My elderly relatives can’t get in and out of bed on their own –what do I do?

If you have an elderly parent, parents or relatives with mobility difficulties, it can be a constant worry. They might live away from you, which means you could struggle to get to them if they need help with daily tasks. The risk of falls can also increase over time especially when tackling activities that require balance, coordination and strength.

Diane Preston with her cat

Diane with their beloved cat Jessie

Getting in and out of bed independently is one such task, which if elderly relatives are unsteady on their feet, can result in a fall. Without someone on hand to help, each time they get in and out of bed could result in injury…so what is the answer?

Theraposture has two proven solutions

You have some options to consider, ranging from carer support to assistive equipment. You could also consider residential care or your parents living with you. Nursing Homes may not be affordable, typically costing £1500 / week, and having parents move into your home may not be an option.

Commonly our Trusted Assessors see people having to sleep in a chair and consequently being affected by fatigue and deteriorating health. These scenarios have further ramifications as tiredness can increase the risk of a fall even further. If an injury does occur, then in addition to possible trauma and prolonged rehabilitation, your elderly parents or relatives may lose confidence and become anxious about other aspects of their life.

The best solution is for them to be able to get in and out of bed independently on their own terms. Theraposture has two proven solutions: The Leg Lifter and The Rotoflex Rotating Bed.

Don’t lose independence or reach a crisis point

Older people, particularly those living with a progressive or chronic condition, or those with limited mobility, are much more likely to have a fall. According to the UK Government: “around a third of people aged 65 and over, and around half of people aged 80 and over, fall at least once a year.

Falling can result in serious injuries such as hip fractures. This everyday risk can be prevented with the correct measures in place, making getting in and out of bed safer and more sustainable. Theraposture believes that prevention is better than cure. Managing risks and ensuring independence is vital for all concerned before a crisis point is reached.

Free assessments

Assessments can help to identify risks, needs and desired outcomes. They help clear the path towards a lasting solution.
Theraposture offer free assessments where one of our Trusted Assessors will visit your parents’ home or can arrange for a video assessment to understand their individual situation.

This is often done with the help of an Occupational Therapist, family member or caregiver. We have worked closely with Healthcare Professionals for over 40 years and our own in-house OT adds to our expertise and client-centred recommendations. Together we can recommend the most appropriate product for the best outcome possible.

Two proven safe solutions for getting into bed

Theracare Leg Lifter

The Theracare Leg Lifter is a simple yet highly effective powered device that gets legs into bed and is compatible with most bed types, including electrically adjustable.

With a user sitting on the side of their bed, it will lift their legs up and will place them onto the mattress. This is the only leg-lifting device that puts the legs onto the mattress. It is essential to recognise that the Theracare Leg Lifter will not get legs out of bed – if getting out of bed is also an issue for elderly relatives, then the Rotoflex should also be considered.

Rotoflex Rotating Bed

Our range of Rotating Beds is the largest in the UK. The Rotoflex is the original proven, and patented rotating bed which is a complete solution to getting in and out of bed independently.

Woman on adjustable rotating bed

This amazing product is a specialist power-assisted solution which moves and rotates a user from an upright seated position with their feet on the floor to a lying position in the middle of the bed. It also moves the user from being in bed to the seated position which will help them stand in a safe and controlled way – this is a complete solution to bed transfers.

The electrically powered Rotoflex is an adjustable bed which can be made in a variety of configurations and styles, either as a bed for one person or it can be integrated into a Double Combination Bed for couples to share.

If your parents want to continue sleeping together despite varying mobility challenges and needs, then a Double Combination Bed is the ideal choice. Consisting of two separate sleeping platforms and mattresses, one side can be a Rotoflex whilst the other side can have profiling only. Add to this our tailor-made range of sizes and user weight capabilities, plus specialist pressure-relieving mattresses, so your parents can enjoy a better night’s sleep and reassurance throughout the day.

Independence now and in the future

Peace of mind is priceless for everyone. If your elderly relatives can get in and out of bed safely and independently, the whole family can rest assured in the knowledge that the risk of falls has been significantly reduced.

When you consider the alternatives, such as expensive carers coming to visit at inconvenient times, or family members being on hand all of the time, choosing a Theraposture Leg Lifter or Rotoflex Bed becomes a considered prudent choice.

The Rotoflex pays for itself very quickly

In the case of the Rotoflex, it can not only provide protection against future injury but also pay for itself typically in 14 weeks so financially it makes a great deal of sense too. The Rotoflex can typically save around £27,000* per year in care costs, based on two carers, twice a day to assist bed transfers.

