A portable, flexible bed system to help children and young adults who need a well-padded safe and comfortable space to sleep when at home and away from home.

The bespoke Home and Away bed has been developed for young people who need safe surroundings at home or when away from home. This portable padded environment provides uncompromised care for users and peace of mind for parents.

  • Handcrafted in a range of sizes and colours
  • Safe, strong and durable
  • No gaps and lots of padding
  • Quick to assemble
  • Fits in most standard sized cars
  • Optional profiling and variable height

14 Day Suitability Guarantee | Warranty

A safe and secure mobile padded space

Easy transportability

The clever Home and Away design allows fast assembly and dis-assembly using strong zip and Velcro fastenings – it can be used on holiday or at home when a safe secure padding space is needed.

Each separate section is lightweight so lifting and carrying is strain free with all parts fitting in most standard cars.

Travel cot door safety latch
Door safety bracing bar

Fast to assemble

velcro fasteners for child's bed
Strong yet quick-to-adjust velcro

A single parent or carer is able to assemble the cot and once constructed, it provides a strong and sturdy space.

The heavy-duty fixings, which include a front and back robust door brace, ensure children can be kept safe and secure.

The Home and Away bed can be custom made in a variety of widths, depths and heights so that a vast range of users can be accommodated.

Adjustable sleeping surface

Heavy duty zip

Heavy duty zips

If users and those helping them require powered assistance, then a mechanism providing height adjustment and profiling can be added under the mattress.

This provides personalised positioning for users when sleeping and safe working heights for carers and parents – reducing the risk of back injury.

Maximum safety and comfort

The safety padding can be handmade in any choice of colour or with engaging patterns for users to enjoy whilst relaxing in their own space.

The Home and Away is a welcoming space with plenty of visibility inside and out so users and families have visual reassurance and access at all times. This is provided by large, soft-touch windows which can be positioned in a variety of positions.

As with all Theraposture products, the Home and Away bed is available with a range of specialist mattresses for varying needs.

These include solutions for pressure management and they all have wipe down easy-to-clean surfaces.

Cot stabilising block
Corner stabilising blocks

Teddy behind large cot window
Large soft and safe windows

Video – Home and Away Bed