Covid-19 / Coronavirus Safe Services – Our Commitment to You

To all of our customers,

The well-being of our customers; ​​our associates and our staff is our absolute priority, and you can be absolutely assured that we have taken all of the necessary precautions to achieve this. We absolutely understand and acknowledge that all of our clients are highly vulnerable and Covid is a serious risk to them. Our processes are applied to all clients without exception. These have been in place ​​since the beginning of the pandemic.

The company’s COVID-19 Policy G127 is still in operation. This policy is constantly under review.

washing hands in sink

Our staff wash their hands before and after every customer contact.

Assessments are available either at a client’s home or by personal live video consultation with our in-house OT, using easily accessible technology such as Star-Leaf, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Zoom, or any other platform you are familiar with.
We can arrange for video group consultations involving several persons, so that family members and healthcare professionals can all be involved. Often this will include the use of equipment that will be set up and operated as part of the consultation. Please call 0800 834654 to book an appointment or use our online booking app.

The equipment that we provide is vital in ensuring that our customers can remain independent at home and can avoid residential care settings. For example, by using the Rotoflex Bed it is likely that less external help will be needed to help with bed transfers and therefore the risks of spreading the Covid virus are massively reduced. Before any customer facing contact, we will discuss any requirements that you may have in addition to our standard procedures.

These are our standard PPE options available to keep you and our employees safe – we carry these items on our vehicles at all times. This is managed by our Covid -19 Drivers PPE Guidance G128, which is currently in operation:

  • Protective Face Mask, compliant with current Government guidance.
  • Latex or Nitrate protective gloves (dependent on client preferences).
  • Protective overalls for clothing.
  • Protective covers for shoes.
  • Face visors.
  • Dettol wipes to wipe down all surfaces that we have been in contact with.
  • Alcohol-based hand gels are used between each customer contact.

Our staff perform Lateral Flow Tests each week.

Additionally, our staff will wash their hands before and after every customer contact.

When we arrange to visit your home for an assessment or for a delivery/service call, we will ask you detailed questions when booking the appointment to establish if there is any risk to you or to us. When we arrive at your home we will make an informed judgement to establish if it is safe to enter the property. We will also agree with the client on what level of PPE is required.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us or call Freephone: 0800 834654.

As suppliers of medical devices and assistive technology, we are providing a vital and essential service and will be able to continue to operate safely. We are recognised as an essential supplier and have the backing of the NHS and the BHTA and the major charities that we work with.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and loyalty.
The Theraposture Team

Stay safe, stay well and stay independent!

Updated 26th April 2023