A world’s first – the Rotoflex is the ONLY rotating bed that can be supplied with an electrically operated Unique Powered Rising Foot Support, to ensure that the calf and foot are properly supported when elevated.

Rising heel support

All alternative rotating beds include a STATIC separate mattress piece that is at the foot end of the bed. This is to provide the necessary clearance to allow the legs and main mattress section to rotate without hitting the footboard. The consequence of this is that only part of the
lower leg can be supported when elevated in bed, meaning that the foot and part of the calf will overhang and be unsupported.

The Rotoflex bed is available with a patented solution – the Unique Powered Rising Foot Support. This allows the whole of the leg and foot to be correctly supported when raised in bed.

  • Totally unique and patented.
  • Standard on the Rotoflex 235 Mk2 and 235 Mk2 LOW.
  • Optional on the Rotoflex 200 Mk2 Bespoke and Rotoflex 300 Heavy Duty.
  • Absolutely vital for those who need to raise their legs when in bed.
  • Prevents pressure points on the back of the calf.
  • Eliminates the need for loose additional blocks of foam and someone to position them.
  • Can be retrofitted to all Rotoflex 200 and 300 beds made after 2009.

Rising heel diagram