Choosing your perfect adjustable chair from Theraposture is easy. As a leading specialist that has handcrafted rise and recliners since 1981, Theraposture can create tailor-made designs that suit all your individual needs.

Whether you prefer a made-to-measure chair or a standard model that is available quicker through Theraposture Direct, you can rest assured it will deliver unsurpassed comfort, reliability and style. Every Theraposture chair is supplied with a no-quibble, 14 day suitability guarantee for peace of mind and a personalised assessment is always completed by a qualified Theraposture representative.

Before you talk to one of Theraposture’s adjustable chairs specialists, why not read this useful information below which will give you some guidance on the perfect rise and recliner for you. It is important that the electrically operated chair you choose matches you in terms of leg, arm, height and body size for maximum comfort and perfect posture. This is why the tailor-made service Theraposture provides is so essential.

When considering a rise and recliner, ask yourself:

  • Do I need extra support when sitting?
  • Do I sit in the same chair for long periods?
  • Do I find it difficult to sit down or get up?

If the answer is yes, then you would benefit from a owning a rise and recliner.

There are a variety of electrically operated actions to choose from, however this type of chair will smoothly raise you up when moving to a standing position and gently support you as you sit down. When in a seated position, you can again operate a simple hand controller to move to a reclined position or back to a raised position in a controller manner.

Having the ability to adjust your seated position regularly provides greater comfort and reduces the risk of pressure sores or issues relating to poor circulation. Raising your legs is also invaluable for many conditions and simply for having a nap! This powered movement also minimises the risk of muscle strain when getting into or out of a chair whilst ensuring stability and assisting with safety.

Theraposture provide a complete range of pressure relieving fillings for personalised cushions and every adjustable chair has in-built safety features.