A cost-effective way to get legs into bed

This simple, clever device fits on the side of most standard adjustable and non-adjustable beds. It comfortably lifts your legs up, over and onto the bed.

Once your legs are on the bed, there is very little repositioning needed to get comfortable. This is because the Leg Lifter positions your legs towards the centre of the bed.

The Leg Lifter is compatible with most types of bed whether they are non-adjustable or adjustable.

It will comfortably lift legs up, over and onto the sleeping surface, requiring very little movement or repositioning.

This Theraposture solution is unlike alternative leg lifters that simply lift the legs beside the bed, which is the key difference that distinguishes the Theracare Leg Lifter from many alternative devices available. The motor is quiet and strong enough to lift severely oedemic (swollen) legs.

  • Solves the problem of lifting legs into bed
  • Positions legs into the middle of the bed so no need to readjust
  • Fast and simple to fit, only weighs 12kg
  • Suitable for either side of the bed and fully height adjustable
  • Proven safety, stability and reliability from the market leader
  • Ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing design


Simply sit on the edge of the bed and then push and hold a single button – it couldn’t be easier!

NEW – Leg Lifter Optional Extra!

Leg lifter - hand railOur popular Theracare Leg Lifter is now available with an optional grab rail for easier sit-to-stand transfers.

This ergonomic attachment provides a sturdy and stable leveraging point so sitting and standing from a bed is more controlled. It fits neatly to the Leg Lifter and is secured with strong attachments so there is no movement when in use.

It provides a variety of grabbing points which are easy to access during movement on the bed or when transferring out. Combined with our proven Leg Lifter, this grab rail provides an assured and safe solution for individuals who struggle to get in and out of bed independently.


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Theracare Leg Lifter – getting your legs into bed with Shaun Masters, OT
The Leg Lifter
The Leg Lifter at Naidex National 2013

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The Theracare Leg lifter from Theraposture – Shaun Masters, OT

The ability of getting legs into bed is a common difficulty for many different clients. Reasons for this include… reduced lower limb strength or limited range of movement, oedematous legs, pain, arthritis and degenerative conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease. All of which can result in manual assistance being required from a carer to lift legs in to bed. As an Occupational Therapist, I have proven on multiple occasions that the Theracare Leg Lifter solves this issue and delivers client independence.

During my clinical assessments I always seek solutions that assist both client and carer. This is why in my opinion the Theracare Leg Lifter is a proven choice as it significantly reduces the risk of injury during a bed transfer. Client legs do not need to be manually lifted from the ground therefore the chance of musculoskeletal injury for carers is lower and users are not put at risk of inefficient moving and handling. Through my extensive experience within Health and Social Care, I can recommend the Theracare Leg Lifter as an appropriate long-term solution.

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