Theraposture appoints highly experienced Trusted Assessor for central England and Wales

Theraposture, the respected family-run specialist in adjustable beds, chairs and care cots, has appointed Glen Till as its new Trusted Assessor for central England and Wales.

Glen Till - Trusted Assessor

Glen Till – Theraposture Trusted Assessor

Glen brings a wealth of mobility equipment expertise to Theraposture and its clients. Glen has worked in the mobility product sector since 2000 which has included a lengthy sales position for a leading manufacturer, ownership of two mobility retail outlets and experience in disabled paediatrics.

He has accrued extensive knowledge regarding a wide variety of assistive equipment and aids for daily living which will benefit Theraposture clients through a holistic view on independence. Glen’s skillset includes expertise regarding postural support and moving and handling, enhanced by a proven track record of supporting Occupational Therapists. Glen will also be re-engaging his previous commercial relationship with fellow Trusted Assessor Steve Keetley – hence provides a fast track to understanding and learning.

Based in Lutterworth in Leicestershire, Glen is now responsible for assisting end users, families and healthcare professionals with informed and ethical guidance regarding assistive equipment. Through Glen’s two decades of experience, he has the knowledge to assess and recommend the right solution for the right person as he describes:

“I still fully believe client assessment is absolutely key to appropriate product provision. Throughout my whole career, whether that’s working business-to-business or direct with consumers, understanding individual needs is critical to ensure the right product is prescribed. My ethos perfectly fits with that of Theraposture along with its transparent policy on pricing, ethical approach and diligent service. It breaks my heart to see so many people out there using equipment that is not suitable for them which impacts on independence and safety.”

Since joining the business, Glen has been impressed with the popularity and effectiveness of Theraposture video assessments. Complementing home visits or providing an online alternative to face-to-face meetings, video appointments are proving efficient as he explains:

“It’s great to see how Theraposture’s use of video technology is helping customers make informed decisions faster. I have already been involved in many video calls and witnessed how several decision makers and therapists can be involved in one appointment without having to travel. The right solution can be reached quicker and with everyone’s approval in much less time. Our 14-day Suitability Guarantee backs this up giving clients plenty of time to try products without the risk of ending up with inappropriate solutions or losing their money.”

Glen has completed his extensive initial training and is now working alongside fellow Trusted Assessors as he develops his own client list. He is thriving in his new position as he concludes:

“I’m proud to have joined such a caring and positive team who thoroughly believe in a client-centric approach. Theraposture has a respected reputation within the industry which hand on heart, I will be upholding through my two decades of sector experience. The reward I gain from helping people and seeing the difference quality, appropriate equipment makes, has always been my motivation – this will continue with Theraposture.”

Outside of work Glen enjoys spending time with his friends, cooking and coarse fishing.

New online booking system launches for popular therapist-led video assessments

Theraposture, the leading specialist in Adjustable Beds, Chairs, and Care Cots, is experiencing growing demand for its latest OT-led, personalised video assessments and product demonstrations – following the introduction of a new web appointment calendar.

online video assessments

Theraposture video assessments and product demonstrations with Shaun Masters, OT.

As the pandemic continues, the popularity of ‘Theraposture Covid safe services’ is on the rise. Offering an alternative to home visits, video appointments provide a face-to-face opportunity for the Theraposture Occupational Therapist (OT), Shaun Masters, to assess individual needs, answer questions and see a client’s environment. Home assessment visits are still available if requested and appropriate, however for clients who are shielding or who do not want visitors, the option to choose a video call provides peace of mind.

video assessment booking form

Shaun Masters, OT, can use a variety of video conferencing options including Zoom, Teams or WhatsApp. Once a booking has been made, he calls the client to discuss their product requirements and to ensure the technology is all set up before the appointment.

