Offers all the function of a variable height and profiling bed, but with the added advantage of low access.

Therapists are increasingly asking us for this type of low access bed following risk assessments. It was once the policy to nurse patients on the floor where there was a risk of the user falling from the bed. This caused manual and handling issues for the carers.

Available as Flat, Profiling and Variable Height and Profiling

The Theracare Low importantly allows the user to be raised 60cm to a safe working height when required and when the user is sleeping, they may be lowered almost to the ground.

When used in conjunction with mesh safety sides and padded rails it can substantially reduce the risk of injury for users with dementia.

This bed is recommended for all ages including children under 12 when used with mesh sides and padded rails. Alternatively please look at our extensive range of paediatric cots.

  • Electronic four section profiling.
  • Electronic variable height.
  • Steel Mesh Platform.
  • Unique self levelling leg raise.
  • Massive 60 cm variable height.
  • Very stable when fully raised.
  • Mattress compensator.
  • 146kg weight capacity.
  • 3 Bar side rails.
  • Anti Trendelenberg as standard.
  • Trendelenberg available as an option.
  • 20 cm extension available as an option.
  • Optional bed side crash mat.
  • Wide range of accessories and adaptions available
  • Fully guaranteed for 3 years.
  • Free product demonstration.
  • Meets all applicable standards including the latest BS/EN 60601

Lockable castor

Lockable castor


60cm variable height