Tailor-made rotating beds in a variety of sizes & styles for one person or couples to share

Getting legs into bed is a problem for many people – the Rotoflex offers the solution. At the touch of one button, the Rotoflex will move you from an upright seated to a lying position and vice versa.

It allows couples living with restricted mobility to access a bed independently and safely.

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The Rotoflex 200 Mk2 Bespoke can be supplied wider, longer, and shorter and can be specified with a range of different aesthetic finishes such as upholstered and solid oak surrounds.

This bespoke bed can be used as a bed for one person or as part of a Double Combination for a couple to share. The partner half of the bed can be supplied with a choice of functions.

The base of a combination bed can be made as one or in two halves so that they can be separated to allow carer access to both sides of either half.

The flexible nature of this Rotoflex bed continues with a modular seat depth with choices of 46cm through to 55cm, catering for all circumstances and requirements.

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The Rotoflex from Theraposture is the original and proven rotating bed system. Uniquely, this sophisticated and proven adjustable bed has been developed over a period of 20 years. The precision German mechanisms are smooth, quiet and strong so the transfer experience is pleasant and relaxing, you are always in total control.

Being able to get in and out of bed, on your own terms, is now more essential than ever before. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for independence in the home without the need for carers or visitors. Not only is the Covid-19 risk lower when individuals do not need moving and handling, the cost of care is drastically reduced with a Rotoflex. When two carers are replaced by none the Rotoflex will pay for itself within 14 weeks whilst saving over £27,000 per year in ongoing care costs. A double combination Rotoflex also allows couples to continue sleeping together despite varying mobility needs.

Each Rotoflex bed has a quality, domestic appearance and comes with a 14-day Suitability Guarantee.

Technical specifications

  • Choice of aesthetically pleasing bed finishes
  • Available as a bed for one or as part of a Double Combination
  • Safe working load of 200kg
  • Maximum patient weight of 150kg (23.6 stones)
  • Optional Powered Rising Heel Support
  • Modular seat depth from 46cm to 55cm
  • Wider sizes available – 90, 100, 110 and 120cm
  • Can be made shorter or longer
  • Real Oak Finishes
    Oak finishes chart
We guarantee to buy back your Rotoflex if you no longer need it.
All of our beds meet BSEN60601-2-52 and come with a certificate of conformity. Beds must have a safe working height of 80cm without the mattress. This helps prevent back injuries to caregivers.

New Rotoflex 200 MK2 Bespoke from £11,525

With guaranteed buy back. Inc. 3 year warranty.

New Rotoflex 200MK2 Bespoke from £10,372

Without guaranteed buy back. Inc. 3 year warranty.

Rent from £65/week

Refurbished Rotoflex 200MK2 Bespoke from £5950

Without guaranteed buy back. Inc. 1 year warranty.

Rent from £72/week

Including: battery backup, a new mattress, 2 new fitted sheets with sewn in pillowcases, and a wipeable mattress cover.

14 Day Suitability Guarantee | Warranty

Personal and client assessments with our Occupational Therapist / Equipment Specialist.

Free, fast and convienient for both private and professional clients.

live online video assessment

Patented and only available on a Rotoflex


New! Unique Powered Rising Foot Support

  • The FIRST AND ONLY rotating bed to include a patented ​​Unique Powered Rising Foot Support to allow users to elevate their legs.
  • Help clients reduce the effects of oedemea and improve pressure care and circulation.
  • Proven ergonomic and safe design refined over 20 years.
  • Precision German engineering and a choice of stylish surrounds.
  • Safer transfers with vertical seat lift – it will not tip users forward like some copies.
  • Patented stable lifting frame that will not tip over.
  • 14 Day Suitability Guarantee | Warranty

Powered rotation, profiling and height adjustment available. ​Unique Powered Rising Foot Support is optional.


Static, profiling and height adjustment available.

bed mechanism positions - partner

Save up to £5575!

new Rotoflex 200 mk2Ex demo Rotoflex sold direct from the factory at reduced prices.

Optional Unique Powered Rising Foot Support

Rotoflex heel support

A UNIQUE INNOVATION – Patented and only available on a Rotoflex.

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New unique Rotoflex Mk2 features

Why these enhance safety & comfort compared to alternative beds.

