Theraposture delivers latest Rotoflex bed workshop to leading case management company

As a trusted specialist in adjustable beds, chairs and cots, Theraposture works closely with case management companies to provide the best solutions and outcomes for their clients. This involves education content for healthcare professionals such as a recent Rotoflex Bed workshop to healthcare professionals at Maggie Sargent & Associates.

Theraposture educational workshops provide the latest guidance regarding safe transfers in and out of bed. Provided by Theraposture’s Occupational Therapist and Trusted Assessors, these practical ‘hands-on’ sessions allow nurses, carers and OTs to understand how equipment, such as the award-winning Rotoflex turning bed, enhance quality of life for individuals with restricted mobility. Attendance counts towards compulsory CPD hours with receipt of an educational certificate and learning objectives summary. The latest Theraposture workshop at Maggie Sargent & Associates, expert witness and case management company, was presented by Shaun Masters OT and was well attended by staff responsible for the prescription of appropriate solutions for clients.

Maggie Sargent Associates

Shaun Masters, Theraposture Occupational Therapist (far left), delivers the latest successful Rotoflex bed workshop for healthcare professionals at Maggie Sargent & Associates.

Maggie Sargent & Associates delivers Expert Witness reports for claimant and defendant solicitors. It provides expert evidence on the additional costs of caring for clients with brain injury and disabilities for both personal injury and medical negligence claims. In 2017 Maggie Sargent & Associates were acknowledged for excellence in practice, receiving the prestigious award of ‘Medico-Legal Provider of the Year’. This high level of service is supported by ongoing staff training and education, therefore Shaun was invited to a demonstration day alongside other manufacturers.

Shaun presented techniques to achieve safe sit-to-stand transfers using the Rotoflex 235 Plus bed. This patented, award-winning rotational bed provides powered assistance, so users can move from a recumbent to a fully upright seated position with their feet on the floor. Once in a balanced seated position, the bed can be raised vertically to aid safer standing which reduces the need for carer intervention. The Rotoflex is the only turning bed in the world that includes a Powered Rising Heel Support for totally supported leg elevation which is essential for those with pressure and circulation issues. As a proven solution for clients with life-changing injuries or progressive neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis, the Rotoflex lowers or eliminates the cost of ongoing care and hence can pay for itself in a matter of a few months.

Shaun Masters OT comments:

“I would like to thank Maggie Sargent & Associates for the opportunity to demonstrate our award-winning Rotoflex to their healthcare professionals. It was a rewarding day for me, and feedback was very positive from all attendees – they clearly understood how our beds will provide multiple care and economic benefits to their clients. Our proven track record of working effectively with case management and expert witness companies was also highlighted with a view to always delivering the best outcome for their clients.”

To book an educational workshop telephone Theraposture on: 01373 823030 or use our contact form.

Occupational Therapist Shaun Masters to present ‘Getting legs into bed’ CPD seminars at OT Show

Shaun Masters, OTAt the OT Show, Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist and Trusted Assessor, will be presenting unmissable 15-minute CPD-accredited seminars on the Theraposture stand focused on proven solutions for safer independent bed transfers. (J40, NEC, Birmingham, 27 and 28 November 2019).

Shaun has extensive experience within community-based enablement in the public sector. He will be sharing his experience and knowledge at the NEC so OTs can gain invaluable advice and insight into proven assistive beds and cots for Adults and Paediatrics. Shaun seminars at the exhibition will include highlights from Theraposture’s new workshop training programme which is available across the UK.


‘Getting legs into bed’:

Enabling independent transfers for those unable to safely get into or out of bed.

‘Express’ seminars presented by Shaun Masters, OT. Theraposture stand, J40.
27 and 28 November, 10:00-10:15, 11:00-11:15, 12:00-12:15, 14:00-14:15, 15:00-15:15.

These presentations will highlight key considerations regarding a safe transfer into, out of and away from a bed. From a clinical point of view, Shaun will demonstrate why a Leg Lifter, variable
height/profiling bed and Rotoflex turning bed system can be appropriate for improved occupational performance in a variety of client scenarios. He will focus on achieving client enablement and independence along with reduced carer intervention and cost. The seminars will feature the new Rotoflex 235 Plus Mk2 rotational bed – its predecessor won the OT Show ‘Excellence in Caring‘ Award at last year’s event.

Shaun Masters OT leading educational class on adjustable beds
Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist and Theraposture Trusted Assessor, will be hosting the ‘Getting legs into bed’ educational product seminar at the OT Show.