Bearing in mind the current cost of living crisis, this evidence further justifies why the Rotoflex is such a considered investment.

Act now to avoid risk

We hope this latest advice blog has been helpful however remember, if your elderly parents or relatives are already finding access to their bed difficult, don’t delay, talk to one of our Trusted Assessors ASAP before a difficult situation takes a turn for the worst. Our friendly and compassionate team are standing by to help on: 0800 834654 or contact us.

How a Rotating Care Bed from Theraposture can save you money whilst giving independence at home

Orbit 235 rotating bed

When independent bed transfers become difficult

When independent bed transfers become difficult, or even impossible, it is often the case that loved ones must manually lift your legs in and out of bed, every morning and every night. This is not a sustainable solution as it presents risks to you and to the person helping you.

At this stage, many people resort to sleeping in a chair. That is a slippery slope and again, is not sustainable. Alternatively, assistance can be organised with the help of carers, who will visit in the morning to get you out of bed and again later in the day to get you into bed. Often the time for this is set and is not flexible. If you need to get out of bed when the carers are not there, you are then back to square one.

Carers cost money. They can be a great help to many but that help must be paid for. Typically, the cost each year for assistance from 2 carers with bed transfers can be £27,000. That is each year, as the cost is ongoing. So, in 5 years, the cost is potentially £135,000.

Getting legs into bed is a problem for many people. Often the solutions are unaffordable or are not complete – the rotating bed offers an affordable and complete solution. At the touch of one button, the Rotoflex bed will move you from an upright seated to a lying position and vice versa. You will potentially be able to get in and out of bed, without assistance and on your own terms.

The Rotoflex – the complete and proven solution to independence

Woman getting out of a Rotoflex bed

A rotating bed from Theraposture is a specialist, electrically powered adjustable bed with a rotating mattress and platform. It will lift a user’s legs in and out of bed, rotating to and from a seated position and a lying position. It can be used as a single-occupant bed or can be part of a dual-occupant “combination” bed, ideal for partners to share.

Getting off the bed is also helped by the Rotoflex. The whole bed can be lifted vertically, without tipping you forward, so that a safe and independent sit-to-stand transfer can be achieved. The Rotoflex will intentionally NOT tip you forward as it stands you up so that your nose is always behind your toes.

A solution that pays for itself

The NHS may cover the cost of a basic care package for six weeks, following a hospital discharge for example, however after that carers need to be paid for and that is an ongoing cost that will continue for as long as you need help.

A rotating bed from Theraposture could eliminate the need for carers and in the long run, save you a significant amount of money. New or refurbished beds can be either purchased or rented. There are different models within the range catering to different heights and weights of users.

So, let’s look at how that works out:

Example 1: Purchase of a New Rotoflex 235MK2, (from £9855)

  • The bed will be paid for in just 19 weeks if both carers are replaced.
  • The bed will be paid for in 38 weeks if two carers are reduced to one.

Example 2: Purchase of a Refurbished Rotoflex 235MK1, (from £6950)

  • The bed will be paid for in just 13 weeks if both carers are replaced.
  • The bed will be paid for in 26 weeks if two carers are reduced to one.

After the time that the bed is paid for, the savings continue. As there is no ongoing cost of care to cover. You could effectively save £520 every week for as long as you use the bed instead of carers.

It’s not all about cost savings

The Rotoflex will save you money if it is used to replace the ongoing cost of carers. However, it gives much more, such as the ability to control your own independence – that is priceless!

Future proof

There are many other financial benefits that we can talk about here in relation to choosing a rotating bed however they are for a future article. From owners who can still work, such as Sarah Burton Taylor with MS, to those with Parkinson’s who have benefited from our charity partnerships, there are countless reasons why we can help you save money.

As we all know, you can’t put a price on independence and safety. Call the market leaders, Theraposture to see how a Rotating Bed can help you and save you a great deal of money. We can organise a free home assessment, demonstration, and an opportunity to try this amazing solution for yourself.

“Turning” bed blocking into independence – How the Rotoflex rotational beds are helping ease hospital and social care pressures.

According to Reuters, in UK hospitals there are currently around 13,000 beds a day taken up by patients who are medically fit for discharge.

This is putting huge pressure on the NHS as other patients cannot access these beds either following A&E treatment or for planned procedures; currently there are 7.2 million 1 people on the waiting list. Nationwide ‘bed blocking’ equates to around one in six beds being used by patients who cannot leave due to unavailable social care or their homes being unsuitable2.

