Theraposture OT to showcase future proofed approach to care cot provision at Kidz to Adultz Middle

Theraposture will be demonstrating its approach to future proofed sleeping solutions with the help of Shaun Masters, Trusted Assessor and Occupational Therapist, at Kidz to Adultz Middle.

Thursday 21st March 2019, 9.30am – 4.30pm, Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry CV6 6GE. Stand C4. Free entry and parking.


Man standing at cot bed exhibition stand

Theraposture stand at past Kidz to Adultz Middle events

In-house OT expertise

Theraposture has been a caring and ethical, family-run business since 1981. It provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of power-assisted care cots and beds for children with varying needs.

Through an assessment led approach and the in-house expertise of an OT, Theraposture delivers positive outcomes for families, therapists and carers. Its quality, durable and cost effective equipment ensures safety, dignity and comfort are maximised for clients whilst variable height minimises the risk of back and muscle strain for carers.

Theraposture is trusted by the charity Newlife to provide their Emergency Equipment Loan Service which can provide specialist care cots within 72 hours to children at risk of serious injury or with unstable life threatening/limiting conditions.

What’s on display at Kidz to Adultz Middle?

At Kidz to Adultz Middle, the popular assistive product and services exhibition provided by Disabled Living, Theraposture will be demonstrating its proven Mascot Mk2 cot and Theracare adjustable bed.

Mascot Mk2 cot

Salesmen stood around a cot with teddy bear

Theraposture Trusted Assessors with the Mascot Care Cot

The Mascot is the only, fully modular cot that can be adapted as a child’s needs change – hence negating the need to purchase a new product in the future.

This represents significant cost savings and ensures a space-appropriate design is provided throughout the lifetime of the child. The Mascot incorporates multiple future-proofed features in particular, it is the only fully modular care bed that will allow conversion from 4-door (1 side) opening to 8-door (opening both sides). This is essential if care needs progress and access is required to both sides of the cot.

The Mascot is available with variable height, mattress profiling and anti-/Trendelenburg functionality. If safety padding is required, Theraposture is renowned for handcrafting precision solutions so entrapment risks are eliminated – enhanced by the recent introduction of larger soft windows for greater visibility inside and out.

Shaun Masters, OT, will be on hand throughout Kidz Middle to discuss how therapists and families can make the considered choice of care cot. He will explain, from his experience, how the correct, future-proofed cot provides multiple benefits for the whole family. Shaun will be joined by fellow Theraposture Trusted Assessors and a representative from Newlife, the charity for disabled children – all ready to discuss individual requirements on a one-to-one basis.

Theracare bed range

Theracare low bed from Theraposture

Theracare low bed from Theraposture

Stand C4 will also include an example adjustable bed from the Theraposture Theracare range. Ideal for older children and young adults with less challenging or complex needs, this bed provides profiling and variable height along with an impressive range of specialist mattresses and accessories.

Theraposture appoints highly experienced specialist as new Trusted Assessor for the North

Theraposture, a respected leader in adjustable beds, chairs and care cots, has appointed Craig Ward as its new Trusted Assessor for Northern England, North Wales and Scotland.

Pictured second from right: Craig Ward, new Theraposture Trusted Assessor for Northern England, North
Wales and Scotland, with members of the Theraposture team.

A passion for assisting children and adults

Before joining Theraposture, Craig was a key representative at Leckey for 21 years with multiple responsibilities including client assessment, product life-time support and corporate education.

Craig first developed a passion for assisting children and adults with disabilities whilst completing his Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. He gained memorable experiences volunteering within the long term care sector and at special schools.

Craig’s time at the John Jamieson School in Leeds, one of the largest inclusive learning centres in the UK, inspired him to seek a career in the mobility and healthcare market. Now with vast knowledge particularly in paediatrics and postural support, Craig joins Theraposture to strengthen its specialist services and enhance value to customers.

Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director adds:

“We are delighted such a talented and knowledgeable individual as Craig has joined Theraposture. His approach and beliefs perfectly resonate with our values – 100% focused on maximising positive outcomes through a clear understanding of client needs.”

More about Craig

Outside of his busy working week Craig lives near Selby in North Yorkshire and is married with two children. He is a retired rugby league player who now enjoys time supporting his children as they develop in football and show jumping.