Bookings for Theraposture’s new service can be made by telephone or by Theraposture’s new online calendar booking app. Simple to use, visitors simply click on an available date, select preferences and the appointment is booked with the OT. Individual or multiple products can be seen in one appointment with several participants on the same call. This provides a highly efficient method of discussing suitable assistive equipment without travel or physical contact – hence Covid-19 risk free. In one video call, solutions can be discussed will several stakeholders responsible for care which saves times for all involved.

Shaun Masters, OT and Trusted Assessor, is leading the new Theraposture video services and believes working smart is the way forward to achieve faster positive outcomes. Shaun explains:

“As an Occupational Therapist I embrace change. Its prescription often enables an individual to maintain or increase their level of independence. The world in which we find ourselves living in at the current time, requires each one of us to change our day-to-day lives. So, by embracing this change, coupled with technology, we can promote optimum health and wellbeing in new and innovative ways.”

Shaun adds:

“Theraposture are using technology to complete video-based OT assessments via many different web platforms – this new way of working is quickly transforming our practice. We complete these in a timely manner as they can involve health professionals, carers, clients, and family members. The video assessment enables products to be viewed and demonstrated in a relaxed private environment, with full explanation given on specific features and functions prevalent to different pathologies. In my professional opinion, video assessments are very effective, and I strongly believe they will become normal practice within our continued new way of working.”

Theraposture video services are supported by its Covid-19 safe working practices which ensure product installations, service calls and home visits, of any kind, are safe for all involved. Technicians have a strict protocol and wear full PPE whilst ensuring clients are shielded during any customer facing interaction. This duty of care is backed-up by a 14-day Suitability Guarantee which allows clients ample time to use their new equipment and ensure they are 100% satisfied.

Video based assessment and demonstration service from Theraposture – working smart to keep you safe!

Theraposture has rolled out its new video assessment and demonstration service with positive results for clients and Occupational Therapists (OTs).

working with video chat

A Theraposture client video assessment in progress.

Theraposture continues to provide essential assistive equipment to keep vulnerable individuals and those with restricted mobility, independent and safe at home. As suppliers of medical devices, Theraposture provide an essential service in supporting private clients, the NHS and Social Care OTs. Trusted and proven products, such as the award-winning Rotoflex Turning Bed, have been designed to enable independent and safe bed transfers and as a result, can help individuals benefit from reduced carer contact. In many cases, the Rotoflex can ensure independence for those who would otherwise struggle, thus avoiding residential care settings and hospitals – essential for significantly reducing the risk of Covid-19 infection.

Less risk of infection to our clients and colleagues

Theraposture are still firm believers in assessment-based provision hence have embraced technology to help with establishing suitability of a product. This results in less risk of infection to our clients and colleagues.

As an alternative to home visits, assessments and product demonstrations are being provided remotely by experienced equipment experts using video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and WhatsApp. This means that Theraposture experts can see the environment where equipment will be used and personally discuss and understand an individual’s situation. Products are demonstrated via video link from our demonstration room and in context to each person’s needs. Occupational Therapists also benefit from this service as they can join the platform – ensuring all stakeholders are included, whilst remaining safe. WhatsApp is proving to be the most popular tool for delivering video assessments.

Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director, explains:

“As an ethical business we are focused on providing a solution that meets the needs, wants and risks for each customer. To understand these, we need to assess each client however with many vulnerable people shielding, we have turned to technology to maintain this vital part of the process. Our live video assessments protect clients and give greater peace of mind during these challenging times. In our experience, most of our clients are delighted to have this option. If potential clients struggle with video calls, then supporting relatives or healthcare professionals assist, plus we always set up meetings so attendees just need to join.”

Liam continues:

“Assessments are centrally booked by calling the Theraposture offices on 0800 834654. Detailed questions are initially asked regarding the user’s situation and we discuss which equipment might be considered. The equipment itself can be prepared in our showroom so that it is possible to view more than one product in an assessment. Once delivered, our 14-Day Suitability Guarantee begins. This ensures that should a product prove to be unsuitable, it can be returned for a refund, modified, or exchanged.”

