Rotocare turning bed

Manual rotation plus powered profiling and height adjustment

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A manual turning bed system with powered profiling and variable height – suitable for users who live with a carer

The Rotocare 175 is an electrically operated, height adjustable and profiling bed with an additional manually controlled rotation that allows a carer to mobilise the user and to get them out of their bed.

RotoCare – £8165

RotoCare Low – £8615

Including mattress, 2 x sheets, and battery back up.

The Rotocare is essentially a Rotoflex but without the powered rotation. It is suitable where the user may have permanent assistance and could be considered as a labour saving manual handling device that also provides independence and dignity to the user.

The Rotocare 175 Low provides low access ideal for smaller users or individuals with shorter legs and turns to both sides as standard.

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new Rotoflex 200 mk2

Rotoflex SALE – Save up to £5575!

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A wide selection of specialist mattresses for the Rotoflex bed range

These are available when you purchase a new bed or can be upgraded retrospectively should your needs change.

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Vertically rising seated position vs. tilting seated position

The vertical lift of the Rotoflex means that the user is not tipped forward making the standing/sitting transition more controlled.

Ergonomic seat dimensions may become even more important to you as your condition progresses.

Tilting vertical seating safety

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