Craig explains:

“I decided to join Theraposture as the business has an outstanding reputation for quality products and services. Before submitting my application, I spent time talking to people in the industry about the company including visits to Disabled Living Centres. Every professional I spoke to offered a glowing account of its ethical service provision, especially its client-centred approach. This reaffirmed my personal opinion and led to my application. Since joining I have already set myself personal objectives to expand my knowledge of conditions, especially Parkinson’s, so I can deliver a higher level of understanding and compassion.”

Craig continues:

“In terms of professional relationships, I have spent most of my career working closely with NHS Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists so understand the challenges they face in terms of time and budget. My Theraposture region is where I have operated over the last 20 years so can fully appreciate both local and national issues.  I believe that by purchasing quality, durable and adaptable / modular equipment, Statutory Services can make the best use of limited funding. Theraposture talk about being the considered choice as their products not only last a long time, but many are modular meaning that they can be adapted to track changing needs. Making the “considered choice” will be one of my key messages in the North and Scotland.”

Theraposture Rotoflex 235 Plus Bed wins inaugural OT Show Award for Excellence in Caring

Theraposture’s latest addition to its extensive specialist rotating bed range, the new Rotoflex 235 Plus, has won the first Excellence in Caring Award at the OT Show 2018.

Selected by a panel of experienced healthcare professionals, the award-winning Rotoflex 235 Plus was deemed best product on show following a comprehensive review.

Launched at the NEC, this latest Rotoflex from Theraposture was regarded as a solution ‘that will revolutionise the care environment for both service-users and carers alike’ and ‘enable clients to take an active role in their care.’ Shortlisted alongside many other innovations from other exhibitors, the Rotoflex 235 Plus excelled in all criteria – strengthened by a compelling end user testimonial which reaffirmed the significant care, financial and lifestyle benefits of this assistive product.

Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director comments:

“We are delighted to have won this prestigious award as it officially recognises our Rotoflex as the considered choice. No other rotating bed system can deliver the same level of user support – resulting from a concept continually refined over a period of 20 years. It is a quality, considerately designed specialist bed, backed-up by ethical and caring assessment-led service. By working so closely with Occupational Therapists since 1981, we are able to understand more deeply the challenges that clients face – hence enhancing and widening the bespoke Rotoflex range to meet individual needs more precisely. Our award-winning Rotoflex 235 Plus is a culmination of all our experience particularly when you consider its in-built and unique Powered Rising Heel Support – a world’s first in rotating bed. This accolade we believe will send a clear signal to all healthcare professionals and end users that the Rotoflex is still the original and best.”

Therapostures Rotoflex range

The Rotoflex range from Theraposture is most established and trusted powered turning bed system – patented and totally unique. Often copied but never equalled, it facilitates safe and stable transfers in and out of bed through advanced engineering.

OT show - product award winner No other rotating bed provides the same level of ergonomics and support so users living with restricted mobility can independently access a bed with maximised safety and reassurance. Clients commonly with neurological conditions, such as MS and Parkinson’s, greatly benefit from its ability to move and rotate from a recumbent to a fully upright seated position. It is endorsed by the charity Parkinson’s UK – Theraposture is one of its chosen specialist product suppliers. With its vertical lift in the seated position, controlled standing and seating is possible for those with balance and strength inconsistencies – all without the need for carer assistance. When a carer is reduced from two-to-none, the Rotoflex is proven to save up to £27,000 per year in carer costs and eliminates the need for relocation into a care home.


Rotoflex 235 Plus offers even greater value

The latest Rotoflex 235 Plus offers even greater value as its streamlined and modular design is suitable for a wider range of user needs.

Rotoflex 235 profilingIt includes Theraposture’s patented powered rising heel support as standard, is ideally suited to users weighing up to 31 stones and is only available as a bed for one.

In addition to award success at the OT Show, the Theraposture exhibition stand generated positive results with high attendance levels particularly in response to its on-stand educational seminars. Shaun Masters, OT and Trusted Assessors hosted a series of sessions which provided invaluable awareness regarding safe bed transfers and specialist modular cots for children. Featuring the Rotoflex 235 Plus, Shaun’s
presentations entitled ‘Legs into bed – Enabling independent transfers for those unable to safely get into or out of bed’ were the most popular.