Specialist Rotoflex turning beds deliver critical home independence with reduced risk during COVID-19 crisis

We continue to provide vital support to vulnerable individuals during the COVID-19 outbreak through its award-winning Rotoflex bed and enhanced services.

As suppliers of medical devices and assistive technology, Theraposture provides a vital and essential service and will be able to continue to operate safely.

“The market-leading expert is recognised as an essential supplier and has the backing of the NHS and the BHTA and the major charities that they work with.”

The equipment that Theraposture provides is vital in ensuring that customers can remain independent at home and can avoid residential care settings. For example, by using the Rotoflex Bed it is likely that less external help will be needed to help with bed transfers and therefore the risks of spreading the Covid virus are massively reduced.Rotoflex bed with fabric surround

Senior Theraposture representatives with the award-winning Rotoflex rotational bed. 

The patented Rotoflex is a specialist bed that will safely and consistently help users get into bed, get out of bed and to stand up without the need of hoisting, stand aids or carers. The Rotoflex takes the user from a seated position to a lying position at the touch of a button. Equally the bed also helps users from a lying position to a seated position from where they can be safely helped to their feet.

“Our solutions are designed to help individuals stay at home safely and with peace of mind”

Vertical lift technology can then raise users, so they achieve a safer standing transfer intentionally without being tipped forward. This proven and trusted product provides independence, and as a result, reduces the need for carer givers.

Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director comments:

“Our mission is always to provide independence, care, and comfort at home through quality and proven adjustable beds, chairs, and care cots. This ethos is now more relevant than ever before with social distancing, isolation, and shielding to beat the spread of Coronavirus. Our solutions are designed to help individuals stay at home safely and with peace of mind – with the ability to reduce or eliminate care costs. With the increased risk of infection between clients and carers, the need for products that facilitate mobility at home is imperative.”

Theraposture virus safety suits and maskTheraposture has introduced enhanced COVID-19 focussed protocols and services so that its assistive products are still available to individuals who are at increased risk because of the need for carers coming into their homes.

Many users of Theraposture products live with Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s. These progressive debilitating conditions can make daily tasks like beds transfers difficult and sometimes dangerous. With a solution such as the Rotoflex bed, the immediate and future needs and risks are fully met.

This means that users could avoid residential care, hospital stays and the need for care packages. In addition, without appropriate and effective assistive equipment in the home, the risk of injury from falls is increased which can lead to undue pressure on the NHS. This furthers the risk of infection from COVID-19 hence Theraposture is continuing to provide products and equipment servicing if requested and where appropriate.

Theraposture’s key workers are operating with utmost caution and protection as per the government’s latest guidance

Theraposture’s key workers are operating with utmost caution and protection as per the government’s latest guidance which is continually reviewed. New services have been introduced such as group video client assessments which support end-users and Occupational Therapists so the duty of care can be maintained.


Liam concludes:

“We continue to receive high numbers of calls from existing and potential new customers seeking solutions for increased safety at home. Our Rotoflex bed is an exemplary product that delivers a proven alternative to domiciliary care and relocation to residential or nursing care. Add to this our comprehensive OT-led advice, partnership with Parkinson’s UK, we are helping to support the NHS and reduce unprecedented pressures on social care.”

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) –
Our Commitment to You

To all of our customers,

The well-being of our customers; our associates and our staff is our absolute priority, and you can be absolutely assured that we have taken all of the necessary precautions to achieve this.

All of our employees are fully aware of the current requirements and are following our Covid – 19 policy to protect you and our staff.

washing hands in sink

Our staff wash their hands before and after every customer contact.

Every morning, our Delivery Teams and our Service Technicians check their temperatures before they leave home.

Customer-facing staff then send the results by text to the company so that we know our employees are safe to work and to visit our customers.

Assessments are now available remotely, using easily accessible technology such as WhatsApp and Zoom. We can arrange for video group consultations involving up to 4 persons. Often this will include the use of equipment that will be set up and operated as part of the consultation. Please call 0800 834654 to book an appointment.