Learning objectives/benefits of attendance:

  • Interactive demonstrations of Leg Lifter, Chair Bed and Rotoflex turning bed
  • See and try three proven solutions to the problem of getting in and out of bed
  • Understand potential care cost savings and reduced carer intervention
  • Understand why certain products are relevant to particular conditions
  • Appreciate the wellbeing benefits for couples of double combination beds with a Rotoflex
  • Discover why Theraposture manufactures bed frames and mechanisms in metal rather than wood
  • Understand key legislation for appropriate adjustable bed recommendation
  • Gather case studies for evidence of successful outcomes
  • Add to your required CPD hours

In addition to express seminars, Shaun and fellow Trusted Assessors will be available to provide information regarding Theraposture’s new Lunch & Learn educational workshops. These free-to-attend group sessions can be organised across the UK or at Theraposture’s headquarters in Wiltshire. They count to CPD hours and provide expert recommendations regarding assistive beds, moving and handling, and appropriate solutions for specific conditions.

Shaun Masters, OT, comments:

“I would like to welcome all fellow peers to my express seminars on the Theraposture stand at The OT Show. These sessions will provide an invaluable opportunity to explain the latest and effective, assisted sleeping solutions that meet the challenges of statutory and private budgets. We will also be able to discuss and share frontline experience and ideas with a view to enhancing client care and independence.”

Theraposture launches free ‘Getting legs into bed’ CPD workshops for Healthcare Professionals

Theraposture has introduced a new educational programme for OT professionals, delivered by their experienced team of Trusted Assessors.

FREE Lunch & Learn CPD workshops for healthcare professionals

‘Getting legs into bed’

FREE Lunch & Learn CPD workshops for healthcare professionals.
Hosted by your regional Theraposture Trusted Assessor.

Invaluable product demonstrations for Carers, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Moving & Handling Practitioners.

Getting legs into bed workshop

FREE Lunch & Learn CPD workshops for healthcare professionals

‘Getting legs into bed’

FREE Lunch & Learn CPD workshops for healthcare professionals – Hosted by Shaun Masters, OT and Trusted Assessor

OT Workshop July 2019


Theraposture OT to showcase future proofed approach to care cot provision at Kidz to Adultz Middle

Theraposture will be demonstrating its approach to future proofed sleeping solutions with the help of Shaun Masters, Trusted Assessor and Occupational Therapist, at Kidz to Adultz Middle.

Thursday 21st March 2019, 9.30am – 4.30pm, Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry CV6 6GE. Stand C4. Free entry and parking.


Man standing at cot bed exhibition stand

Theraposture stand at past Kidz to Adultz Middle events

In-house OT expertise

Theraposture has been a caring and ethical, family-run business since 1981. It provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of power-assisted care cots and beds for children with varying needs.

Through an assessment led approach and the in-house expertise of an OT, Theraposture delivers positive outcomes for families, therapists and carers. Its quality, durable and cost effective equipment ensures safety, dignity and comfort are maximised for clients whilst variable height minimises the risk of back and muscle strain for carers.

Theraposture is trusted by the charity Newlife to provide their Emergency Equipment Loan Service which can provide specialist care cots within 72 hours to children at risk of serious injury or with unstable life threatening/limiting conditions.

What’s on display at Kidz to Adultz Middle?

At Kidz to Adultz Middle, the popular assistive product and services exhibition provided by Disabled Living, Theraposture will be demonstrating its proven Mascot Mk2 cot and Theracare adjustable bed.

Mascot Mk2 cot

Salesmen stood around a cot with teddy bear

Theraposture Trusted Assessors with the Mascot Care Cot

The Mascot is the only, fully modular cot that can be adapted as a child’s needs change – hence negating the need to purchase a new product in the future.

This represents significant cost savings and ensures a space-appropriate design is provided throughout the lifetime of the child. The Mascot incorporates multiple future-proofed features in particular, it is the only fully modular care bed that will allow conversion from 4-door (1 side) opening to 8-door (opening both sides). This is essential if care needs progress and access is required to both sides of the cot.

The Mascot is available with variable height, mattress profiling and anti-/Trendelenburg functionality. If safety padding is required, Theraposture is renowned for handcrafting precision solutions so entrapment risks are eliminated – enhanced by the recent introduction of larger soft windows for greater visibility inside and out.

