Snug fitting padding provides maximum safety and comfort in cots.

Soft Clear Windows

Clear cot windows

Our SOFT clear windows are vitally important to allow visual access to and from the cot. Because they are soft, they become part of the padding and therefore the padding itself is not compromised in any way. Our windows are double ‘glazed’ with a pocket of air providing the cushioning and the clear material is soft and perfectly transparent.

Windows make a massive difference to a cot that requires padding as without them, the cot may appear enclosed. Equally, anything less than soft Theraposture window will present a potential for injury, or can restrict visual access.

You can have as many windows as you like. Also we can provide holes in the padding for gastronomy tubes or for ventilation equipment. These can be strategically positioned and can be whatever size is needed, although mostly these are 38mm in diameter.

BS/EN Safety Standards

All cots comply with safety standards BSEN60601-2-52 and BSEN50637. All Cot Beds are supplied with a Declaration of compliance with standards.

14 Day Suitability Guarantee | Warranty

Secure Padding

The padding is generally bolted in position but can still be easily removed if needed. Alternatively, the padding can be fixed with Velcro if preferred.

Fabric Options

We offer a wide range of fabrics including Panvelle which is a waterproof cloth with anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties or soft vinyl each available in a range of plain, patterned and themed prints.

On some cots it is possible to pad over the top edge of the doors (chin padding) if needed.