The equipment that we provide is vital in ensuring that our customers can remain independent at home and can avoid residential care settings. For example, by using the Rotoflex Bed it is likely that less external help will be needed to help with bed transfers and therefore the risks of spreading the Covid virus are massively reduced.

Remember that the Government recommended 2 metre distancing is for those not wearing PPE, so with this extra protection we are working very safely.

Theraposture virus safety suits and mask

Theraposture’s safety protection suit and masks

These are our PPE measures in place to keep you and our employees safe:

  • A protective mask that is P3 classification (P3 offers the highest filtration effectiveness and retains about 99.95% of particles)
  • Latex protective gloves.
  • Protective overalls for clothing.
  • Protective covers for shoes.
  • Face visors.
  • Dettol type wipes to wipe down all surfaces that we have been in contact with.
  • Alcohol-based hand gels used between each customer contact.

Additionally, our staff will wash their hands before and after every customer contact.

When we arrange to visit your home for an assessment or for a delivery/service call, we will ask you detailed questions to establish if there is any risk to you or to us. We will not take any risks that affect the health of our clients or our staff.

We will be following developments on a daily basis with intense scrutiny. Things are changing very quickly and we will adapt and comply fully with the advice given by the experts.

If you have any further questions, please contact us or call Freephone: 0800 834654

As suppliers of medical devices and assistive technology, we are providing a vital and essential service and will be able to continue to operate safely. We are recognised as an essential supplier and have the backing of the NHS and the BHTA and the major charities that we work with.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and loyalty.

The Theraposture Team

Stay safe, stay well and stay independent!

Updated: April 15, 2020, 2.34pm

Theraposture adjustable beds and chairs – reassuring you and protecting your clients

Duty of Care certificate

As suppliers of medical devices and assistive technology, we are providing a vital and essential service and will be able to continue to operate safely.

Our team is standing by to rapidly provide essential Rotoflex beds, Hi-Lo beds, Chairs and Care Cots so your clients can maintain their independence at home.

The Theraposture duty of care remains as robust as ever – delivering positive outcomes with utmost hygiene standards. Reduce the need for contact from outside carers with our quality, reliable equipment.

  • We have absolutely no supply issues with Rotoflex beds, adjustable beds and care cots – stock has been increased in the UK and Germany.
  • We will HONOUR all existing quotes for a period of 3 months from NOW to ensure vital equipment can be purchased without additional cost.
  • We will COMMIT to our current prices for all items in stock over the next 3 months.
  • Our COVID-19 policy is in place and is being used. This is there to keep your clients and our staff safe. We are going beyond Government advice by introducing additional measures including DAILY temperature readings for all customer-facing staff.
  • Our office staff are fully operational from home, awaiting your call.
  • Our service and delivery staff are fully operational and are working in complete compliance with our COVID-19 policy.

We are able to deliver product quickly to help your clients if needed – please call us now: 0800 834654 or contact us online.

Theraposture delivers latest Rotoflex bed workshop to leading case management company

As a trusted specialist in adjustable beds, chairs and cots, Theraposture works closely with case management companies to provide the best solutions and outcomes for their clients. This involves education content for healthcare professionals such as a recent Rotoflex Bed workshop to healthcare professionals at Maggie Sargent & Associates.

Theraposture educational workshops provide the latest guidance regarding safe transfers in and out of bed. Provided by Theraposture’s Occupational Therapist and Trusted Assessors, these practical ‘hands-on’ sessions allow nurses, carers and OTs to understand how equipment, such as the award-winning Rotoflex turning bed, enhance quality of life for individuals with restricted mobility. Attendance counts towards compulsory CPD hours with receipt of an educational certificate and learning objectives summary. The latest Theraposture workshop at Maggie Sargent & Associates, expert witness and case management company, was presented by Shaun Masters OT and was well attended by staff responsible for the prescription of appropriate solutions for clients.

Maggie Sargent Associates

Shaun Masters, Theraposture Occupational Therapist (far left), delivers the latest successful Rotoflex bed workshop for healthcare professionals at Maggie Sargent & Associates.