“Delayed discharges are a lose-lose situation, creating congestion in hospitals and distress for patients, increasing infection risk and muscle deterioration from being stuck in a hospital bed,”

said Sarah Scobie, Nuffield Trust Deputy Director of Research. However, with the right assistive equipment at home, such as a powered assisted rotating bed, patients can be discharged safely in the knowledge care and rehabilitation can continue outside of hospital – the Rotoflex bed from Theraposture is one such solution.

Safe bed transfers at home

Getting in and out of bed safely is one of the largest issues in the community for people with restricted mobility. Often hospital discharges are not possible unless there is a care package in place in the patient’s home, to help with bed transfers. The Rotoflex can solve this issue.

It is a specialist adjustable bed, with a rotating mattress, that lifts the users’ legs in and out of bed, by turning to and from a seated position and lying position. Additionally, with feet firmly placed on the floor, the whole bed can be lifted vertically, without tipping forwards, so that a safe and independent sit-to-stand transfer can be achieved.

The Rotoflex is considered as an alternative to hoisting and costly carer assistance. Often this solution can reduce the need for carers or as a minimum, can reduce the number needed. The height adjustment provides a safe working height for caregivers ensuring that back injuries are avoided.

Carers in short supply

Using a Rotoflex bed can not only facilitate a hospital discharge, but it can also solve the issue of unavailable social care. As reported in the national press, there is a “perilous” shortage of homecare workers 3 which is adding to the bed-blocking crisis. Affordable residential care home places are extremely limited and many patients who wish to return home instead, do not have access to the carers they need to sustain safety at home.

According to Skills for Care, there were 165,000 unfilled carer posts in 2021-22 – an annual rise of 52% which is adding pressure on an already stretched workforce. With over a quarter of current carers aged 55+4 , many will retire in the next 10 years adding to a lack of availability and delaying hospital discharges even further.

Sylvia’s experience

Sylvia Brown

Rotoflex Low Access Bed ensures Sylvia and Mike can continue living together

Problems with social care after hospital discharge can be common as personally experienced by Sylvia Brown of Fleet. Aged 80, she was able to return home after a major operation however rudimentary care provision and the monthly ongoing £1,000 cost of carers were not acceptable or sustainable. Help with getting in and out of bed was Sylvia’s main need as she lives with restricted mobility, COPD, visual impairment and oedemic legs. Her husband Mike, 84, could help a little but was prone to dizzy spells due to a previous brain haemorrhage.

Their daughter sought an alternative solution and thankfully found the Rotoflex 235 Mk2 Low Bed from Theraposture. Mike explains:

“Our Rotoflex provides the amount of care Sylvia needs and helps me to cope. If you look at it in the long run, the bed is very cost-effective, as it is replacing the cost of carers and very soon pays for itself with the savings we are making. Previously we were paying so much whereas now we only need one visit per day from a private carer who is excellent.”

Before owning the Rotoflex, the whole situation was untenable. We never knew when the carers were coming, so had to wait in. When they did arrive, they would only provide 15 minutes of basic care, which was not enough. Plus, we didn’t realise that you only get NHS carers for 6 weeks after hospital discharge, so after that, you must pay yourself. I could never plan meals and our whole day was being impacted. Now getting Sylvia in and out of bed is manageable on our own so our carer can help with other things like showering.”

Care sustainability solved

With 15% of patients nationwide still in hospital due to a delayed discharge 5 , pressures on the NHS and social care are significant and growing. Add to this an 11% care worker vacancy rate 6 , there is currently an unsustainable stalemate whereby patients are caught between limited NHS capacity and unavailable social care. The answer – equipment such as the Rotoflex which solves one of the largest issues after hospital discharge – safely getting in and out of bed independently.

Paying for itself in around 14 weeks when two carers are replaced by none 7 , the Rotoflex represents a prudent investment for private individuals and for local authorities. As the cost-of-living crisis adds further financial pressures into the equation, this specialist solution is being seen by many as the future of sustainable care in the home.



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7. Based on average cost of local authority carers

How does a Theraposture Rotoflex rotating bed save you money?

With the cost-of-living rise putting pressure on everyone, it’s important to consider ways to stay independent at home for less. If you have mobility difficulties, which mean getting in and out of bed is a problem, then a Rotoflex bed from Theraposture has been a trusted solution for over 25 years. However, many people may not have considered the cost savings this award-winning product also provides. In this blog we explore how the Rotoflex can save money whilst ensuring better quality of life and peace of mind for you and everyone around you.

John and Pam Lane Theraposture bed

John and Pam Lane from Bedfordshire have avoided expensive care costs thanks to their Rotoflex bed.

