameful process!

Be safe

Be safe and assured by dealing with an ethically driven company like Theraposture.

If you know the price, or guide price of your Bed or Chair up front, you will also know that any visit is then focussed on clinically assessing your needs rather than just selling you a product.

Theraposture Trusted Assessors and our in house Occupational Therapist are here waiting to help you.

We don’t think it would be right or even justifiable if we visited your home without giving accurate information and prices beforehand.

Theraposture are a name to trust.

Woman on adjustable bed with assesor taking notes

Occupational Therapy Show - Product Award

Or freephone us now for upfront prices: 0800 834654