Maggie Sargent & Associates delivers Expert Witness reports for claimant and defendant solicitors. It provides expert evidence on the additional costs of caring for clients with brain injury and disabilities for both personal injury and medical negligence claims. In 2017 Maggie Sargent & Associates were acknowledged for excellence in practice, receiving the prestigious award of ‘Medico-Legal Provider of the Year’. This high level of service is supported by ongoing staff training and education, therefore Shaun was invited to a demonstration day alongside other manufacturers.

Shaun presented techniques to achieve safe sit-to-stand transfers using the Rotoflex 235 Plus bed. This patented, award-winning rotational bed provides powered assistance, so users can move from a recumbent to a fully upright seated position with their feet on the floor. Once in a balanced seated position, the bed can be raised vertically to aid safer standing which reduces the need for carer intervention. The Rotoflex is the only turning bed in the world that includes a powered rising heel section for totally supported leg elevation which is essential for those with pressure and circulation issues. As a proven solution for clients with life-changing injuries or progressive neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis, the Rotoflex lowers or eliminates the cost of ongoing care and hence can pay for itself in a matter of a few months.

Shaun Masters OT comments:

“I would like to thank Maggie Sargent & Associates for the opportunity to demonstrate our award-winning Rotoflex to their healthcare professionals. It was a rewarding day for me, and feedback was very positive from all attendees – they clearly understood how our beds will provide multiple care and economic benefits to their clients. Our proven track record of working effectively with case management and expert witness companies was also highlighted with a view to always delivering the best outcome for their clients.”

To book an educational workshop telephone Theraposture on: 01373 823030 or use our contact form.

Theraposture to showcase OT-designed, client focused bed assessments at Kidz Middle

Theraposture will be demonstrating at Kidz to Adultz Middle why it is the ‘go-to’ supplier for adjustable beds and chairs and how its assessment process is unique.

Wednesday 4th March 2020, 9.30am – 4.30pm. Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, CV6 6AQ. Stand C4.

Theraposture team with chocolates
Theraposture Trusted Assessors will be ready to support at Kidz Middle and offer free chocolates!

Theraposture has been an ethical and trusted bed specialist since 1981. Its ‘in-house’ Occupational Therapist (OT) and Trusted Assessors provide a comprehensive and clinically led assessment service to assist disabled children, families and therapists. This process provides an in-depth appraisal of each client’s needs, wants and risks. Part of this service includes the provision of free documented assessment reports which significantly benefit OTs – by providing key facts to assist with justification and clinical reasoning.

Theraposture Trusted Assessors work alongside OTs by providing knowledgeable assistance through their experience and understanding. Theraposture’s range of market-leading height adjustable and profiling specialist sleeping solutions offer safety, comfort and longevity. They also ensure safe working heights for care givers. As equipment experts, Theraposture Trusted Assessors help therapists prescribe the correct and most appropriate solution. Once a bed or cot is supplied, there is a 14-day Suitability Guarantee period which ensures that product suitability is proven rather than hoped for. Therefore, the OT-designed assessment process from Theraposture is vitally important in delivering a positive outcome.

Shaun Masters, OT and Trusted Assessor, comments:

“Kidz Middle will once again provide an opportunity for professionals and parents to discuss individual bed needs with friendly and understanding Theraposture Trusted Assessors. Our clinical assessment process will be explained which involves a detailed written analysis of topics such as mobility, behaviour, sleep, posture, pressure care and feeding – which all signpost towards the most appropriate and considered solution.

The Theraposture Assessors have an unsurpassed level of experience in terms of which cot features assist with which paediatric conditions. Further to this, the range of product available from Theraposture is unrivalled.”

theraposture team sat on cot bed

Theraposture will be demonstrating the Mascot Mk2 Care Cot, Home and Away bed and Theracare bed with safety sides. The Mascot is the only fully modular bed system that can be reconfigured to meet changing needs. The Mascot is the considered choice in power-assisted cot beds. Through its adaptable construction, it has the potential to negate the need to purchase new cots in the future as children grow or conditions develop – in effect, a cost-effective cot for life.