Shaun Masters, OT, will be on hand throughout Kidz Middle to discuss how therapists and families can make the considered choice of care cot. He will explain, from his experience, how the correct, future-proofed cot provides multiple benefits for the whole family. Shaun will be joined by fellow Theraposture Trusted Assessors and a representative from Newlife, the charity for disabled children – all ready to discuss individual requirements on a one-to-one basis.

Theracare bed range

Theracare low bed from Theraposture

Theracare low bed from Theraposture

Stand C4 will also include an example adjustable bed from the Theraposture Theracare range. Ideal for older children and young adults with less challenging or complex needs, this bed provides profiling and variable height along with an impressive range of specialist mattresses and accessories.

Educational seminars by Shaun Masters OT

Occupational Therapy Show.
Stand B41, NEC, 21-22 November.

Invaluable advice for assistive bed solutions

CPD accredited 15 Minute live seminars will be held throughout the two days including the New Rotoflex 235 Plus bed and Mascot Mk2 Cot. Professionals and Press welcome.

Shaun Masters, OT

Shaun Masters, OT and Trusted Assessor, will be delivering a series of engaging assistive bed-based educational presentations. 

Shaun has extensive experience within community-based re-enablement in the public sector.

He will be sharing his experience and knowledge in a series of  CPD accredited presentations so that OT’s can gain invaluable advice and insight into assistive bed solutions for Adults and Paediatrics.

The Rotoflex Turning Bed System and Mascot Care Cot will be demonstrated – highlighting how these unique products can lead to better client independence and well-being along with substantial care and equipment cost savings.

Seminar schedule

‘Legs into bed’ seminar

Enabling independent transfers for those unable to safely get into or out of bed.

This outline presentation will highlight the key considerations regarding a safe transfer into, out of and away from a Turning Bed System – featuring the new Rotoflex 235 Plus rotating bed.

Learning Points

  1. To have a clear understanding of the client groups that are suitable for specific rotating beds
  2. Understand the benefits of leg elevation in relation to pressure care management
  3. Gain specific knowledge that will support clinical reasoning when prescribing a rotating bed
  4. Increase confidence to ensure interventions meet the client’s long-term needs


‘Modular Cot Bed’ seminar

Future proofing specialist beds for children. Featuring the Mascot Mk2 care cot. 

This outline presentation will focus on:

  • Considerations when prescribing a sleeping solution to meet changing client needs
  • Features that enable easy cot reissuing and recycling


Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director:

Liam Braddell“Shaun is a valued member of our specialist team as he provides clinical understanding that enhances our service.

As a practicing OT, he can fully appreciate the challenges healthcare professionals face in terms of balancing quality equipment provision and cost to statutory services. His CPD accredited seminars at the OT Show will provide a free opportunity to understand how Theraposture products deliver the best of both worlds – providing outstanding quality, innovation and unsurpassed life time value.

I would encourage all visitors to attend our series of short, succinct seminars that will clearly explain key considerations for occupational improvement in the bedroom for both disabled children and adults.”

Event URL: The OT Show

Launch of Rotoflex 235 Plus at November OT Show

Occupational Therapy Show.
Stand B41, NEC, 21-22 November.

Unveiling the Rotoflex 235 Plus

Live seminars by Shaun Masters, OT

The latest addition to the Rotoflex range, at the Occupational Therapy Show. Professionals and Press are welcome.

  • Great value – includes the patented Powered Rising Heel Support as standard (optional on other Rotoflex).
  • This version is ideally suited to users weighing up to 31 stones.
  • Only available as a bed for one.

Rotoflex 235 rotating low access bed

Theraposture Rotoflex 235 Plus – Rotating bed


Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director explains:

liam-braddell“Our new Rotoflex 235 Plus rotating bed system has been developed to accommodate those who only need a 90cm wide bed for one person, in a standard wood veneer finish.

It is referred to as a “Plus” because it comes with a patented Powered Rising Heel Support and has a safe working load of up 235kg. Through highly considered design and ergonomics, this streamlined bed provides an appropriate solution for more users without complex adjustment and bespoke features.

It is the culmination of two decades of expertise and understanding that is focused on delivering user independence and significant care cost savings. As with all Rotoflex beds, the new Rotoflex 235 Plus can pay for itself in months when compared to the high cost of carer assistance – reducing budget pressures on statutory services and private purchasers.”

The Rotoflex Range

Often copied but never equaled, the patented Rotoflex from Theraposture is the market leading and trusted powered turning bed.

