Similar to the Hannah, the Olaf from Theraposture is a quality, tailor-made care cot perfect for larger and more active users.

Suitable for restless children with excessive motor activity, children who can sit up by themselves and need nursing or therapy in bed.

Suitable for children, who despite illness and disability have motor skills to get in and out of bed independently.

However, Olafs can be made for smaller users if required and all sizes offer the choice of either low or very low access. This can help carers with floor level transfers and powered variable height means excessive bending and lifting can be avoided.

Olaf is a safe solution that can include profiling platforms so users benefit from inclined positions at night. Well suited to our range of vibrant and fun padding, the Olaf can include double skinned soft windows so users have visual access and do not feel enclosed.

From £6105


  • Very low access level and perfect nursing height
  • Can be exactly positioned at seating or wheelchair height
  • Special door fitting which prevents the doors from being opened from the inside
  • Individually equipped with sturdy sleeping platforms which can be adjusted manually or electrically
  • Sweat and saliva-resistant wood treatment according to DIN 71-3 Safety of toys
  • Can be used as a playpen during the day
  • Plexiglas panels allow constant eye contact
  • The sleeping platform can be continuously adjusted

Patient-specific bespoke models can be made


  • Weight capacity of 150 kg, a parent or therapist can also join the child in the bed.
  • Door height of 98 cm and 135 cm prevents the children from climbing out of the bed unattended.
  • Extra-large height adjustment from 35 cm to 103 cm (upper edge of mattress) allows an ergonomic posture:
    • Gentle on the back during child care
    • Child can independently crawl in an out of bed.
  • Four bed sizes:
    • 140/70 cm
    • 170/90 cm
    • 200/90 cm
    • 200/100 cm
  • Large height adjustment to 68 cm