Delivering reassurance for children, peace of mind for parents

Theraposture electrically operated adjustable cots are made to the finest standards with incredible attention to detail.

They provide personalised comfort and safety to disabled children and adults so they feel reassured without feeling enclosed.

Reliable quiet motors and ergonomic controls provide height adjustment so carers benefit from safe working heights and powered mattress profiling gives users greater comfort and personalised postural support.

All cots comply with safety standards BSEN60601-2-52 and BSEN50637. All Cot Beds are supplied with a Declaration of compliance with standards.

14 Day Suitability Guarantee | Warranty

We can make cots in all shapes and sizes with every product looking as beautiful as possible in your child’s bedroom. Every practicality is taken care of so all the family has peace of mind.

Our caring Trusted Assessors are ready to work with you and your OT to supply the perfect cot. Combine this with comprehensive and extendable warranties, ethical service and integrity that is second-to- none, Theraposture is your considered choice.

Each quality cot is crafted in solid Beech which is by far the best material for a paediatric cot. It is a smooth close grain wood that is highly durable and we only ever select from sustainable sources. Our unique integrated coating and precisely fitting safety padding will keep your child protected from a safety and hygienic point of view.