Introducing the NEW Rotoflex 200 Mk2 Bespoke Bed
Why it is essential to choose a rotating bed with vertical lift in the seated position
NEW! The only solution with an optional Unique Powered Rising Foot Support
MS case study: Transferring easily from bed to wheelchair

Reducing carers, lowering care costs and increasing independence

  • Electrically operated functionality to profile, rotate and raise the mattress platform
  • Quality, precision German mechanisms for unsurpassed reliability and performance
  • Maximise safety and reduce stress and strain when standing up and sitting down
  • Ergonomic design with simple controls
  • Choice of functions for a partner’s half of the bed
  • Bespoke designs with a variety of aesthetically pleasing finishes
  • Fitted sheets and side rails/handles supplied as standard
  • 20 years of development
  • Range of pressure relieving mattresses

The Rotoflex helps individuals with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and MS

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Which Rotoflex is right for you?

When deciding which Rotoflex is the most suitable for you, one of our qualified Trusted Assessors will guide you through a product assessment. During this professional process, you can actually try the Rotoflex bed and therefore be sure that it will meet all of your needs and expectations.

If you require a double combination, your partner can also then decide whether to have any profiling or variable height functionality on their side of the bed.

Following purchase, peace of mind is assured through Theraposture’s 14-day Suitability Guarantee which provides time to assess suitability without the worry of being left with a bed that isn’t suitable for you.

Vertically rising seated position vs. tilting seated position

The vertical lift of the Rotoflex means that the user is not tipped forward making the standing/sitting transition more controlled.

Ergonomic seat dimensions may become even more important to you as your condition progresses.

Tilting vertical seating safety

Rotoflex Case Studies

Linda Fudge’s Rotoflex

Rotoflex bed helps determined retired RAF Nurse with Parkinson’s to remain at home.

Linda Fudge is a charming lady who lives independently despite having Parkinson’s.

“I am adamant that I will not be going into a care home with my Parkinson’s…. my Rotoflex will help me stay in my home next to the sea.”

Mike Wardle sitting in his Rotoflex

Mike Wardle’s Rotoflex

Theraposture Rotoflex rotational bed delivers independence, greater comfort and assured safety to injured ex-Police Officer Mike.

“My Rotoflex is the start to my day. It is the start of my independence, without it I would be lost.”

A wide selection of specialist mattresses for the Rotoflex bed range

These are available when you purchase a new bed or can be upgraded retrospectively should your needs change.

Endorsement  – Double combination bed

Shaun Masters, OT

“Achieving a good night’s sleep is essential for the health and wellbeing of human beings and any factors that impact on us not being able to fulfil this has detrimental effects. Long term health conditions not only impact the client but also spouses/partners and a double combination bed is a bespoke solution to ensure a goods night’s sleep is achieved.

Transferring from supine to an elevated upright posture is independently achieved with the head and leg functions raise/lower controls. Carer needs have also been given careful consideration to reduce musculoskeletal injury, as when care is required on the bed, simply separate the beds to allow access to each side. Variable height enables an independent sit to stand transfer to be achieved and in my opinion as an OT, this option makes the double combination a long-term intervention which meets both client and carer needs.”

Rentals, refurbished beds & buy back options

Refurbished beds

Refurbished Rotoflex beds are sometimes available. Each Rotoflex can be supplied with a comprehensive warranty. Contact Theraposture to discuss your budget.

View reconditioned Rotoflex

Buy-back options

OT show award winner - rotoflex 235 plus

If a Rotoflex is no longer suitable for individual care needs. Theraposture offers the option to buy back your bed at a guaranteed price.

Rotoflex buy back details

Warranty and service options

We offer a comprehensive choice of trusted policies for one, three or five years so you have peace of mind.

Risk free buying

Guide to buying assistive furniture

14-day suitability guarantee

Buy with 100% confidence and peace of mind

Am I VAT exempt?

Relief from paying VAT on goods and services for disabled people

My Theraposture Rotoflex bed has been so fantastic, it has changed my life. I can move from a seated to lying position with the aid of the rotating and profiling action of my bed which is superb – I could not live independently at home without it.

As an OT with nearly 30 years of experience I can confidently say that the Rotoflex range of beds from Theraposture is my recommendation for those requiring a turning bed system.

Theraposture is an ethical and specialist company with Trusted Assessors that will only ever recommend appropriate equipment following an assessment of need. I always review all the assistive beds on the market to meet my clients needs, however Theraposture is often the best choice to ensure my clients benefit from increased independence, well-being and peace of mind.

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