The recently launched Home and Away is a strong, heavily padded and portable bed that provides safety and comfort for children with enhanced behavioural challenges. This quality padded solution fully dismantles and can be easily transported in a standard car, making it ideal as an occasional specialist travel bed.

Theraposture delivers popular CPD education and award-winning beds at OT Show

Theraposture, the award-winning specialist in adjustable beds, chairs and care cots, has successfully presented its latest product innovations and CPD education at the 2019 OT Show.

Attended by high numbers of healthcare professionals, Theraposture CPD-accredited seminars generated significant interest and engagement at the OT Show. Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist and Theraposture Trusted Assessor, provided a compelling series of practical sessions entitled ‘Getting legs into bed’. This educational content focused on a simple task which is highly challenging for individuals with restricted mobility and without a solution, can lead to significant safety, health and well-being problems.

live seminar on Theraposture exhibition stand

Shaun Masters delivers well attended seminars at the OT Show focusing on safer bed transfers.

The presentations included the proven Theracare leg lifter, a Theraposture double combination adjustable bed and the latest turning bed from this trusted specialist – the Rotoflex 235 Low. The new Rotoflex builds on the success of the Rotoflex 235 Plus which won the Caring in Excellence Award at last year’s OT Show. It encompasses even more advanced technology and ultra-low access so shorter users benefit from greater support when achieving bed transfers.

theraposture team

Theraposture team at the OT Show with the award-winning Rotoflex 235 Plus rotating bed.

Throughout the exhibition Shaun provided a unique insight into safer bed transfers for a variety of client needs, conditions and care scenarios. Content focused on reducing carers intervention and maximising independence for users – hence reducing or eliminating care costs. OTs were able to see a range of options to ensure clients can remain at home on their own terms through solutions that fully comply with safety legislation. Variations in the amount of powered assistance provided by each product type was explained so that enablement is maintained without over prescription of functionality. Equally the ability of Theraposture to provide future proofed support to changing needs was explained so that a holistic approach to clinical care is achieved.

Shaun Masters OT commented:

“It has been a pleasure to present to fellow professionals during the OT Show. I hope my peers found the educational sessions as rewarding as I did – especially in terms of discussing clinical outcomes and the latest thinking regarding bed transfers. The new Rotoflex 235 Low was a key part of my seminars as its ultra-low capabilities and powered rising heel section offer a new dimension in ergonomic support. The show now provides a platform for us to expand our educational workshops and training programmes so more OTs can enhance everyday practice and reduce strain on care budgets.”

In addition to the CPD education presentations the Theraposture team provided a range of information regarding proven equipment for adults and children with disabilities. Theraposture’s client-centric assessment process was explained to delegates along with its clinical approach and 14-day suitability guarantee. This considered approach to client needs has resulted in working relationships with leading charities including Age UK, MS Society, Parkinson’s UK and Newlife. Theraposture adjustable beds and cots are provided through these charities as this highly established manufacturer is regarded as the ethical and considered choice.

Award-winning Theraposture returns to OT Show with latest Rotoflex and adjustable bed innovations

On stand J40 at the OT Show, Theraposture supported by Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist, will be presenting the new Rotoflex 235 Plus Mk2 turning bed alongside the popular Theracare Leg Lifter and a bespoke double combination adjustable bed.

The OT Show, J40, NEC, Birmingham, 27 and 28 November 2019

Theraposture has been a respected supplier of quality adjustable beds, chairs and care cots since 1981. Its  Rotoflex 235 Plus turning bed won the respected OT Show ‘Excellence in Caring’ Award last year.

Supported by OT Shaun Masters, the Theraposture stand at the OT Show will display a series of proven solutions for safe bed transfers that focus on community enablement.





