How a Rotating Care Bed from Theraposture can save you money whilst giving independence at home

Orbit 235 rotating bed

When independent bed transfers become difficult

When independent bed transfers become difficult, or even impossible, it is often the case that loved ones must manually lift your legs in and out of bed, every morning and every night. This is not a sustainable solution as it presents risks to you and to the person helping you.

At this stage, many people resort to sleeping in a chair. That is a slippery slope and again, is not sustainable. Alternatively, assistance can be organised with the help of carers, who will visit in the morning to get you out of bed and again later in the day to get you into bed. Often the time for this is set and is not flexible. If you need to get out of bed when the carers are not there, you are then back to square one.

Carers cost money. They can be a great help to many but that help must be paid for. Typically, the cost each year for assistance from 2 carers with bed transfers can be £27,000. That is each year, as the cost is ongoing. So, in 5 years, the cost is potentially £135,000.

Getting legs into bed is a problem for many people. Often the solutions are unaffordable or are not complete – the rotating bed offers an affordable and complete solution. At the touch of one button, the Rotoflex bed will move you from an upright seated to a lying position and vice versa. You will potentially be able to get in and out of bed, without assistance and on your own terms.

The Rotoflex – the complete and proven solution to independence

Woman getting out of a Rotoflex bed

A rotating bed from Theraposture is a specialist, electrically powered adjustable bed with a rotating mattress and platform. It will lift a user’s legs in and out of bed, rotating to and from a seated position and a lying position. It can be used as a single-occupant bed or can be part of a dual-occupant “combination” bed, ideal for partners to share.

Getting off the bed is also helped by the Rotoflex. The whole bed can be lifted vertically, without tipping you forward, so that a safe and independent sit-to-stand transfer can be achieved. The Rotoflex will intentionally NOT tip you forward as it stands you up so that your nose is always behind your toes.

A solution that pays for itself

The NHS may cover the cost of a basic care package for six weeks, following a hospital discharge for example, however after that carers need to be paid for and that is an ongoing cost that will continue for as long as you need help.

A rotating bed from Theraposture could eliminate the need for carers and in the long run, save you a significant amount of money. New or refurbished beds can be either purchased or rented. There are different models within the range catering to different heights and weights of users.

So, let’s look at how that works out:

Example 1: Purchase of a New Rotoflex 235MK2, (from £9855)

  • The bed will be paid for in just 19 weeks if both carers are replaced.
  • The bed will be paid for in 38 weeks if two carers are reduced to one.

Example 2: Purchase of a Refurbished Rotoflex 235MK1, (from £6950)

  • The bed will be paid for in just 13 weeks if both carers are replaced.
  • The bed will be paid for in 26 weeks if two carers are reduced to one.

After the time that the bed is paid for, the savings continue. As there is no ongoing cost of care to cover. You could effectively save £520 every week for as long as you use the bed instead of carers.

It’s not all about cost savings

The Rotoflex will save you money if it is used to replace the ongoing cost of carers. However, it gives much more, such as the ability to control your own independence – that is priceless!

Future proof

There are many other financial benefits that we can talk about here in relation to choosing a rotating bed however they are for a future article. From owners who can still work, such as Sarah Burton Taylor with MS, to those with Parkinson’s who have benefited from our charity partnerships, there are countless reasons why we can help you save money.

As we all know, you can’t put a price on independence and safety. Call the market leaders, Theraposture to see how a Rotating Bed can help you and save you a great deal of money. We can organise a free home assessment, demonstration, and an opportunity to try this amazing solution for yourself.