Demand increases for Theraposture client video assessments and Occupational Therapist CPD webinars

Theraposture, the assistive bed, chair, and care cot specialist, is continuing to host an increasing number of very popular CPD webinars as more Occupational Therapists (OTs) discover the value of attending these free educational sessions. The word is spreading, and participation is in high demand.

Theraposture’s education programme for professionals is led by Shaun Masters, OT. Shaun qualified as an OT in 2011 and has delivered community-based re-enablement in the public sector. He is a moving and handling expert, in both adult and paediatric sectors, joining Theraposture in 2018 as a resident Occupational Therapist and equipment specialist.

woman looking at laptop

Personal web seminar using a laptop at home.

Shaun provides two vital online services: live video assessments that assist OTs with finding solutions for their clients and CPD webinars for healthcare professionals.

Video Assessment Service

This is personalised to the needs of each end-user so possible tailored solutions can be recommended. Before a video assessment, a detailed discussion with a client’s therapist is completed so appropriate equipment is to hand and can be demonstrated during an online session.

This is often followed up with an opportunity for the client to try the recommended product in their own home. Many Occupational Therapists have now made a habit of using this video service as the first step towards equipment provision as it is very efficient, effective and Covid safe.

Live CPD Webinars

Theraposture can organise video education for groups of any size or for individuals. Webinars can cover a variety of topics such as solutions for achieving safe bed transfers.

Shaun can demonstrate equipment tailored to specific interests and encourages two-way discussion to ensure better understanding and client outcomes. Shaun’s educational webinars count to CPD hours, are FREE and each attendee receives a CPD certificate for their portfolio.

Currently the most popular webinars are:

1. Getting legs into bed

Shaun discusses possible solutions to this problem and how appropriate equipment can improve occupational performance. Not being able to access a bed independently is a huge issue in the community for people with restricted mobility. This CPD webinar offers education and advice to enhance everyday practice.

Getting legs into bed Seminar.

2. Becoming Confident in Cot Bed Prescription

The webinar explores the difficulties faced with prescribing paediatric sleeping solutions. It highlights the wider implications on health and day-to-day function whilst examining our nature to care, sleep hygiene and future-proofing.

Confidence in cot bed prescription.

One of Shaun’s latest cot webinars provided typical benefits for Occupational Therapists as he explains:

“Microsoft Teams was the preferred video platform for ten paediatric Adult Social Care Community Occupational Therapists, all working within Somerset, to attend my latest ‘Becoming Confident in Cot Bed Prescription’ webinar. They all invested an hour of their time which will contribute towards their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) portfolio. The seminar allowed a greater understanding of the type of client groups that are predominantly suited to each individual cot bed and how function, diagnosis and transfer abilities, strongly impact on why one specific cot bed is often more suited than another.”

“The session was run as an open forum, which allowed questions to be asked for the duration, as often OTs may have a client in mind when they see a product and questions regarding this can be answered straight away. The session received positive feedback and one attendee got in contact straight afterwards to arrange an assessment for one of her clients.”

From a spacious equipment demonstration room, Theraposture also facilitates the ‘Getting legs into bed’ CPD webinar. Shaun demonstrates how various products, such as the Rotoflex turning bed and leg lifter, along with moving and handling techniques, can ensure safer bed transfers for clients and carers.

Single and no-handed care outcomes are possible leading to client independence, reduced risk of falls and improved health and well-being.

Healthcare professionals from adult services regard this webinar equally as valuable as Liz Hall, Occupational Therapist says:

“In terms of the equipment demonstration via video call it was informative, explanations and demonstrations were clear and concise and Shaun’s ability to anticipate and answer questions was incredibly helpful. Being able to do this in real time via video was effective and great in terms of time management. It was an experience that I would like to replicate again in the future to save time as a therapist exploring and investigating suitable equipment for clients.”