Eliminating expensive care costs

The headline fact is that a Rotoflex bed can typically save over £27,000 per annum in care costs. Based on average Local Authority social care figures, this cost is for two carers coming to visit twice a day to help with daily tasks such as bed transfers. If you decide instead to choose private domiciliary carers, then this is the bill you’ll face. With carers also in short supply and under huge pressure, the option to select equipment that eliminates this ongoing cost is understandably an obvious choice. The Rotoflex can either replace the need for care givers, or it can reduce the number required so for example, reducing from two to one, thus halving the cost.

If a Rotoflex is chosen instead of relying on carers visiting, it can pay for itself in as little as 14 weeks, and after this you are saving money, not spending it. This means the expensive overhead of care has gone and you have more sustainable support moving forward. Especially important if you are living on your own, the Rotoflex offers the cost-effective solution for peace of mind.

A power adjustable Rotoflex bed will get you into bed, out of bed and can even help you stand. It achieves this by rotating to and from a seated (chair) position to a lying (bed) position. When in the seated position, your feet will be safely on the floor, so that when the bed is raised, without tipping your forward so you don’t slide out, you can get in and out of bed on your own terms, whenever you want, in a safe and controlled way – waiting for carer assistance is no more.

Avoiding the cost of falls

The risk of injury from a fall when getting in or out of bed is always a big concern. This transfer can be one of the most likely to cause balance and stability difficulties. If you have inconsistent strength in your legs, then you need support to ensure you can stand up or sit down at your pace – this is where the Rotoflex’s hi-lo action helps.

Without this assistance, then the possibility of a fall rises along with the cost risk, both from a lifestyle and financial point of view. From a visit to A&E through to ongoing rehabilitation, there are multiple cost implications to getting you back mobile. If you are employed you could lose income and if retired, your family and friends may incur travel and time costs coming to help you. The well-known phrase ‘prevention is always better than cure’ holds true with bed transfers for sure.

No need to buy extra equipment now or in the future

When looking to remain independent with mobility difficulties, there is a huge range of assistive products you can buy. If you look at assistance getting in and out of bed for example, there are so many choices from basic pillow raises to advanced hoists. Commonly individuals may not realise products do not suit them until after purchase and the possibility of needs changing in the future is not considered.

Whereas with a free clinical assessment by one of our Trusted Assessors, you can discuss your individual needs and decide whether a Rotoflex is right. Time and again we see individuals purchasing lower priced products, or products that do not achieve the outcome desired. Ultimately, these products can represent wasted money and possible increased risk because they do not always work as well as a Rotoflex. It is important to understand what happens if you do not get on with a product. Can it be returned? Will the supplier buy it back? For such an important and major purchase, it is vital to try the solution first and understand fully the differences between the available solutions, so that you buy the correct bed.

As a ‘future proofed’ choice, this Rotoflex bed represents an investment that lasts and always delivers real long-term value, safety, and independence.

Refurbished Rotoflex Bed options

Theraposture offers both new and refurbished beds for sale and for rental. The refurbished beds are beds that have been bought back from clients who no longer need them. They are all supplied with a new mattress and a fully inclusive warranty, and they are obviously cheaper than a new bed.

Saving money through a guaranteed buy back

Another way we can help you with the cost of a rotating bed is our Buy Back scheme. Unique to us, this effectively lowers the price of a new Rotoflex bed as we will purchase it back if it is no longer needed. You can also choose not to have a guaranteed buy back which means that the purchase price is cheaper – it is your choice.

Rental that leads to ownership

Theraposture has introduced a Rent to Ownership option for the Rotoflex bed. This means that after a set number of rental weeks, the bed will become the property of the renter. Weekly costs are typically £60, meaning that the cost of the purchase can be spread over a set period. This is an alternative to credit, with no contracts or eligibility checks. Discounts through charity partners We are proud to work with Parkinson’s UK and the MS Society. These partnerships mean that people with Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis have access to an exclusive 10% discount on Rotoflex beds, which is offered in partnership with the charity. Additionally, each sale generates a donation from Theraposture to the charities to help fund their important research and support.

Both charities decided to choose us as their official adjustable bed and chair supplier following a rigorous selection process. Many factors were considered from company ethics to product quality – meaning charity members and non-members always know the Rotoflex is a trustworthy choice. Today, with even more cost pressures on life, this saving is proving to be really advantageous.

For further information on how the Rotoflex bed can save you money, talk to one of our friendly specialist advisors today on: 0800 834654 or contact us here.