Educational seminars by Shaun Masters OT

Occupational Therapy Show.
Stand B41, NEC, 21-22 November.

Invaluable advice for assistive bed solutions

CPD accredited 15 Minute live seminars will be held throughout the two days including the New Rotoflex 235 Plus bed and Mascot Mk2 Cot. Professionals and Press welcome.

Shaun Masters, OT

Shaun Masters, OT and Trusted Assessor, will be delivering a series of engaging assistive bed-based educational presentations. 

Shaun has extensive experience within community-based re-enablement in the public sector.

He will be sharing his experience and knowledge in a series of  CPD accredited presentations so that OT’s can gain invaluable advice and insight into assistive bed solutions for Adults and Paediatrics.

The Rotoflex Turning Bed System and Mascot Care Cot will be demonstrated – highlighting how these unique products can lead to better client independence and well-being along with substantial care and equipment cost savings.

Seminar schedule

‘Legs into bed’ seminar

Enabling independent transfers for those unable to safely get into or out of bed.

This outline presentation will highlight the key considerations regarding a safe transfer into, out of and away from a Turning Bed System – featuring the new Rotoflex 235 Plus rotating bed.

Learning Points

  1. To have a clear understanding of the client groups that are suitable for specific rotating beds
  2. Understand the benefits of leg elevation in relation to pressure care management
  3. Gain specific knowledge that will support clinical reasoning when prescribing a rotating bed
  4. Increase confidence to ensure interventions meet the client’s long-term needs


‘Modular Cot Bed’ seminar

Future proofing specialist beds for children. Featuring the Mascot Mk2 care cot. 

This outline presentation will focus on:

  • Considerations when prescribing a sleeping solution to meet changing client needs
  • Features that enable easy cot reissuing and recycling


Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director:

Liam Braddell“Shaun is a valued member of our specialist team as he provides clinical understanding that enhances our service.

As a practicing OT, he can fully appreciate the challenges healthcare professionals face in terms of balancing quality equipment provision and cost to statutory services. His CPD accredited seminars at the OT Show will provide a free opportunity to understand how Theraposture products deliver the best of both worlds – providing outstanding quality, innovation and unsurpassed life time value.

I would encourage all visitors to attend our series of short, succinct seminars that will clearly explain key considerations for occupational improvement in the bedroom for both disabled children and adults.”

Event URL: The OT Show

Launch of Rotoflex 235 Plus at November OT Show

Occupational Therapy Show.
Stand B41, NEC, 21-22 November.

Unveiling the Rotoflex 235 Plus

Live seminars by Shaun Masters, OT

The latest addition to the Rotoflex range, at the Occupational Therapy Show. Professionals and Press are welcome.

  • Great value – includes the patented Powered Rising Heel Support as standard (optional on other Rotoflex).
  • This version is ideally suited to users weighing up to 31 stones.
  • Only available as a bed for one.

Rotoflex 235 rotating low access bed

Theraposture Rotoflex 235 Plus – Rotating bed


Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director explains:

liam-braddell“Our new Rotoflex 235 Plus rotating bed system has been developed to accommodate those who only need a 90cm wide bed for one person, in a standard wood veneer finish.

It is referred to as a “Plus” because it comes with a patented Powered Rising Heel Support and has a safe working load of up 235kg. Through highly considered design and ergonomics, this streamlined bed provides an appropriate solution for more users without complex adjustment and bespoke features.

It is the culmination of two decades of expertise and understanding that is focused on delivering user independence and significant care cost savings. As with all Rotoflex beds, the new Rotoflex 235 Plus can pay for itself in months when compared to the high cost of carer assistance – reducing budget pressures on statutory services and private purchasers.”

The Rotoflex Range

Often copied but never equaled, the patented Rotoflex from Theraposture is the market leading and trusted powered turning bed.

It moves a user from a recumbent to fully upright seated position. It is the only rotational bed range that is available with a Powered Rising Heel Support and includes a multitude of unique patented features through a detailed design refined over 20 years.

Save up to £27,500 on care costs

  • Proven to typically save up to £27,500 in annual care costs when two carers are reduced to none.
  • Will pay for itself after 4 months and then saves money thereafter.

The Rotoflex can reduce assistance from others thus allowing users to get into and out of bed on their own terms. The independence enabling Rotoflex is often used by those with progressive neurological conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s and can be an alternative option to hoisting.

