Combining the latest in ergonomic adjustable bed profiling technology and stylish looks suitable for every home, Theraposture bespoke domestic beds provide the ideal solution for individuals living with restrictive mobility.

When choosing a Theraposture bed, individuals can select whatever size, combination of function, style or accessory they prefer so that life at home is easier.

Each single, double, or combination electrically adjustable bed is meticulously handcrafted at the highly equipped Theraposture workshop in Wiltshire, which ensures all individual requirements are met.

The bed profiling is provided by steel mechanisms built to professional standards, which deliver ultimate reliability and smooth, controlled bed adjustment. Adjustment capabilities can include profiling, height adjustment, profiling with height adjustment, or profiling and rotation as in the unique Rotoflex bed. Every domestic adjustable bed delivers impressive, market-leading reliability and the advantage of good-looking surrounds either in contemporary oak or a luxurious fabric of your choice.