There are times when adult care beds are specified for children or adults that are of similar proportion to children.

The MHRA stipulate that the maximum gap between the side rails on care beds should be different for the following user groups because of the possible risk of entrapment:

  • Adults – the maximum allowed gap is no more than 12cm (BSEN 60601-2-52)
  • Children under 12 years of age and adults of a similar proportion – the maximum allowed gap is 6cm (half of the adult permitted gap)

To ensure that our beds are safe for children and adults of a similar proportion to children, we suggest either our Mesh Safety Sides or Clear Safety Sides are used following risk assessment.

  • The gaps between the rails are completely covered.
  • Because of the end fastening, the mesh cannot be pulled back to represent the unsuitable gap.
  • The strong mesh material can dramatically reduce the risk of asphyxiation. If this isn’t considered a risk, the Vinyl Clear Sides are able to be used. These can be easily cleaned in situ.
  • The rails can be lowered without having to remove the captive mesh or Clear Side unlike traditional bumpers.
  • Beds may be specified with the Safety Base offering a gap free platform for the mattress to sit on.
  • The Mesh Safety Sides may be specified with Padded Rails to reduce the risk of injury through impact.
  • The Vinyl Safety Sides only have one padded rail on the top edge. The lower rails are removed and are not required.
  • Beds may be specified with padded head and foot boards to create a soft and safe environment.
  • 3 Bar cot sides are an option on Theracare Standard giving extra height. When lowered the rails drop below the mattress and therefore doesn’t hinder transfers.
  • Therapostures’ Safety Sides are only available on the Theracare Low and Theracare Standard beds. Please discuss alternative applications with the factory.
  • The Mesh Safety Sides are easily removable and machine washable.

Please note: Safety sides are available in either 2 or 3 side rails. The Mattress cover is supplied in blue and mesh sides are supplied in grey.