Liam continues:

“With the introduction of this new bed it is important to once again highlight the key differences our Rotoflex range provides compared to the many copies.

Manufactured with high grade materials, electronics and mechanisms, the lifting frame is extremely stable and will not tip over.

It includes vertical lift in the seated position which is critical for safe sit-to-stand transfers, especially for users with neurological conditions and resultant unpredictable leg strength / balance issues. It will not tip you forward like other products which can cause the potential for a fall.

The Powered Rising Heel Support means that the entire length of the leg can be fully supported when elevated in bed which offers many health benefits – this is only available with the Theraposture Rotoflex. The new unique mattress retainer system ensures consistent and anti-sheer movement and the modular seat depth provides optimum postural support. No other rotating bed range delivers the care excellence our Rotoflex is proven to provide – Theraposture and the Rotoflex are the only considered choice.”

Event URL: The OT Show


Free emergency bed loan services for disabled children at Kidz North

Thursday 8th November 2018. 9.30am – 4.30pm, EventCity, Barton Dock Road, Manchester. 
Free entry and parking. M17 8AS. Stand B10. Register free

Working with Newlife

Theraposture will be providing information and advice regarding its charity partners – Emergency Equipment Loan Service at Kidz to Adultz North.

Theraposture works with Newlife to loan adjustable cots and beds to children who are at serious risk of injury or in urgent need due to shortened life expectancy.

This service is free, unique and following an OT assessment, can usually provide a solution within 72 hours.

Sales women holding promotional flyers

Theraposture Specialist Product Advisors

Theraposture supports Newlife through the provision, delivery, installation and collection of appropriate equipment

Liam Braddell from Theraposture explains:

“We have successfully supported Newlife for several years and assisted many families in desperate need. Newlife’s Emergency Equipment Loan Services provide a crucial solution in often sensitive and urgent situations – our specialist height adjustable cots and beds help care for disabled children and allow parents to assist at safe working heights. Our quality safety padding is renowned for protection and is available with a variety of fun, reassuring patterns.

Following the loan period, it is common for families and OTs to request a permanent like-for-like cot replacement, either through Local Authority funding or a private purchase. Our products have already been proven and very much liked by the family, the child and the carers – hence appropriate cot provision is assured moving forward. Combine this with our comprehensive and caring support and all customers understand why we are the considered choice.”

Free information available

There will be free information on stand B10 which outlines Newlife’s Emergency Equipment Loan Services, Theraposture case studies and cot funding guides.

Product demonstrations

Theraposture will also be demonstrating two future-proofed Mascot Mk2 cots.

Lecture with man sitting on cot bed

Mascot Mk2 demonstration

The Mascot is a quality, fully modular solution that provides adaptability to solve changing user needs, negating the purchasing of new cots in the future.

Encompassing variable height, mattress profiling and anti-Trendelenburg / Trendelenburg positioning, it is the only cot that provides 4-8 door access flexibility on both sides. As with our entire cot range, the Mascot meets all relevant safety standards, come with a fully inclusive 3-year warranty and a 14-day Suitability Guarantee.

Mascot cots are held at Theraposture’s factory for fast delivery.

The trusted Theracare bed will also be on the stand – a proven and safe adjustable solution for young adults.

New Rotoflex and Age UK bed range at Rise 4 Disability

At Rise 4 Disability, we will be showcasing the extended Rotoflex bed range with the world’s-first powered rising heel support and the latest Age UK Beaumont adjustable bed.

18th September 2018: Rise 4 Disability, Kent Showground. Detling, Maidstone, Kent. ME14 3JF.
Stand C17. Open 9:30am – 4pm

NEW: Optional powered rising heel support for Theraposture Rotoflex beds

The original and trusted Rotoflex is the ONLY rotating bed that can be supplied with the patented powered rising heel support to provide fully supported leg elevation.

  • Pioneering technology
  • Invaluable relief from circulation and pressure and fluid retention issues.
  • New feature can only be specified on Rotoflex beds from Theraposture*

* Within new products or retrofitted to existing models.

Theraposture stand showing Rotoflex

JUST EXTENDED: Rotoflex Range

Each Rotoflex bed represents a revolution in care cost savings as it gives independence to users and can typically save up to £27,000* a year when carers are reduced from two-to-none.

