Occupational Therapists to discover new Theraposture rapid delivery cot packages and more at Kidz South

Trusted Assessors from Theraposture, the specialist in Adjustable Care Cots and Beds for disabled children and adults, will be showcasing their new rapid delivery cot packages and free bed moves at Kidz to Adultz South.

Kidz to Adultz South, Tuesday 17th May 2022, 9.30am – 4.30pm, Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre, Farnborough. GU14 6FD.
Free entry and parking. Stand F1.

Nick Lythe - Theraposture Trusted Assessor

Nick Lythe, Theraposture Trusted Assessor, will be at Kidz to Adultz South, ready to answer all your adjustable cot and bed queries.

The forthcoming Kidz exhibition will provide the latest showcase of what’s new in assistive equipment and services. Theraposture is one of the most established exhibitors and always delivers a show highlight for visiting families and healthcare professionals. Once again, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss care cot and adjustable bed needs, on a one-to-one basis, with experienced product specialists and the Theraposture in-house Occupational Therapist, Shaun Masters. Selected products will be on display for live testing including the unique, fully modular Mascot Mk2 cot which represents the most flexible, future-proofed and cost-effective solution on the market.

Alongside product demonstrations and an endless supply of quality chocolates, the Theraposture team will be offering information on the many market-leading services they offer. These will include:

In stock padded cot packages for rapid delivery

In contrast to many manufacturers who are struggling to supply products in a timely fashion, Theraposture can now provide a choice of two Mascot Cot Bed Packages, delivered, and installed within two weeks of ordering. There is a choice of two Mascot Beds, each supplied with a mattress and full height padding with soft clear windows. As always, these Theraposture products come with 3-year fully inclusive warranties and a 14-day Suitability Guarantee period. In terms of compliance, all Mascots meet the requirements of DIN EN 60601-2-52 and DIN BS EN 50637:2017.

Unlimited care cot and bed moves

Theraposture is committed to making sure Local Authorities, Equipment Services and the NHS make the best use of their precious budgets to help as many service users and patients as possible. New for 2022, Theraposture has introduced unlimited, free of charge bed moves for Cot Beds and Rotoflex Beds for the duration of their warranty period. Should these specialist beds need to be moved to and from equipment users’ homes and stores, there will be no cost. This service represents a unique proposition in the marketplace and reflects Theraposture’s ethos for always providing unbeatable long-term value.