Rotating Bed – Outright purchase option

New Orbit 235 £10,950

3-year warranty with guaranteed buy-back

Pay £9855

3-year warranty without guaranteed buy-back

You can choose the option that suits you and your circumstances.

Orbit bed rotation and height

Refurbished Rotoflex 235 Mk2 or Rotoflex 200 Mk2 £7950

1 year warranty without guaranteed buy-back

or –

Refurbished Rotoflex Mk1 £6950

1 year warranty without guaranteed buy-back

How it works

Step 1 – Call us to discuss your needs.

Step 2 – Receive a clear itemised quote.

Step 3 – Try the bed at home (3 choices):

  • Visit from Trusted Assessor with their assessment bed, access permitting.
  • Factory Assisted Assessment – for when access is more difficult. No deposit needed.
  • Combined Delivery and Assessment – the quickest way to try and take delivery with (no delivery charged). Fully refundable deposit needed.

Step 4 – Order your bed with a £1500 Deposit.

Step 5 – Take delivery of your bed and rent it for 2 weeks (already paid within your £1500) and then decide if you want to purchase it.

Step 6 – Each bed comes with a battery backup, a new mattress, 2 new fitted sheets with sewn in pillowcases, and a wipeable mattress cover.

Call us to discuss your requirement and to get prices:

Freephone: 0800 834654

Call us now

Package benefits

  • FREE assessment and demonstration with Assessor, delivered by factory technicians.
  • Delivery and installation by factory experts.
  • Initial payment fully refunded if a CDA is unsuccessful.
  • Initial 2-week rental to establish suitability. If returned in first 2-weeks, a £1500 retention is made (new and refurbished beds).
  • Warranty covers all parts and labour.
  • Each bed comes with a battery backup, new mattress and mattress cover.
  • Options for existing bed to be taken away and either disposed of,
    or stored for 2 weeks, or moved within the property.

Contact us now for further details:

Freephone: 0800 834654

Refurbished Rotoflex Bed – purchase with 14-day initial rental

Prices from £5950 to £7950,
dependent on age

The process is the same as above except that we do not buy back beds that were purchased as refurbished.

However, we will give £250 to either you or a charity of your choice if we collect your refurbished bed (complete and in full working order). The collection and any disposal costs are free of charge.

Refurbished bed sales are subject to availability.

Rotoflex bed flat position

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