It moves a user from a recumbent to fully upright seated position. It is the only rotational bed range that is available with a Powered Rising Heel Support and includes a multitude of unique patented features through a detailed design refined over 20 years.

Save up to £27,500 on care costs

  • Proven to typically save up to £27,500 in annual care costs when two carers are reduced to none.
  • Will pay for itself after 4 months and then saves money thereafter.

The Rotoflex can reduce assistance from others thus allowing users to get into and out of bed on their own terms. The independence enabling Rotoflex is often used by those with progressive neurological conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s and can be an alternative option to hoisting.

Liam continues:

“With the introduction of this new bed it is important to once again highlight the key differences our Rotoflex range provides compared to the many copies.

Manufactured with high grade materials, electronics and mechanisms, the lifting frame is extremely stable and will not tip over.

It includes vertical lift in the seated position which is critical for safe sit-to-stand transfers, especially for users with neurological conditions and resultant unpredictable leg strength / balance issues. It will not tip you forward like other products which can cause the potential for a fall.

The Powered Rising Heel Support means that the entire length of the leg can be fully supported when elevated in bed which offers many health benefits – this is only available with the Theraposture Rotoflex. The new unique mattress retainer system ensures consistent and anti-sheer movement and the modular seat depth provides optimum postural support. No other rotating bed range delivers the care excellence our Rotoflex is proven to provide – Theraposture and the Rotoflex are the only considered choice.”

Event URL: The OT Show


New OT and Trusted Assessor – Shaun Masters

Theraposture is delighted to announce the appointment of Occupational Therapist Shaun Masters to its team of Trusted Assessors

Qualified as an OT since 2011, Shaun brings a wealth of clinical knowledge to Theraposture and its clients.

Shaun Masters, OT

Before joining our Wiltshire-based specialist, Shaun was responsible for delivering community-based re-enablement in the public sector.

Local Authorities and residents in Hampshire, Berkshire and Dorset all benefitted from his diligent and pro-active approach to occupational improvement. Shaun has expertise in moving and handling in both adult and paediatric sectors so is ideally qualified for a Trusted Assessor role.

Based in Winchester, Shaun is now responsible for serving healthcare and consumer clients in Southwest England, South and Central Wales.



Shaun comments:

“I am thoroughly enjoying my new role at Theraposture. As I have been an OT forseveral years, I have already regularly recommended Theraposture products as they always provide positive outcomes. Superior quality, reliability and design all combine to provide better clinical care, comfort and safety so independence and occupational performance is maximised. The care cost savings achieved by Theraposture assistive beds, particularly the range of Rotoflex Turning Beds, are significant and represent the most appropriate intervention for safer recumbent-to-standing transfers.”

Shaun adds:

“The Theraposture team and existing clients have all been very welcoming to me. My ethos will be to make a clear difference to individuals seeking greater independent mobility whilst delivering educational material to assist fellow peers. Making a difference to peoples’ lives is why I trained to be an OT and continues to motivate me every day. Now part of the highly respected Theraposture team, I can offer clients comprehensive advice from both a product and clinical point of view.”

Outside of work

Shaun is an avid downhill mountain biker and through family experience of disability, he runs to raise funds for charities such as Macmillan and Spinal Research.
Shaun is contactable at:

New analysis by the Health Foundation Reveals a Complex Picture of NHS Community Care

Following a freedom of information (FOI) request in August 2016 for contracts covering 2016/17, the Health Foundation received details of 7,494 contracts awarded by the NHS for the provision of NHS funded community care from 161 (78%) clinical commissioning groups (CCGs).

Key findings based on these data show that:

  • NHS providers hold over half (53%) of the annual financial value of the contracts for community care awarded by the health service. Private providers were awarded 5% of the total value of the contracts, the third sector (charities) were awarded 2% and GPs were awarded 1% of the value. The remainder went to ‘other’ providers (36%) – a diverse group made up of community interest companies, social enterprises, local authorities and others reported as non-NHS.
  • Looking at the number of contract shows a different picture, with private providers holding more contracts (39%) than NHS providers (21%). GPs held 12% of contracts, the third sector 11%, and other providers 13%.
  • This shows that contracts awarded to NHS providers tend to be of higher value then those for non-NHS providers. The average annual contract value for the NHS was over £3.5million. For the private sector it was £200,000, for the third sector it was £250,000.
  • Three-fifths (58%) of contracts were reported to last just two years, with nearly half (45%) for 12 months or less.

View the full article here :

Via The Health Foundation