Theraposture Trusted Assessors work closely with OTs during their clinically led assessments so that individual client needs are always met in terms of appropriate sleeping solutions. At the OT Show, Theraposture will be demonstrating a series of products that are suitable for varying client abilities with a focus on enablement within the community. These power-assisted solutions are proven to reduce care costs and relieve strain on NHS and social care budgets. Through ownership of either a Theraposture Rotoflex bed, leg lifter or adjustable bed, individuals with restricted mobility are able to improve their own occupational performance and sleep hygiene.

Shaun Masters, OT and Theraposture Trusted Assessor comments:

“We welcome all healthcare professionals to visit stand J40 to discuss individual client needs on a one-to-one basis and to discover why Theraposture products are the considered choice. We will demonstrate power-assisted solutions that offer a range of support for adults – from assistance with getting legs into bed through to complete rotational support from a sitting to a supine position. This product series delivers multiple clinical and well-being benefits and with the appropriate prescription, aims to encourage active mobility while maintaining safety and control. The 14-day Suitability Guarantee on all Theraposture products ensures a positive outcome every time, along with client peace of mind.”

Shaun adds:

“Maintaining client mobilisation is the priority here, however by choosing Theraposture products, pressure on NHS and social care budgets can also be reduced. The Rotoflex rotational bed range for example, is proven to reduce carer intervention from two-to-none – in these scenarios up to £27,000 per annum can be saved in care costs. By visiting us at the OT Show my fellow peers will be able to, not only understand these advantages, but gain CPD hours by attending my on stand ‘Getting legs into bed‘ seminars.”

On stand J40 the following solutions will be displayed:

Award-winning Theraposture Rotoflex 235 Plus Mk2 – part of the largest range of rotational beds available, the latest Rotoflex 235 Plus builds on the success of its predecessor. This bed for one person provides a feature-rich, standard solution that is suitable for the majority of individuals who need powered, rotational assistance to move from a supine to fully upright seated position with their feet on the floor.

This Rotoflex is totally unique – it is the only rotational bed in the world with a powered rising heel section for supported leg elevation. Traditionally all rotating beds have had to encompass a static heel section of mattress so that the rotating platform would not clash with the footboard, not anymore. With the use of one controller, the Rotoflex 235 Plus Mk2 provides powered elevation of a separate heel section with complete profiling, rotational and variable height. Being able to raise feet and legs in bed in a supportive and controlled manner can provide a wider range of health and well-being benefits.

The Rotoflex is the original turning bed refined over 20 years which is patented and cannot be directly copied. The bespoke Theraposture range includes low access, bariatric and double combination versions available with a variety of specialist mattresses. The Rotoflex is regularly prescribed by therapists as it includes a vertical lift in the seated position ie. it does not tip users forward like other beds or riser chairs.

This is critical for safe sit-to-stand transfer especially for those with strength and balance inconsistencies resulting from neurological conditions.

Theraposture Double Combination Bed – handcrafted, bespoke and durable adjustable beds for couples to share. Theraposture is a specialist in custom made beds with an infinite choice of size, style, functions and finish that allow people to continue sleeping together despite varying abilities. Consisting of two separate mattresses and adjustable sleeping platforms in one surround, each side can be fitted with electrically powered profiling and variable height. A Rotoflex turning system can also be integrated within the design so individuals requiring greater assistance can access the bed and adjust positioning without disturbing their partner.

Combined with a specialist range of mattresses for varying degrees of pressure management through to numerous safety devices, Theraposture beds offer hospital-grade strength and support within an attractive domestic look. Steel frames and mechanisms deliver better performance when combined to cheaper wooden alternatives, so longer term value and reliability is assured.

Theracare Leg Lifter – compatible with most types of bed, this reliable solution lifts legs up, over and onto a sleeping surface. Unlike other similar devices, the Theracare Leg Lifter positions a user’s legs nearer the centre of the bed, so minimal repositioning is required. The motor is quiet and strong enough to lift severely oedemic (swollen) legs. A simple yet highly effective solution for individuals with postural control.