Fitted sheet with sewn-in pillowcase

Rotoflex pillow

Each Rotoflex Bed is supplied with 2 sets of fitted sheets that include a stitched-in pillowcase to accommodate your own pillow.

This means your pillow will not fall down when you leave your bed. When you return it will be exactly where you left it. We stock these bespoke sheets in white cotton but other colours are available as special requests. Additional sheets are available if needed.

Castor and feet options

Castor and feet options

Theraposture provide a range of castor and feet options to suit a variety of needs and preferences.

Quality lockable castors allow beds to be repositioned easily in a room for carer access or floor cleaning.

If a Rotoflex is chosen within a Double Combination bed with separable halves, each half can be parted for greater access when providing personal care.

Handle bar grips for wider beds

When in the seated chair position, these “bicycle type handle bar” grips, can be folded into position to form a stable and secure handle to push against when trying to stand or reposition.

These are standard on wider beds and are optional on 90cm wide beds.

Lifting pole

Lifting pole

Similar to Theraposture grab rails and handle bar grips, the lifting pole provides additional help when repositioning in bed.

This well constructed steel boom with grab handle can be fixed in a variety of positions to provide an overhead leveraging point for reduced friction and strain.

Side rail/handle (standard)

Side rail handle

These are multipurpose handles that when in the chair position, provide reassuring “arms” to hold on to.

They can also be folded through 90 degrees or lifted off completely so that they are out of the way for side transfers and this also provides access for carers.

Caddy storage system

Hanging Organizer Bag with 8 Pockets.

Powered Rising Foot Support

Rising heel support

This option is for Rotoflex 200 MK2 Bespoke beds

This innovation allows the user to fully support their entire leg and feet when elevated in bed. This is patented and cannot be copied.

It is standard on the Rotoflex 235 Mk2 and Rotoflex 235 Mk2 Low.

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