The new Theraposture range includes

  • Rotoflex 200 Mk2 bespoke – a tailor-made solution available in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Rotoflex Low 200 – the lowest access rotating bed for smaller or shorter users
  • Rotoflex 300 – assured bariatric support with user weight capacity of 250kg (39 stone)
  • Rotoflex Community 175 – a bed designed for NHS/social care loans
  • New Rotoflex 235 Plus – an inclusive, streamlined solution that is suitable for a wide range of needs with a powered rising heel support as standard

Rotoflex 235 rotating

* Based on example county council care costs


Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist and Trusted Assessor comments:

Shaun Masters, OT“I have worked with a significant number of clients who experience difficulties with bed transfers. I am confident that the Rotoflex is the most appropriate intervention available in meeting their needs and allowing participation in activities of daily living.”



NEW Age UK Beaumont adjustable bed

The Beaumont bed is a new contemporary and luxurious design that encompasses extensive in-built technology.

Beaumont adjustable bed

These features include:

  • Powered massage
  • Built-in USB sockets
  • Profiling mattress
  • Intelligent memory positioning
  • Quality of finish that would enhance any bedroom

As with all quality Age UK adjustable beds from Theraposture, the Beaumont provides mattress profiling so owners can achieve their ideal sleeping position for maximum comfort.

Available as either a 3’, 4’ or 4’6’’ wide bed for one person or 5’ or 6’’ wide bed for two people, the Beaumont can be handcrafted in a variety of fabrics to suit all styles and tastes. The full range of Age UK adjustable beds includes other models with variable height as well as profiling.

Nursing bed

There will also be a Theracare nursing bed displayed on the Symmetrikit stand (E11) so visitors can appreciate the ideal compatibility of Symmetrikit postural sleep systems and Theraposture beds.

New OT and Trusted Assessor – Shaun Masters

Theraposture is delighted to announce the appointment of Occupational Therapist Shaun Masters to its team of Trusted Assessors

Qualified as an OT since 2011, Shaun brings a wealth of clinical knowledge to Theraposture and its clients.

Shaun Masters, OT

Before joining our Wiltshire-based specialist, Shaun was responsible for delivering community-based re-enablement in the public sector.

Local Authorities and residents in Hampshire, Berkshire and Dorset all benefitted from his diligent and pro-active approach to occupational improvement. Shaun has expertise in moving and handling in both adult and paediatric sectors so is ideally qualified for a Trusted Assessor role.

Based in Winchester, Shaun is now responsible for serving healthcare and consumer clients in Southwest England, South and Central Wales.



Shaun comments:

“I am thoroughly enjoying my new role at Theraposture. As I have been an OT forseveral years, I have already regularly recommended Theraposture products as they always provide positive outcomes. Superior quality, reliability and design all combine to provide better clinical care, comfort and safety so independence and occupational performance is maximised. The care cost savings achieved by Theraposture assistive beds, particularly the range of Rotoflex Turning Beds, are significant and represent the most appropriate intervention for safer recumbent-to-standing transfers.”

Shaun adds:

“The Theraposture team and existing clients have all been very welcoming to me. My ethos will be to make a clear difference to individuals seeking greater independent mobility whilst delivering educational material to assist fellow peers. Making a difference to peoples’ lives is why I trained to be an OT and continues to motivate me every day. Now part of the highly respected Theraposture team, I can offer clients comprehensive advice from both a product and clinical point of view.”

Outside of work

Shaun is an avid downhill mountain biker and through family experience of disability, he runs to raise funds for charities such as Macmillan and Spinal Research.
Shaun is contactable at:

Revolutionary Rotoflex and new Age UK adjustable bed at Rise 4 Disability

Rise 4 Disability, Peterborough Arena, East of England Showground, Peterborough, PE2 6HE. Stand B9.
12th July 2018 9:30am – 4pm

New Products at Rise 4 Disability Event

We will be showcasing the world’s-first rising heel support for Rotoflex rotational beds and our new Age UK Beaumont adjustable bed at Rise 4 Disability.

Each handcrafted solution is carefully considered through assessment-based provision and by working closely with Occupational Therapists so that personal needs are met every time.

Our proven and ethical approach will be demonstrated at Rise 4 Disability alongside two of our latest bed innovations.


In addition to providing our own specialist product range, we are the chosen supplier of Age UK adjustable beds

NEW: Optional rising heel support for Theraposture Rotoflex beds

The original and trusted Rotoflex is the ONLY rotating bed that can be supplied with an electrically rising heel section to provide fully supported leg elevation.

Rotoflex heel supportPreviously all rotating beds had to include a static mattress section between the rotational sleeping surface and the footboard – to ensure the arc of the turning mattress and legs did not clash with the footboard.


Not anymore with the introduction of this pioneering option from Theraposture which provides invaluable relief from leg-related circulation, pressure and fluid retention issues.

This new feature can only be specified for Rotoflex beds from Theraposture – either within new products or retrofitted to existing models. With over 20 years of refinement and advanced German engineering, the Rotoflex profiles, rotates and raises disabled users so they can achieve safe sit-to-stand transfers.

NEW: Age UK Beaumont adjustable bed

Part of an additional, more luxurious range, the Beaumont bed from Age UK is a new contemporary design that encompasses extensive in-built technology.

Beaumont adjustable bedlighted bed hand controller usb port for adjustable bed




Features include:

–  Powered massage
– Wireless controller
– USB sockets and intelligent memory positioning

As with all quality Age UK adjustable beds from Theraposture, the Beaumont provides mattress profiling so owners can achieve their ideal sleeping position for maximum comfort. Available as either a 3’, 4’ or 4’6’’ wide bed for one person or 5’ or 6’’ wide bed for two people, the Beaumont can be handcrafted in a variety of fabrics to suit all styles and tastes.

Newlife Emergency Bed Loan Services at Kidz West

Thursday 5th July 2018, 9.00am – 4.30pm
Thornbury Leisure Centre, Bristol, South Gloucestershire, BS35 3JG. Stand A20.
Free entry and parking.

Theraposture works with Newlife to provide specialist cots and beds to children in desperate need through the charity’s ‘Emergency Equipment Loan’ Service.

This service is unique in the UK and provides appropriate equipment to disabled children who are at serious risk of injury or in urgent need due to shortened life expectancy.

Theraposture team with OT

How the Newlife Emergency Equipment Loan Service works

On receipt of an emergency application to supply a specialist cot or bed, Newlife commissions Theraposture to deliver the specialist equipment required, usually within 72 hours of receiving the order. Theraposture also installs and maintains the beds once in situ.

Free of charge for families

Newlife’s Emergency Equipment Loan Service is completely free of charge for families and loan periods typically last six months. This enables Newlife’s care services team to work closely with the family and their health or social care professionals with a view to securing long-term provision of a bed. Once the loan period has ended, Theraposture can organise to have the bed or cot collected from the family’s home if it is not required permanently.

Liam Braddell from Theraposture explains:

“We are proud to work with Newlife to provide quality sleeping solutions to disabled children in desperate need. Newlife’s Emergency Equipment Loan Services provide a vital solution in often sensitive and urgent situations. We can assist Healthcare Professionals if they consider a permanent product purchase following the loan period. Purchasing adjustable care cots from us is popular with OT’s as commonly this provides like-for-like replacement of loan equipment and hence reduces risk. The loan product has already been proven and very much liked by the family, the child and the carers – hence appropriate cot provision is assured. Add to this our highly competitive pricing and proven product reliability, real long term value can be gained by all who choose our products, we are the considered choice.”

Newlife emergency service PDF

Free information guide

There will be a free information guide available on the Theraposture stand which outlines Newlife’s Emergency Equipment Loan Service.

Future-proofed Mascot Mk2 also on display

Also on stand A20, Theraposture will be demonstrating popular power-assisted cots and beds from its range including the future-proofed Mascot Mk2.

Salesmen stood around a cot with teddy bear

Theraposture Trusted Assessors with the Mascot Care Cot

This fully modular paediatric cot is the only solution that provides complete adaptability to solve changing user needs – negating the purchasing of new cots in the future.

The Mascot can encompass variable height, mattress profiling and anti-Trendelenberg /Trendelenburg positioning which provides a multitude of care benefits for children and reduces the risk of back injury for carers. These beds, like the entire cot range from Theraposture meet all relevant safety standards and come with a fully inclusive 3-year warranty. The Mascot is held in stock at Theraposture’s Wiltshire factory for fast delivery.